Assignment on Day Visit at ICDDR,B

Assignment on Day Visit at ICDDR,B


The fundamental objective of the center is to develop and promote realistic solutions to the major health and nutritional problems faced the people of Bangladesh and other settings and giving emphasis on the simple and cost-effective methods of prevention & management.

Name of the institution:The International Center for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B)
Location:Mohakhali, Dhaka.
Type of organization:Independent, International, non-profitable organization.
Year of establishment:1960
Date of visit:01.06.04


Existing resources available:

1.       Man Power: The institution has a mix of national and international staff, including public health scientists, Laboratory scientist, Clinicians, Nutritionists, Epidemiologist, Demographers, Social and Behavioral scientists, IT professionals and expert in emerging and reemerging infectious disease, vaccine science, etc. The center has a cross cultural

environment with 95% of local staff that include Researchers, Medical officers, Administrators and Health workers and 5% international staff primarily from academic and research institutions engaged in global health research. Currently there are about 1100 regular staff at the centre.

2. Financial Resources :

a)                 International contribution

b)                Individual donation

c)                 Little financial support through other activities of the institutions such as Laboratory services.

Activities :

1.       The center conducts hospital & community based clinical research on diarrhoeal-diseases, respiratory infections, nutrition & child         development.

2.       The institution provides scientific laboratory based technology to address Diarrhoeal Diseases & related health problems of people.

3.       In 1983 the institution was awarded the UNICEF’S Maurice Pate   Award.

4.       In 1987 the institution was awarded the USAID’s “Science &  Technology for Development” Award.

5.       The information science division facilities the two way transfer of   knowledge in & out of the center.

6.       The Center in co-operation with the Government of Bangladesh conducts community based family health research on maternal & child health care delivery system.

7.       It provides library & information services to the center staffs and outsiders who have library membership and research institutions throughout the world conducts research & training.

Problems & Constraints :

          It is a totally donor dependent organization. When the donors withdraw  their financial support even for a short period the center has to abort many of its activities & limit their extent to the service that is usually delivered.

Personal observation:

          Our visit to ICDDR,B was truly a pleasant experience. We saw there, how appropriate Planning, proper implantation, management & efficient administration can provide better services to patients at minimum or of no cost in a poor country like ours.

Conclusion :

          ICDDR,B has brought international reputation for Bangladesh through their role in biochemical research activities specially in the section of ORS, Dhaka saline & rice based saline & successful control of cholera in Bangladesh.

          Its ongoing research activities, surveillance and various aspects regarding management of Enteric diseases specially Diarrhoeal diseases are opening a new horizon to us. Therefore for its smooth functioning adequate & uninterrupted national & international need based support should be confirmed.