Assignment on Bashundhara Group

Assignment on Bashundhara Group


Bashundhara Group is one of the most prestigious and experienced commercial and industrial conglomerates in Bangladesh today. The Group took off from the incipient period after establishment of East West Property Development (Pvt.) Ltd. a real estate concern, popularly known as “Bashundhara” which happened to be its first venture in this sector.

Keeping pace with rapid economic and technological changes followed by the policy of Globalization, Bashundhara Group has outspread their business activities within a short period of time and have been able to emerge as a promoter of international standard of business houses and industrial enterprises founded on the principles of engineering and financial integrity with a group of highly capable technical personnel and professionals.

Since inception, Bashundhara Group has been actively contributing to the national as well as global economy by way of effective utilization of resources, using raw materials, production and marketing high quality products at the most competitive prices and creating employment opportunities.

Bashundhara is now operating with fourteen vital enterprises of highly esteemed commercial and technological superiority having profound degree of specialization in the field of real estate, industrial ventures and commercial enterprises. Current value of the total assets of the enterprises of Bashundhara Group would be about Tk. 15000 million equivalent to approximately US$ 300 million. Total turnover of the business amounts to around Tk. 16000 million equivalent to US$ 325million.

Presently 8100 people are employed in various enterprises of the group. Besides, through its multidirectional economic activities, Bashundhara has created employment opportunities to over 30,000people.

The linkages to employment and better standard of living are immediate. By providing employment opportunities to a large number of people, Bashundhara helps in generation of income which, in turn, would assist in improvement of the quality of life of people in terms of nutrition, literacy, standard of living and physical and social environment.

Through forward and backward linkage, the enterprises of Bashundhara Group have encouraged development of various industrial and commercial units in the country. With its expertise in different fields and extensive human resources, Bashundhara  has undertaken various projects.

Bashundhara Group



Its affordable price, high tensile strength and maximum absorption capacity will make it popular among the customer. Bashundhara tissue has always been working for the betterment of the country and never compromise with the quality of its product which earned them the confidence of the consumers. They are serving people with maximum satisfaction and keep on working for the greater welfare of the people and the country.

Marketing management orientation

The marketing concept communicates that “the customer is king”. A company makes every effort to best understand the wants and needs of its target market. And to create want satisfying goods that best fulfill the needs of the target market and to the better than the competitors.

Bashundhara tissue focus on the customer  center approach and make profit through customer satisfaction.  Bashundhara tissue always tries to turns out to be better than the competitors.

Characteristics of core competitors

Fay, Bangla, Spa tissues are major competitors of Bashundhara tissue. Fay tissue generally follow the product concept, Bangla tissue generally follow the production concept but Bashundhara tissue are always focus on the customer satisfaction. They want to do better than the competitors. Bahsundhara tissue is doing that through regular product development, minimum price and fulfilling product line.

Market expansion grid

Market penetration strategy: Mass advertisement on daily newspaper, Tv channels. Through out of this Bashundhara tissue is trying to encourage the customer to buy the product and attracting the potential customers and also it convincing the non-users to use the product.

Market development strategy: Almost everywhere in Bangladesh Bashundhara tissue is available. Bashundhara tissue is always try to enhance its distribution channels and also Bashundhara tissue is introducing its product in different new locations. Ex: Bus terminal, River terminal, remote area etc.

Product development strategy: Bashundhara tissue is developing its product by adding good smells, good packaging and nice shape and it has also developing different quality levels.

Value Proposition:

  • Bahsundhara tissue is a quality brand tissue in Bangladesh. There are different types of tissue papers such as Table tissue, Paper Napkin, Kitchen tissue, Facial tissue, Hard tissue, Pocket tissue. The color &  Fragrance of Bashundara  tissues are different from another tissues of Bangladeshi market. Bashundara tissue is more soft then the other tissue of the market like banglatissue.Theidea of pocket tissue first brought in Bangladesh market by Bashundara tissue ltd. The feature of Bashundhara tissue boxes are more beautiful than other tissue boxs so that Bashundhara tissue box can easily attract the customer.
  • Facial Tissues are soft, permeable and disposable papers having excellent cleansing properties. They are extremely soft tissue papers intended to use exclusively on face to remove dirt or sweat. Facial Tissue Papers are the perfect alternative for handkerchiefs as they are easy to maintain and dispose. BashundharaFacial Tissues pass several stringent quality control measures to ensure complete hygiene. It does not leave traces of paper on the face after wiping. Benefits of facial tissue are Highly absorbent; Removes dirt, moisture and bacteria from face; Extra soft and convenient to use.

Toilet Tissues provide practical and effective solutions for wash rooms. It is made of 100% virgin pulp which makes it the best in quality. It easily dissolves in water. The perforation delivers better cost-in –use while offering premium quality. The benefits of toilet tissue are -Maintains personal hygiene, Compatible with all dispensers, Prevents from infection, It is bio-degradable.

Napkin Tissues are made of 100% virgin pulp and the extra soft embossing gives us a quality feel. Napkin Tissues are perfect for any venue serving snacks or limited menu items. Benefits of napkin tissue are Suitable for diverse needs, Reflects a sense of style and luxury, Extra softness makes it the best in quality.

Kitchen Tissues are absorbent tissues specially formulated to keep moisture and bacteria away. The benefits of  kitchen tissue paper are Easy to use, Improves lifestyle hygienically; Keeps bacteria, dirt and germs away from the kitchen.

Cultural Factors:

This products have no any cultural fact in Bangladesh. Recently the uses of Bashundhara tissue have seen some corporate level, Restaurant ,and Occasionally some people use tissue paper; not regularly use this in Bangladesh.

Social Class:

This product is effective only for Upper classes people in Bangladesh. Because this type of people can use it in a daily basis.

Brand Personality:

Bashundara tissue is more reliable than other tissue because  Bashundara tissue ltd maintains its quality. when customers are accustomed a quality brand it brings his/her identity.Bashundara tissue paper  bring an extra identity for tissue users. The  users of bashundhara tissue paper are more satisfied to purchase this brand cause its personality is similar to their own. company has perfect quality management systems and quality detection methods.

  1. 1.      Type of buying Decision Behavior

Buying Decision differs from person to person. Deepening upon the need of the person, the decision gets change; Even if the product is small. There are different factors which influences the nature of buying. Hence buying decision has been classified into four different categories such as Complex buying behavior, Dissonance Reducing buying behavior, Habitual buying behavior and Variety seeking buying behavior. These are classified depending upon the degree of involvement and degree of difference among brands.

Bashundhara tissue lies on the habitual buying behavior category. Here there will not be any kind of involvement from the consumer. Here the purchase happens depending upon the brand familiarity. Here the consumer involvement is low and less differences among brands. This happens based on the habits of buying.

  1. 2.       STP Approach

STP often used before marketing programs is planned. STP is related with market research and marketing research. STP uses information about current market size, market shares, concentration of customer base for particular products, potential customers, customer’s purchase decision process that gathered from market and marketing research to find out kinds of consumers with different needs, different characteristics, and etc.


Market segmentation is a process of dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers on the basis of needs, characteristics, or behavior. Segmentation is the breaking down of large markets into sub markets or segments of consumers that are similar in terms of needs wants ad buying habits.

Steps involved in the segmentation process:

a. Identify market Identify the market with which you will be dealing in i.e. consumer market, industrial market.

b. Identify the needs and wantsIdentify the needs and wants of the market and analyze the areas of satisfaction you are attempting to provide to the market.

c. Determine dimensions: Select dimensions with which to segment the market. The dimensions used to segment the different types of markets will be organized according to type of market because the dimensions used for segmentation vary substantially.

d. Identify the segment:identify the segments in the market based on the selected dimension i.e. demographic dimension, geographic dimension.

e. Evaluate Segment: Evaluate whether the segment in which you are interested meets the four criteria for effective segmentation.

f. Create profile of customers: Create a profile of the customer identified including purchasing behavior expectations.

h. Combine the segmentation analysis: Combine the segmentation analysis with other analyses related to the product, market, and business strategy.

i. Select the Segment: Select the segments which offer higher potential

Market and customer segmentation process for Bashundhara tissue can be based on the types of product it is offering in the market. For example, facial tissue, kitchen tissue, napkin tissue, toilet tissue, etc. Here, the types of tissue are already categorized based on users’ preference, needs, etc.


After having divided the market into various segments, the retailer now needs to decide on whom he is going to cater to. The consumer segment that he decides to cater to is known as the target market. While selecting a target market he needs to look at the ability of the retail organization to meet the needs of the segment, the size and the future growth potential of the segment the kind of investment that would be required and the kind of profits that could be earned.

There are 3 considerations in choosing target segment(s): 1. how well existing segment(s) treated by competitors, 2. how large the market size of the segment is, how good it’s potential, and how easy and how big it will grow in the future ?, 3. do the company has enough strengths to appeal one or more group of segment(s)?.

Now, the target market for Bashundhara tissue is tough to define as it concerns with hygiene and cleanliness factor, therefore it can be said that its target customer are those who are concerned more about the hygienic and cleanliness.


Now that the target market/s has been finalized a positioning platform needs to be created. Positioning starts with a product a piece of merchandise a service, a company an institution or even person. Positioning is not what is done to the product but what is done to the mind of the prospect. That is, you position the product in the mind of the prospect.

Now, Bashundhara has positioned itself very strongly in the market and it can be said easily that they are currently the market leader in the local market. They made their position in the market through advertising, product availability and Brand name, etc.

  1. 3.      Brand association

Brand associations are formed on the following basis:

  • Customers contact with the organization and its employees;
  • Advertisements;
  • Word of mouth publicity;
  • Price at which the brand is sold;
  • Celebrity/big entity association;
  • Quality of the product;
  • Products and schemes offered by competitors;
  • Product class/category to which the brand belongs;

If you consider the above factors for Bashudhara tissue, they have made advertisements in such way that whenever a customer goes to a shop and ask for tissue bashundhara becomes an automatic choice. Apart from advertisements fact, the quality of the product is good also in consideration with the price. Therefore, they are automatically in a market leader position.

  1. Core identity and extended identity

Core identity- is the timeless core of a brand, and should encompass elements that make the brand both unique and preferable for the target group. All dimensions of the core identity should reflect organization’s strategy and values. The associations should differentiate the brand and meet the customer’s needs. However, the core identity usually does not contain enough details to fulfill the entire brand identity, and extended identity is needed to supplement the necessary details. The extended identity offers foundations that help the brand to move beyond attributes. Brand image and symbols, for example can give assistance on both a strategic and tactic level

Extended identity consists of frequently intangible things that are difficult to emulate, such as symbols. Extended identity also consists of things like brand personality (exciting, sophisticated, serious for instance), self-expressive benefits (individualism), brand-customer relationships (always there for you), and other unique attributes. It is extended identity that distinguishes a brand from its competitors offering similar products and services.

Now, for Bashundhara tissue the core and extended identity are the different types of tissue and how they are packaged differently and also how the products are differentiated. But the core factor of all is the main symbol of tissue is all about cleanliness and hygiene factor.

‘Bashundhara Tissue Industries Ltd’ (BTIL) is currently the largest retailer if tissue paper products in Bangladesh. This company was established at a time when the use of tissue and allied products was not so common. The advent of these items in the domestic market has tangibly transformed personal hygiene standards of the common people. The BTIL plays a vital role as an important import-substitution industry and has recently begun limited exports.
Human Resources Management department plays a vital role to any organization’s success. Now a day, Manpower is considered as a valuable part for the efficient productivity of an organization.

It has been tried to draw out the manpower planning, recruitment, selection, placement, job analysis, performance appraisal, promotion, increment, counseling, grievance handling, handling disciplinary actions, transfer, training & development, industrial relation, salary & wages, leave management, health & safety, facilities for employees & other functions of BTIL. Lastly it has been done SWOT analysis & recommendation for the department.

Brand Elements: Bashundhara tissue has its brand element.

  1. Brand name: Bashundhara Tissue.
  2. Slogan: For the country, For the people.
  3. Logo:

Product level:

  1. Core benefit: Bashundhara tissue’s core benefit is to wash.
  2. Basic product: Bashundhara tissue has good color, shape, and packing.
  3. Expected product: People expect good smell of a handkerchief, Bashundhara tissue has good smell.
  4. Augmented product: People expect good packaging of pocket tissue. Bashundhara group making different packaging for different target market.
  5. Potential product: It is common now about the smell, color, and packaging.

Brand Naming: Bashundhara Tissue is a product from Bashundhara Group.


Types of the product:

This is a convenience product. It is highly available, easy to bye, frequently purchased by the consumer.

In life cycle:  Bashundhara tissue is in the growth level in product life cycle in the market.


Conclusion: Bashundhara tissue’s overall performance in the market is very good. It is doing well in the market.