Assignment on Authority of IBBL

Assignment on Authority of IBBL

Authority of IBBL :


  • IBBL can diffuse its scope of investment through focusing Shariah concept regarding investment among the Bank officers, employer and the Clients by strong training, workshops and Clients get – together.
  • The authority of IBBL should Conveyance pressure on Government bodies to run proper and sufficient application of Islamic banking law in Bangladesh.
  • Practice amount of doubtful income declined substantially during the year as compared to the past few years, indicating more carefulness of the Management in complying with Shariah. As a result, idle money will be invested to increase potential profit of this Bank.
  • Inclusion of more subjects based on the Quran and Sunnah in the Training courses of the IslamiBankTraining & ResearchAcademy in order to develop human resources having morally.
  •  This Bank should arrange a wide varieties of regular programs like “ISLAMIC JALSA” “OAAZ MAHFIL”   “SEMINAR”  “MOSQUE -BASED DISCUSSION” etc. about Islamic Banking Function countrywide to remove the negative impression about IBBL .
  • Arrangement of monthly /quarterly training courses /workshops for the clients selected by the Branches in order to promote Investment clients of the desired level.
  • IBBL should appoint a sufficient number of women employees to deal women entrepreneurs and professionals and understand their needs and thus create demand for investment.
  • To fulfill the vision of “mass banking” this Bank should grants investment portfolio to new entrepreneurs /new businessmen new companies etc.
  • IBBL should utilize “Internship Program” as one kind of promotion policy to encourage its present and potential investment clients. Because, young generation is the vital post of our economy. To do so this Bank should provides facilities to the internees through proper placement and practical operations as well as job certainty to those who bring introduce themselves the best performers in doing their particulars.
  • To gain success in the programs like “Poverty Alleviation and “Self Reliant” specially in rural areas, this bank should provides investment facilities on the basis of individual.
  • The Bank should disburse total invested money at once to the clients to achieve full benefits of invested money.

To overcome this problem, IBBL should adopt the following changes:

  IBBL should give more emphasize on their marketing effort and try to increase their sales force.

IBBL should appoint a Customer Relation Officer at branch level.

 IBBL should make their credit approval and monitoring system more customers friendly.

IBBL should try to reduce their loan issuing and disbursement timing.

 IBBL should increase their profit rate on different deposit scheme.

IBBL should try to attend different type of target customer.

IBBL should introduce long-term credit scheme like different types of     5 years or ten years credit scheme.

  IBBL should offer more credit scheme like:

  • Marriage Loan
  • Multi Purpose Loan
  • Education Loan

  IBBL should Introduce Islami Credit Cards as soon as possible.

 Maximum clients do not know about IBBL’s Loan schemes. They should carryout more promotional activities to make clients aware about their offers.

  It was observed that, IBBL is absent in TV, Print Media, Bill Boards, and Sponsorships etc. Bank should advertise about itself so that it can attract more clients. That will increase the business volume of the bank.

 To avoid bad debts IBBL should give more emphasize on Lending Risk Analysis (LRA) and try to conduct sensitivity analysis.

 IBBL should give highest attention on recovery of Bad Debts. This concerns the Image of The Bank, to the clients.

  The shariah council should give emphasis on introduction of Mudaraba and Musharaka modes of investment under various investment schemes including Rural Development Scheme.


Bangladesh is a developing country. Without developing banking sectors this country`s business sector is not possible to progress rapidly. In such conditions IBBL is trying to develop banking sector through welfare and servicing to the people. Islamic economy and banking are bound together. This economy and banking is not possible to establish without Tauhid ,Reshalat and trust of Akhirat. This economy and banking are suitable to operate as a Muslims country. But our government is not aware to establish such system. IBBL has emerged facing the many obstacles yet. This bank is trying to operate their activites according to Islami Shariah. Islam is are ligion for  humen welfare as well the social welfare . all the steps of islam are only for the welfare for humen being.

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited is one of the largest.

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited is one of the largest banks in the financial sector in Bangladesh, which commenced in 1983 when the Bank started growing fast and in size. The study concentrated on the Investment. As of beginning of the firm it has passed tremendous success in business operation. The fact that is has continuous growth in deposit and investment volume; at the same time it has been experiencing increased in profit position.

The analysis revels that investment of IBBL is sound and it can improve day by day.

IBBL’s capital adequacy, deposits, reserves, earning per share, export, import and remittances are also increasing.

So, no doubt IBBL is a growing profitable financial institute and its strengths is high.


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Class Notes (IBTRA):

Jebal, Ahmed Asheque, Vice President & Faculty Member, IBTRA

  Hussain, Md. Abul, SVP & FM, IBTRA

 Hossain, Md. Mosharraf. AVP.IBBL.


 Annual Report- 2005 & 2006

  Annual Branch Managers’ Conference 2008