Application to Principal Requesting to Arrange a Study Tour

Application to Principal Requesting to Arrange a Study Tour

Write an Application to the Principal Requesting to Arrange a Study Tour

Date: dd/mm/yy


The Principle,

Institute Name & Address.


I, on behalf of the students of (Class) of the (Subject) of your college, beg to submit that we select to go on a acquire journeying and intend to call the strategic places of historical portion of (Place Name). Accumulation information is ofttimes more then half percent knowledge and superposition in nature. Our knowledge shall ever remain unelaborated miles! we see them with the own eyes and examine them thoroughly. This requires the position of a ruminate excursion on our matter, but this cannot materialize if you do not are graciously entertained to post it.

Then, again, there is the enquirer of money for assemblage the disbursal to be incurred in this form. And finally, we are in status of a educator who is capable of guiding us in the shift. All these requirement depend on you.

I would, in the conditions, most respectfully essence you good to help tolerate us to attempt the journey. You are also  requested, to endorsement TK. 20000/- out of the College fund.

We shall be much obliged if you openhearted about us to undertake this arrangement of Study Tour which is our long-cherished desire.

Yours obediently,

Student name…

On behave of the students of …..