Apparel Merchandising Process of Poeticgem International

Apparel Merchandising Process of Poeticgem International

Poeticgem International is a concern of PDS Multinational Group which has been operating globally. It is one of largest leading buying agency for consumer goods, managing the supply chain for retailers and brands worldwide. The principal activity of Poeticgem International is export trading of garments. This report is basically on the
process of apparel merchandising at Poeticgem International Ltd.

Merchandising is about planning and developing a strategy to enable a company to sell a range of products that delivers sales and profit targets. A Merchandiser will work closely with a Buyer to ensure the product that’s bought will enable them to achieve the sales plan. It’s often explained as getting the right merchandise, in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities at the right price. The work process of merchandising begins at getting order from buyer until shipment of that order.

About Poeticgem International

Poeticgem International is a concern of PDS Multinational Group which has been operating globally. It is one of largest leading buying agency for consumer goods, managing the supply chain for retailers and brands worldwide. Its headquarter situated in UK, the Group services its customers globally through a sourcing network of over 80 offices in 40 countries and territories Approximately 10,000 suppliers around the globe, over 13,000 employees worldwide. Its annual turnover is near about US$ 11 billion. Most of the order comes from UK Office to Poeticgem International BD Ltd.

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Business Description

Poeticgem International Bangladesh Limited, the Group’s principal activity is export trading of consumer products (Garment, Leather & Fashion Accessories, Jewelry & Watch, Footwear) Other activities include provision of marketing services, export assistance services, investment management, general trading, distribution and wholesaling, design and marketing, apparel exporting, property rental and property investment and investment holding. Operations are carried out in UK, United States of America, Central Europe, Canada, Middle East, Africa and South Africa.

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Current Customers of Poeticgem International

  • Belk
  • Sino
  • Meijor
  • Mervyn’s
  • Suntex
  • Goddy’s
  • Jacob
  • Hagger
  • Target
  • Tesco
  • Wal-Mart
  • Primark
  • Next
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Earnsting’s Family
  • Cater’s

marketing side

List of Product

  • T Shirt
  • Trousers
  • Denim
  • Twill
  • Jackets
  • Shirts
  • Skirts
  • Top
  • Cardigans
  • PJ Set
  • Shorts
  • Vest
  • Underwear
  • Sweaters
  • Pull over
  • Lingerie

product list

Departments of Poeticgem International

hierarchy marchent

Merchandising Department:
Under merchandising department, Poeticgem International is having many divisions like PG-01, PG-02 to PG-28. Every division works with different buyer. For example PG-20 has basically been working with George (Wal-Mart), Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Nutmeg, NKD, Target and Briefly Stated for their ladies wear and Men’s essentials orders.
Mostly these orders are placed at nominated factory which has been audited by the buyers and Poeticgem Central Compliance team both. Generation Next Fashion, Beximco, Knitex Apparels, Knitmoon Apparels, Meghna Knitwear, Seatex are the nominated factories or vendors those have been working with Poeticgem International Ltd for a long time.

merchanding dept

Merchandising departments of Poeticgem International receive technical sheets which includes-:

Design sheet: (Style No. Season, Buyer Name, Knit or Woven Fabric, Primary & Secondary Fabric, Fabric Construction, Fiber Composition, Trims like Button what will be the Color & linage)

Sketch: (Garment flat Sketch, Label Embroidery position) Style Comments: (If customer have any commends)

Graded Measurement: (Graded Measurement, Tolerance.)
Technical sheets Poeticgem International send to factory for costing (Factories are compliance by Buyer & Central Team approved.)

• After getting Factory costing Poeticgem International see which factory giving best costing
• Then this costing sends to customer and negotiates costing & Delivery date with factory
• Based on factory costing, their previous working performance, delivery date & their quality Poeticgem International placed order to a factory
• Poeticgem International make placement memorandum to factory. (For that Poeticgem International use SAP Software System. In this system Poeticgem International input garments quantity, Order received date & delivery date, FOB Price, Vendor Name, Vendor Code, Country of Origin, Shipment Terms Port of Loading, Port Of Discharge, Final Destination, Total L/C Amount L/C Terms, and Beneficiary Address & Bank Account No. Then Poeticgem International get Purchase Order and including this PO & Terms condition Poeticgem International send it to factory. )
Based on SAP information, Hong-Kong issues a L/C. In L/C Applicant Address, L/C Issue Date, Beneficiary Name & Address, Partial Shipment (Allow or not allow), Description Of Goods, Country Of Origin, Unit Price, Total Price, Total Quantity, Settlement Day, Consolidator/Carrier, Vendor Bank Info, Shipping Mode. After getting L/C Poeticgem International forward it to factory they also look that the Fabric, Trims & Accessories. Suppliers
are getting their payment.

Sample evaluation:
• First Poeticgem International send fit sample if have any comments on shape change or anything Poeticgem International send it again.
• After fit sample approved Poeticgem International send Size Run Sample.
• Then Pre Production sample
• Then Poeticgem International Testing Lab (PTL), BV (Bureau Veritas) or SGS sample.
• Then Top of Production sample
• Then shipping ref.

Beside sample evaluation merchandiser sends Fabric Swatch, Lab dip, Trims, and Accessories. Hang Tag (Class, Item No, Dept. No., Style are using For making hangtag barcode), Care Label (After getting Bureau Veritas test report care instruction fixed, Carton, Poly Bag, Backboard Quality approved from buyer office sometime UK office also. At PTL or BV, They test fabric and garments as per buyer’s requirements on different criteria such as Color Change to wash, Color Stain, Color Fastness to Crocking, Light, pH, Formaldehyde, Fabric Test, Appearance after wash, Fiber content, Thread Breakage, Fabric Rupture, Seam Failure and Yarn Slippage Merchandiser receives P/O No., Total Quantity, Hang Tag Information, Port Of Loading, Order Date, Order type, Port Of Discharge, Packing ratio, Assorted Pack or Solid Pack, Total carton, Carton (max width, length, height ),Shipping Mark & Mark Position.

Technical Department
Technical Department is one of the most important parts of every garments trading office or supplier. It ensures the garments quality and measurement that needs to send buyer for any sort of sampling purpose.

process flow

Poeticgem Testing Lab

Poeticgem Testing Lab is ISO certified lab. It is also approved by different buyers. This lab is basically performs tests on fabrics, garments and trims as per buyer’s requirement. Some of tests are not available in this lab, in that case these are performed in third party test lab such as Intertek, SGS and BV. Laboratory test is mandatory for every garments and fabrics, if any garments or fabrics do not pass as per buyer’s testing parameter, there will be no shipment of this order.

Product Development Department

Poeticgem is having a large product development team which seems 8 line garments factory. The PD is basically responsible for FOP (First of Promo) and buying sample. They do an initial costing for making a garments. As per buyer’s requirement PD gets instruction from merchandising team to develop any sort of sample with design, print or embroidery if required. Furthermore PD is also responsible to come up with new design sample for buyer’s selection.

Compliance Department

Work process of Compliance department involved with ensuring factory compliance issues that needs to be reported to Poeticgem International’s buyer. Day by day buyers are getting more conscious of compliance as well as security issues of the factories. Basically the work process of compliance teams begins at receiving requisition of factory from particular merchandising division with Pre-audit questionnaire and Technical Pass audit report. Audits are normally scheduled in coordination with the factory management. Audit usually starts from opening meeting, then factory site tour to check health and safety standards, employee interview, factory documentation & payment system review, identify noncompliance issues & conducting closing meetings to discuss overall findings. In addition merchandising team has no power to make a factory listed into Poeticgem account, only Central Compliance team approves
a factory for Poeticgem order.

I.T Department
The IT Division of Poeticgem International Limited has been certified in ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. IT department is looking after all the matters related to IT. Solving problems for other personnel’s who are always working in computer online. They are supporting them with any kind of problem related to IT. If they are unable to help them then they contact with the UK IT department

Shipping and Commercial Department
Shipping department look after the goods shipped by vendor. They make sure about all the necessary papers submitted are legal. The place where the goods are shipped is correct and on time those are monitored by shipping team. Furthermore they communicate with Freight Forwarder to hand over the goods. Shipping team also concern about the post shipment documentation formalities. They release the Inspection Certificate to factory that is very important document which needs to get payment of respective order.

Human Resource Development & Management
Human Resource Development and Management team has been playing an outstanding role in Poeticgem International Ltd. They have been recruited number of experienced and efficient work force so that now Poeticgem holds a strong position among the apparel suppliers across the world. Though in the case of recruitment a Divisional Merchandising Manager or GM has a vital role, HR take important role in this process. Apart from recruitment HR team involves in different activities such as Compensation Policy, Pay roll, Employee benefit policy, organizing
training for employees for different purpose and so many things. Beside this HR team is concerned about legal affairs.

Finance & Accounts Department
The finance department of Poeticgem International takes responsibility for organizing the financial and accounting affairs including the preparation and presentation of appropriate accounts, and the provision of financial information for managers. The main areas covered by the financial department include keeping records of the purchases and sales made by a business as well as capital spending. Beside these Financial statements need to be produced at given time intervals, for example at the end of each financial year. Trial balances are extracted from the
ledger entries to create a Balance Sheet showing the assets and liabilities of a business at the year end. In addition, records of purchases and sales are totaled up to create a Profit and Loss (P&L) account. Furthermore its responsibility is to provide management financial information to enable them to make better decisions. The wages section of the finance department is responsible for calculating the wages and salaries of employees and organizing the collection of income tax and national insurance for the Inland Revenue.

The finance department is also responsible for the technical details of how a business raises finance e.g. through loans, and the repayment of interest on that finance. In addition it will supervise the payment of dividends to shareholders.

One Personnel is looking after all the matters of admin and other activities of human resource. Like-

  • All the matters of expenditure from office
  • Arranging furniture in office if needed
  • Taking care of the bills
  • Making all the arrangement when Buyer comes
  • Taking care of official programs if any
  • Arranging Cars if required etc.

Merchandising Elaboration
Merchandising comes from the word merchandise. Merchandise means commodities or goods to be bought and sold. The word merchandising means the activity of promoting the sale of goods. Merchandising is about planning and developing a strategy to enable a company to sell a range of products that delivers sales and profit targets. A Merchandiser will work closely with a Buyer to ensure the product that’s bought will enable them to achieve the sales plan. It’s often explained as getting the right merchandise, in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities at the right price.

  • Right Merchandise – Styles, brands, colors, sizes etc
  • Right Place – Which store, depending on their budget and location
  • Right Time – Having merchandise in stores at the right time in the season i.e. ready for Christmas or ‘Back to School’
  • Right Quantities – Enough for the stores to make their budgets but not have to markdown stock at the end of the season
  • The Right Price – Those that will attract customers in spite of competition yet generate a reasonable return on investment for the retailer i.e. profit

The objective of the merchandising management team is to get the correct balance between the expectations of the customer and the objectives of the company’s financial strategy. A merchandising role involves the following processes:

  • Raising purchase orders to match range plan from buyers
  • Developing detailed spreadsheets for the buyers
  • Negotiating cost prices with factories/buyers
  • Approving pre-production samples
  • Monitoring pre-production/production
  • Organizing shipping documents
  • Analyzing past sales figures/trends to anticipate future product needs.
  • Relaying the merchandise plan to the buyer who, in turn, can decide on what products, styles, colors etc. to purchase and from which suppliers, at what price.
  • Devising a contract for the suppliers including quality control, accuracy and flexibility. This is done throughout the season.
  • Allocating certain amounts of stock, to each outlet, throughout the season. Retailers are now trying to minimize stock holdings and commitment to allow for maximum flexibility.
  • taking responsibility for promotion, display, sales forecast and stock levels
  • Once the products are all distributed and put on sale, the Merchandiser can monitor stock movement, consider markdowns, inter-branch transfers, promotions or clear outs etc.

The Merchandiser is instrumental in all commercial decisions such as how much money should be spent, how many different lines should be bought and in what quantity, involvement in setting selling prices to regulate profit and decisions on when the stocks should be delivered into the business.

Actually a merchandiser is responsible for almost everything-from order analysis to shipment and finally payment realization. Merchandising means to arrange all the required raw materials and to make the goods ready to sell them to customers. Work, work and work – all day long.

Handling 40/45 orders/styles at a time. This job needs to chase buyer for comments/approval, chase suppliers for raw materials/trims, chase production team to maintain delivery schedule and finally chase commercial department for shipping/documentations. To a new merchandiser merchandising is nothing but hard work done with managers.

Flow Chart of Merchandising

flow chart of marchant

Poeticgem International seeks Time & Action (T/A) from factory:

  • Fabric In house Date
  • Trims In-house Date
  • Pre- Production Date
  • Cutting Start Date
  • Production Start Date (How Many line &Per line Output)
  • Production Complete Date
  • Finishing Start Date
  • Finishing Complete Date
  • Final Inspection Date
  • Ex- Factory Date

Vendor Collaboration
Poeticgem International Ltd has been working with lot of vendors (factories) which are located in Gazipur, Narayanganj, Mymenshing, Dhaka and Chittagong. Basically a vendor selection is done through several process. Every vendor is required to meet compliance as well as health and safety issue. In the vendor selection process first of all the individual vendors/factories needs to propose Poeticgem to be selected. If “Poeticgem Merchandising” team assume that factory can meet compliance issue along with capacity range then they asks Poeticgem central compliance team for audit. After getting offer from factory compliance team visits vendor for auditing, if this audit pass then only the factory can get order from Poeticgem. But if it fails then they are asked to ensure CAPS (Corrective Action Plans) by Compliance team.

In order to get order from Tesco, Walmart-George, Sainsbury’s, Primark, Next the vendors need to be audited by the buyer’s side also. In this case the buyer’s audit takes place after auditing by Poeticgem itself.


Job Responsibility:
Merchandisers are responsible for ensuring that products appear in the right store at the appropriate time and in the correct quantities. This involves working closely with the buying teams to accurately forecast trends, plan stock levels and monitor performance. Merchandisers play a key role within organizations, as profitability can be affected by how successfully they undertake their work. They also oversee delivery and distribution of stock and deal with suppliers.

During my intern period I have worked several things which involve a direct correspondence with suppliers, buyers and other departments in Poeticgem. As an intern of merchandising department I had to meet and maintain T&A regularly with is pretty important for this job as well. Basically I needed to assist my superior in different work and some of job I dealt myself.

Major Job responsibilities are given below:
• After confirmation of order, placed fabrics and trims booking to respective local and international suppliers
• Planning product ranges and capacity in conjunction with vendor
• Liaising with buyers, vendors (factories) and suppliers to expedite pre order and post order documentation process
• Performing fabrics and garments test as per buyer’s requirements at Poeticgem Internal lab or Third party lab (BV,SGS,ITS)
• Submitting fabrics, trims, samples (buying, fit, gold seal) to buyer for approval
• Corresponding with suppliers and vendors to get initial samples, trims and fabrics for buyer submission
• Giving approval with comments (if required) to them once submissions gets approved by buyer
• After getting booking form from buyer then maintaining CP (Critical Path, a spread sheet given from buyer where every details of an order inserted with its lead time line with required information) and it needs to maintain until shipment.
• Accessing EDI track which is an ERP software to update order details and status. From
this software several important documents get downloaded for office reference. Page | 20
Furthermore we get shipment confirmation document from EDI track and that needs to be
circulated among vendors (factories)
• Once production of garments done by vendor, need to place shipment booking to buyer’s nominated forwarder through Poeticgem commercial team
• Meeting with concern person at Wal Mart (buyer) Bangladesh liaison office if required for any technical help
• Accompanying buyers on visits to manufacturers to appreciate production processes;
• Meeting with suppliers and managing the distribution of stock, by negotiating cost prices, ordering stock, agreeing timescales and delivery dates, and completing the necessary paperwork
• Communicate trading issues and forecasts with proposed actions to senior management and Buyer

Learning’s from Internship:
RMG (Ready Made Garments) sector such a place where one can learn so many things that directly related and involved with International trade. Throughout my internship on apparel merchandising several things I learnt that changed my concept on international business. Apart from garment factories there are so many organizations and business are related to this business like Shipping line, Forwarder, PSI (Pre Shipment Inspection Organization), Financial Intuitions.

I must admit my Line manager and functional manager given me that much opportunity so I got to know the process of merchandising very closely. Their intensive support flourished my knowledge of this “Billion Dollar Business”. Furthermore as an Intern I have gone through sort of situation what a regular employee (Merchandiser) used to experience. As a student of Business Administration I achieved a bunch of technical knowledge which is beyond my
academic knowledge. If I accumulate the learning during internship, I can easily deliver the concepts of visual and real apparel merchandising. In this case lots of things come to my mind and these are described elaborately in below

• Fabrics and Garments knowledge: The basic knowledge that a apparel merchandiser needs to know is about fabrics, garments and accessories or trims. These things are very crucial to know before dealing anything with the buyers or vendors. During the internship I came to know the verity of fabrics and its elements and the type of fabrics require for a garments style. Beside this now it’s also clear that what types of label, sticker as well as trims need for trimming a garments in order to branding itself.

• Communication with buyer, supplier and vendors: To build up a strong business relationship, sound communication is very essential now days as the garments sector have become too competitive. I regularly communicate with them so that my core knowledge of garments product and accessories increased a lot. Beside this I got an extensive knowledge in replying mail with required information in short time. My inter personnel skills has developed which is one of the positive aspect during my internship. Communicate with inter-office employees through group activites create a value to my profile and increased my skills as well.

• Time and Action Planning: Alike other manufacturing oriented trading business, garments trading needs a strong and sound action plan otherwise the final buyer or the final supplier has to incur a big loss. Considering this issue I had to be aware every time so that the work process runs smoothly.

• Buying Process: A buyer can have frequent meetings with the supplier to discuss the development of the range of garments. Buyers also interact often with the merchandising, design, quality control, and fabric technology departments. Some buyers meet regularly to update each other about price ranges as well as to receive or give advice. Buyers will often travel together so that they can advise one another on ranges and to coordinate ranges. In that case I achieved gather some knowledge that how to approach as a buyer to a supplier.

• Negotiation: The Role of the Fashion Merchandiser states that one part of a merchandiser’s job is to negotiate prices and details of delivery with the supplier. Since this is an important aspect of a merchandiser’s job, some suppliers provide their buyers with negotiation training courses. When I met with the supplier, the sales executive of the fabrics and accessories manufacturer submit a “cost price” for a garment. Then I needed to calculate the price that the garment will need to be sold for in order to reach the retailer’s mark-up price. The markup price is the difference between the selling price and the manufacturer’s cost price.

• Building Strong Sourcing Network: The most important attribute that a merchandiser need is strong sourcing power. Several times I experience few cases that in order to get the order, I needed to sourcing fabrics and trims in cheapest price but quality should be good. If a merchandiser has limited number of contact for sourcing, this may lead him to lose the order. Though I was an intern, my superior given me that access to communicate with supplier in this respect and advised me to do sourcing in cheapest price. This sort of advised help me to explore new supplier for a single product range.

• Interaction with Internal Departments: As I was an intern of merchandising department I had to interact frequently with other departments within the company to get advice. Mostly I need to communicate with Testing Lab, Shipping and Commercial  departments regularly. I came to know different things on fabrics and garments testing along with its importance. Beside this, interaction with shipping and commercial teams flourished my knowledge of shipping documentation and L/C opening issues.

• Forecasting: A sound and strong forecasting results smart merchandising. During my internship I closely learnt how to forecast the demand of final buyer such as Wal Mart. Basically it varies season to season. But recently there have been a negative impact on their demand after “Rana Plaza” incident. But apart from this Wal Mart needs more
garments in Summer-Spring season rather Autumn-Winter. It is basically applicable for Essentials item such as Nightwear, Underwear and Kid’s wear. Considering buyers demand we had to book the space at factories so that we did not face any further problem in order to manufacturing the garments. Space booking is very sensitive part of
merchandising. Less or over booking both results negative for a garments trading office
like Poeticgem.
• Sample Management: Sample management is another important factor of merchandising. To meet the buyer’s date following Critical path I had to give a plan to my sample coordinator and vendor. Through the process of giving plan I got to know the importance of time plan and how to expedite all process so that my buyer can never raise
voice against our work. The knowledge I gather during internship at Poeticgem was just a booming for my external
knowledge apart from my academic life. Besides the above learning, I also got to know other issues as following:

  • Increase skills in buying and merchandising by assisting my superior in completing inventory, reordering product and merchandising store
  • Gain experience with re-ordering items, completing invoices and picking price points which helps the process and paperwork when re-ordering
  • Identify stocking system of buyer, this is actually we understand from time schedule of taking shipment from factory. Wal Mart is having a strong supply chain process.
  • Assess proper business relations with vendors through participate during vendor tour

As a student of Business Administration I have lot of things to contribute to merchandising job though I do not have enough knowledge of textiles and technical aspects of garments. I can remember the first day I joined Poeticgem as an Intern, everything was very unfamiliar to me. I was scared to see the different sector which is not related to Marketing and HRM. But the basic knowledge that I gained during my academic life has helped a lot for analytical calculation and communication process. Few days after my joining I got to learn so many new things from my superior and colleagues. I tried my level best to give the maximum output so that things get easy as early as possible. From the very beginning I tried to understand the basic knowledge of fabrics, accessories and garments which are initial things to move into merchandising job. There are several things in merchandising job where I contributed directly and indirectly as an Intern. I was given that much freedom from my on sight supervisor so that I came to know many new and quite unfamiliar things. If I list down my contribution, many things will come up and these are

• Trims and Fabrics booking: Need to place booking as per garment styling when an order gets confirmed.
• Production Planning: Have to plan with Vendors (factories) and suppliers that when they will move to production and by when raw material will be in house
• Submission Coordination: Have to submit fabrics, trims or accessories, samples on time and need to circulate approval with buyer’s comments among supplier once submissions get approved.
• Corresponding with different department in Poeticgem Dhaka, UK, China and Hong Kong office: As a job responsibility I have to communicate with different department of Poeticgem Dhaka office such as Product development, Testing Lab, Shipping and Commercial. Apart from Bangladesh office I need to follow up L/C status
from Hong Kong office since vendors get master L/C from there. Furthermore I help to give information when UK office asks in any issue.
• Supplier Sourcing: As I worked for Wal Mart account there are some suppliers those do not need to be nominated. I helped my account manager in sourcing non-nominated supplier by giving proper information and status of them.

Observation & Recommendation
Merchandiser is such a profession where there are so many thing one has to absorb to continue the profession. Though I did not have opportunity to work at any Banking, Telecom, Consumer goods or other organization related to Marketing or HRM, job in garments trading office as well as RMG industry is bit difficult rather than other job. There are number of things what I observed in this profession during my internship at Poeticgem. Some criterions a Merchandiser should have are as follow:

  • Basic idea of fabrics, garment and accessories
  • Strong supply chain management
  • Having strong network of sourcing
  • Sound product knowledge for negotiation with both buyer and supplier
  • Critical reasoning
  • Strong knowledge in pricing & purchasing
  • Ability to understand buyer’s requirement
  • T&A oriented work
  • Ability to operate ERP
  • Knowledge on compliance and ethical practice

Merchandising job is a set of responsibility. During my internship one thing I observed is time and action plan. As it is directly involved in international trade, merchandiser has to complete all task within time line. Beside this there is no specific wok time of this challenging job. Merchandiser needs to work after regular office time most of the time. Even they need to stay at factory whole night to expedite order and shipment process. Apart from, all the process needs to be followed up intensively so that any delayed does not take place. If there is a single work gets delayed, the whole process has to face a negative impact. As a result the goods may need to be aired or canceled by the buyer. Hence the whole merchandising process is much sensitive and equal prioritized.

Furthermore this job is much challenging rather other that I’ve seen. A merchandiser has to take immense work pressure under any situation. If patience is left the result will not be given a  positive outcome. Now days the number of garments supplier like Poeticgem International has increased rather the number of retailer and buyer. As a result this trading has been very challenging these days. Hence the challenge to a Merchandiser as well as suppliers has increased dramatically. In order to meet buyer’s demand and deliver the right things which they require become very important and top prioritized issue to compete with other suppliers like Li & Fung, Cherry Field, Shahi Exports etc.
Throughout my internship I got to realize several things those need to be improved. As this job is very challenging so the employee needs to be compensated what he or she deserves. Moreover the areas should be improved are given below:

• Training and Development: Training is one of most compulsory tools to develop an efficient work force. Poeticgem International has not arranged enough training session for merchandiser to develop merchandising skill, ethical practice, communication skill, ability of operating ERP

• Sourcing network: Even though Poeticgem has a strong sourcing network, still it has so many things to develop this area. Especially I has been facing a problem in placing order at factories due to compliance issue. In this case merchandiser though has small part in sourcing vendor but compliance team should have many things to do.
• Supply chain management: Supply chain management is an important part to have of being a good merchandiser. To follow up all process merchandiser has to maintain CP (Critical Path regularly) but they still need sort of access through which this chain can be developed.

• Job security: Merchandising job is not secured enough at Poeticgem International in compare to other reputed trading office. Though employee turnover varies merchandising division to division upon profit. Recruitment policy could have been more selective and effective here. Apart from above points now days compliance has become a burning issue. Poeticgem has come up with lot of measures for compliance which should be maintained among its vendors and suppliers issue but it needs to be implemented fruitfully. And as a part of job Merchandiser
should aware of compliance and need to know its importance to being ethical at doing business.

First, and most broadly, some view apparel merchandising as an entire set of economic activities, conducted by trading office or factories directly itself that is labeled merchandisers, extending from an initial product idea to a finished product on display in a store. In this sense, merchandising is the process of bringing products successfully to market, especially in retail settings. In order to complete this process, the merchandising function requires coordination of many areas of a business, including marketing, procurement, accounting, production, and
warehousing/distribution. The entire process is guided by what the company perceives as a market need, and this need will dictate whether there is will be one uniform product or many variations, how it will look, whether it will be produced seasonally or year round, and so on. It was a great pleasure of mine to be an Intern in merchandising division of Poeticgem International, which provides me a wide range of scope to observe different function of garments trading office through the cordial assistance of the employees and seniors. All the employees of
Poeticgem International tried to give optimum service. Now a day the garments industry is facing a lot of challenges because of changing demand of world. Besides this many competitors are also a main factor that makes this sector challenging. So Poeticgem International Limited should take proper steps to survive properly in this sector by removing their weaknesses. If that, the company can be benefited because of taking decision the work some time delay. They should justify competitive key factors in the management practices like cost, product quality, image &
reputation, distribution & control of resources, capabilities etc.

From the learning point of view I can say that I really enjoyed my internship at Poeticgem International from the very first day. I am confident that these three months internship program at this garment trading office will definitely help me to build up career in this industry.