Annual Report 2013 of Singer Bangladesh Limited

Annual Report 2013 of Singer Bangladesh Limited

It is a broadly described annual report of Singer Bangladesh Limited in the year of 2013. The gross profit for the year experienced a decline to Taka. 1,785 million vs. last year’s figure of Taka. 1,810 million – a drop of approximately 1.39%. But gross profit in terms of percentage marginally increased from 27.00% to 27.03%. During the year revenue reached Taka. 6,605 million which was lower by 1.47 % over the previous year’s revenue of Taka. 6,703 million. Operating profit (profit before taxes excluding other income) at Taka. 586 million was lower by 23.05 % over the previous year’s operating profit of Taka. 762 million. Net profit for the year at Taka. 382 million was lower by 22.05 % over the previous year’s net profit of Taka. 490 million. The Company’s earnings per share (EPS) for the year under review were Taka. 7.79 vs. Taka. 9.99 in 2012. The EPS decreased compared to that of the last year.

The Board of Directors of the Company recommended Cash dividend of Taka. 10 per Ordinary share and issuing of one bonus share for every four ordinary shares. Therefore, the total dividend for the year would be 125%.

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