Annual Report 2012 of IDLC Finance Limited

Annual Report 2012 of IDLC Finance Limited

It is a broadly described annual report of IDLC Finance Limited in the year of 2012. In 2012, IDLC deposited BDT 404 Million to the Government Exchequer as Corporate Income Tax of the Company. Also, BDT 287.73 Million was collected and deposited to the Government Exchequer as withholding tax and VAT. As on 31st December 2012, total equity of IDLC stands at BDT 4,693 (BDT 3,980 million on December 31, 2011) representing an increase of 17.91% over last year that reflects company’s long-term viability. Cash flow statement of the Company for the year 2012 shows positive operating cash flows of BDT 426 million. Moreover, the company has paid stock dividend @ 30% and @ 25% in 2012 and 2011, respectively that reflects Company’s long-term viability in operational existence.

The shareholders of the Company at its 27th Annual General Meeting held on March 28, 2012, approved stock dividend @ 25% i.e. BDT 24.75 Crore. Thereafter, the paid up capital stands at BDT 123.75 Crore and there is a surplus in paid up capital of Tk. 23.75 Crore. These financial statements are presented in Bangladesh Taka (Taka/Tk/BDT) which is the company’s functional currency. All financial information presented in Taka has been rounded off to the nearest Taka.

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