Announcing the agenda for TC Early Stage – Operations & Fundraising

Announcing the agenda for TC Early Stage – Operations & Fundraising

Do you know how to hire the best possible team to grow your company? Alternatively, as an early stage founder, how do you identify the right investors? How do you nail virtual pitch meetings? What is the market fit of the product? Should you bootstrap and if so, how do you do it successfully? How do you make the right financial decisions for both your organization and yourself? You got the question. The answer for you in the early stages of TechCrunch will be April 1 and 2nd.

At the Virtual Event, we are bringing together the most seasoned operators in the legal, hiring, product, data protection and sales tunnels to help you find your way through strategic dichotomy in the bright light of success. If you are in the middle of creating an organization, this show is perfect for the time being. In addition, audience members will be able to ask their own questions to our expert speakers at each breakout session. Of course, the show will cover more than the operational challenge. We have many, many sessions around raising money from how to think about how to attract investors to increase your series.

How to Get an Investor’s Attention with Marlon Nichols (MacVenture Partners): Marlon Nichols has invested in a number of successful ventures such as Gimlet Media, MongoDB, Three Markets, PlayVS, Fair, Wonderschool and Finesse, specializing in early stage investments. There are more seed-level funds now than ever before, and Marlon will talk about how investors will notice, how to grow your business, and how to survive in a crowded, competitive space of tech startups. How he will network, build a great pitch and target the best investors for your success.

Finding Your Product Market Fit with Sean Lane (Olive AI): Olive is no stranger to AI founder and CEO Pivot. Listen to how he practiced patience for proper search of the product market, when he finally got it and how he knew the strategy based on it.

Ten Things NOT To Do When You Are Starting a Company with Leah Solivan (Fuel Capital): There are voices across the internet to give them bi-cents about how to run a great business. Leah Sullivan of Fuel Capital, who has been the CEO of TaskRabbit for 8 years, will share a list of things the organization should not do. Avoid issues that could break your pace, or your worst case scenario, your company, and ask Sullivan your own questions.