Alan acquires Jour and Launches Mental Health Service Alan Mind

Alan is best recognized for its health insurance products, which today cover 200,000 people in France. However, it has been gradually transforming into a health super app and adding additional features. With the purchase of Jour for $20 million today, the firm made its first acquisition. This will serve as the cornerstone for Alan Mind, a new service.

“More than 13 million French individuals suffer from mental illness. In a news conference earlier today, co-founder and CEO Jean-Charles Samuelian-Werve remarked, “If you look at folks under 35, it’s 3 out of 4 people — so it’s virtually everybody.”

In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant influence on mental health in the last 18 months. Anxiety and depressive moods have more than doubled. Sleep issues affect 66 percent of the population.

“We asked ourselves, ‘How did we get here?’” says the author. “We see two major issues. To begin with, there has been a clear and persistent absence of preventive. Public health programs have largely ignored mental health.” “Poor care is the second pillar that has led us to this point. There are significant differences between regions. If you want to see a therapist in Paris, it can take up to 8 months in some facilities. Booking an appointment in the Rhône-Alpes region takes on average 67 days,” he added.

Even if you do manage to discover the ideal individual, you will almost certainly end up paying a lot of money. Mental health is underserved in France’s national healthcare system. The startup wishes to work on these two areas of improvement with Alan Mind. Because Alan Mind is a B2B service, the company sells access to it to its B2B clients, who may subsequently recommend it to their employees.

“Do businesses have a role in mental health? They, we believe, do. Companies are accountable for their employees’ health, according to Samuelian-Werve. They came to this conclusion after realizing that lockdowns had a negative impact on work-life balance. It’s difficult to determine when your workday finishes and your leisure time begins. Alan is banking on cognitive behavioral therapy by acquiring Jour. Employees can download an app and begin answering questions to assess their present mental state. They can use the app to find content, express themselves, and work on themselves. There are videos, a dashboard, breathing exercises, and other features.

If that isn’t enough, employees can begin individual therapy with a healthcare expert. Alan Mind allows you to schedule a telemedicine consultation. The firm has hired a few psychologists so that you can have an appointment in a matter of days. Companies, of course, have no way of knowing if someone on their team has utilized Alan Mind. Every month, however, HR teams receive an anonymised report. It’s not about spying on employees; instead, it’s about recognizing frequent problems and offering suggestions for prevention workshops.