A Group of Physicists Proposes Using LIGO to Find Enormous Extraterrestrial Spacecraft

A Group of Physicists Proposes Using LIGO to Find Enormous Extraterrestrial Spacecraft

A group of physicists from various American universities has worked together on a paper that explores the potential use of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) to look for signs of extraterrestrial life guiding massive spacecraft around the Milky Way. On the arXiv preprint server, the group has published their paper.

Astrophysicists and fans of science fiction have both grown increasingly disappointed with humanity’s inability to find life outside of planet Earth during the past few decades. Based on the billions of planets that have been discovered in habitable regions around the cosmos and the fact that life does exist in one place—on Earth—there should be life elsewhere as well, according to scientists.

The Fermi paradox is an issue because there isn’t even the slightest particle of evidence supporting it. Leading scientists are increasingly urging the use of novel and unusual search techniques.

In their latest endeavor, the scientists point out that equipment like LIGO can now detect gravity waves since science has matured to that point. They go on to say that it is not impossible that aliens operating spacecraft could leave gravity waves in their path that could be picked up using such equipment here on Earth.

The researchers envisioned the variables that might be present for such a situation to occur since they were intrigued by their own hypothesis. They took into account a boat of this size first. They discovered that it would need to be extremely large—possibly the size of Jupiter—to produce gravity waves powerful enough to reach Earth.

Additionally, it would need to be moving extremely quickly—their estimates indicated a speed of around 1/10 the speed of light. Furthermore, it would need to be relatively close—say, 326,000 light-years away from Earth. They point out that if such circumstances occurred, LIGO researchers ought to be able to detect the gravity waves produced.

The researchers also point out that if extraterrestrial life forms are employing warp drives, Earth-based scientists ought to be able to detect them using similar technologies as such a vehicle would likewise produce gravity waves.