Write an Application for Sick Leave from University

Write an Application for Sick Leave from University

Application for Sick Leave from University

Date: dd/mm/yy




Institute Name…..


Subject: Sick Leave Application

Dear Sir/Madam,

With respect to state that, I am suffering from fever (or any disease) as well as food poisoning.

You know that residing separately inside hostels brings about many health-related problems. Caused by a deficiency of iron and also other vital nutritional requirements, my skin color has transformed pale as well as I continually feel light-headed and tired in each and every class. I have not been able to concentrate fully on my subjects in class. The doctor advised me to complete rest for one week along with a suggested diet from a dietitian. Therefore please grant me leave for this week from (date…..) to (date…..) so that I can recover as soon as I could before the examinations are due.

Also please inquire the teachers to give me ten to fifteen minutes extra from other schedules if I am unable to fully grasp anything.

I, therefore, You may consider my problems and I will be thankful to you for your kind consideration.




Roll/ID….. Department/class….