World Humanitarian Day (WHD)

World Humanitarian Day (WHD) is an international day devoted to remembering humanitarian workers and those who have lost their lives working for humanitarian purposes. The day recognizes all humanitarians who have served to support the humanitarian cause, as well as those who have lost their lives on duty grounds. It aims to raise public awareness around the world about humanitarian relief efforts and the importance of international cooperation. It was assigned by the United Nations General Assembly as a feature of a Swedish-supported GA Resolution A/63/L.49 on the Strengthening of the Coordination of Emergency Assistance of the United Nations (UN) and set as 19th August. This day was named in memory of the bomb attack on the Canal Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq on 19 August 2003, killing 22 people including Iraq’s chief humanitarian, Sergio Vieira de Mello. Mindful of this legacy, in 2006 the Vieira de Mello family and a gathering of dear companions established the Sergio Vieira de Mello Foundation committed to proceed with his incomplete strategic empowering exchange among networks and mitigating the situation of survivors of philanthropic emergencies. It is true that, since the dawn of history, our fascination with myths and legends has been with us. Their imaginary incredible feats embodied enemies and arduous journeys teach us how to dream big and gather the requisite strength to do what’s right. The Foundation views the World Humanitarian Day as a befitting tribute to all or any humanitarian personnel who have made the last word sacrifices to create the world a higher place for all victims of humanitarian crises and an encouragement to any or all their serving colleagues to aspire to even greater heights in accomplishing that laudable goal.

World Humanitarian Day is a day dedicated to humanitarians worldwide, as well as to increase public understanding of humanitarian assistance activities. The day aims to recognize humanitarian workers who in the course of their work have lost their lives or injured themselves and to acknowledge the continuing work of humanitarian personnel around the world. The Sérgio Vieira de Mello Foundation is committed to working closely with all Governments, the United Nations, International Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations to give the ‘Word Humanitarian Day’ a meaningful observance every year. Numerous people group and associations attempt to build the significance of helpful people by dispersing exposure and data material. Furthermore, some attempt to address the press to help spread these key messages of World Humanitarian Day, while different gatherings compose open occasions worldwide that include compassionate work. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs is driving endeavors to plan and guide the recognition of the Day that will be recognized worldwide by Governments, the United Nations and International Humanitarian Organizations and NGOs. World Humanitarian Day is worldwide recognition and not an open occasion (public holiday).