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Total Quality Management Leads in Action

Total Quality Management Leads in Action

Leadership help practicing leaders and those who train and develop practicing leaders. According to the given Elizabeth Elton is a product manager for a pharmaceutical company. And one of the products under her responsibility is Zinc Oxide Ointment. In the last several years conflict over this product has arisen between manufacturing and sales.

After analyzing the case we came to know that the manufacturing manager argued that the high product quality has led to a high manufacturing cost in turn the high cost has made it difficult to offer substantial distributors.

Elton stepped into the conflict by working closely with manufacturing and sales to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution to resolving the conflict. Considering all the aspects I would also give the same decision that Elton has given to the head of manufactures and sales in Leadership point of view.

As Elton told to the two unit heads that she agreed strongly with both of them. I am also agree that quality and Price both are important. I would also suggest the manufacturing that they should strive for total quality but at price consumers willing to pay.

In my opinion, implementation of total quality management will greatly help the company in the following aspects:

  1. Reduction of defects because Total Quality Management promotes quality awareness and participation of all members of the organization, not just the QA or QC department. It means quality at the source.
  2. Total quality management system leads to ease of problem solving. Through measurements such as SPC and other techniques such as failure analysis, defects and failures (even potential failures) can be identified and addressed.
  3. Total quality management also leads to continuous improvement of processes and products. TQM system should also improve the efficiency of people and machine.
  4. TQM leads to quality products which lead to customer satisfaction.
  5. And finally, by reducing defects and improving machine and personnel efficiency, TQM should lead to cost savings and profitability improvement.

Total quality management eliminates defects and waste, which reduces production costs in a business. As teams gather to identify and eliminate weaknesses in the business, the company continues to enjoy reduced costs and higher profit. Quality improvement teams can eliminate defects, reduce lead time and identify redundancies in the production process that can significantly add to the profit the company earns.

Once workers understand their participation and involvement in Total Quality Management is essential to its success, morale and productivity improve. Workers become empowered through participation on quality improvement teams. Businesses can improve morale further by recognizing improvement teams that make meaningful changes in the production process to reduce or eliminate waste.

Finally am fully agreed with the decision of Elizabeth Elton, that we should be giving importance to both price and quality. And that will contribute to the solution of the problem perfectly and company would be able to achieve growth also.