This Website Lets you Search Decades of UFO Sightings in your Area

This Website Lets you Search Decades of UFO Sightings in your Area

A website called UFO Discovery lets you track reports of unknown flying objects (UFOs) year after year and search for recorded events from your own area. The website lets you search by year and area. Say you saw a UFO in Bennington, Vermont in 1970; you can filter it out and find that someone else helpfully reported “telepathic thought implantation by alien animals on an unknown flying object”, June 1 of that year.

The report – which has some explanations, some not – in terms of drama, some flying objects overhead that can be easily explained (“I and a couple after working at 5:25 are on 2/23/20 saw a hundred white dots moving,  (“Starlink” satellites??)”) Others make impossible claims of alien creatures that have taken people aboard their spaceships.

“I saw a tall nude figure with an unusually long limb next to my bed,” one reads from someone who was probably startled by his wife (or sleeping paralysis monster). The website has over 73,000 self-reported UFO views, so you’ll probably find one in your area. If it doesn’t, try not to feel too bad, or make a big deal out of it like Norwich in the UK when they realized they hadn’t seen a UFO in two years. After requesting freedom of information, they found that only three UFOs had been reported to police in the past five years, none of which had been visited during the recent two. In 2007, Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid summoned his colleagues Ted Stevens and Daniel Inouye to a specially secured room on the Capitol where highly classified information was discussed. 

Stevens, a Republican from Alaska, and Inouye, a Democrat from Hawaii, controlled the funds for the Pentagon operation. Reed wanted to put an idea on their radar, which needed to be kept quiet, not just for national security, because Reed’s associates told him it was kind of crazy. “Everyone told me it would do me no more harm than good,” said Democrat Reed, who represented Nevada at the Army’s top-secret area, Area 51 Test Site, which is a kind of central attraction for UFO hunters. “But I’m not afraid of it. And I think the time has proved me right.