This Startup Just Created a Fast, Accurate COVID Test that Only Needs Saliva and Links to an App

We are entering a phase of the COVID-19 epidemic where the roof is about to collapse due to the delta alternative. But now that there is so much vaccination around the world, the main cost to society is that healthcare will not be severely affected, but businesses will be severely disrupted as workers are forced to isolate themselves by track and trace systems. Thus, biosecurity (or any other setting in that regard) in the workplace is becoming much more important. The only paragraph you read above is a paragraph from a recent open letter sent to the government by several UK scientists about the next phase of the epidemic.

So if it happens that workplace biosecurity needs to be more efficient, faster, better test forms will be needed. Now, a UK startup thinks it has cracked the problem. The bio-security firm Vatic has come up with its ‘Nono’ test for Covid-19, which claims to be more accurate, faster, easier (just need a swab from your mouth) than the side flow test, allowing test data sharing and Even generates a ‘passport’ QR code to enable someone to access the service or workplace.

This Startup Just Created a Fast, Accurate COVID Test that Only Needs Saliva and Links to an App

The Vatican has now raised $6.37 million to supply A-home-tests, made according to COVID-19. The Seed Funding Round was led by London-based VC LocalGlow and Haxton Ventures. Founded in 2019, the Vatic has developed a saliva-based experiment that involves creating data at home.

The agency said the test took less than 15 minutes and could identify people who were infected at the time who became infected at the moment instead of getting false positives because the body was fighting the infection. Existing antigen tests may have a false positive rate of 1 in 200. The agency said its tests identified infectious viruses by mimicking the surface of a human cell, effectively redesigning how lateral flow tests were constructed, and “increasing their accuracy.”

The known salt-only rapid antigen test for COVID-19 is actually being used in the UK now after CE mark approval. It adds an app to its saliva testing that makes it possible to instantly share test results with health or other platforms while sitting at home.