The Foolish Crow and The Clever Fox

The Foolish Crow and The Clever Fox

Once there was a crow on a tree with a piece of meat in its beak. A hungry fox sat under the tree. The crow was foolish. He saw the crow sitting on the branch with a piece of meat. The clever fox wanted to have a piece of meat. He hit upon a plan to accomplish his evil design. He wanted to flatter the crow. He said, “Hello friend! How are you?” But the crow did not say anything.

“Crows are such lovely birds. And you are very charming too,” said the fox, flattering the crow. Then the fox said, “I have heard that besides being beautiful you also have a sweet voice. Please sing a song for me.”

The sweet words of the fox pleased the crow very much and it became overwhelmed with joy. But again the fox said that the crow was dumb. This is unfortunate. At this, the crow became a bit angry and in order to prove the futility of his words, the crow opened its mouth to caw. Then and there the piece of meat fell down from its mouth and the clever fox went away with the piece of meat. The crow had paid a heavy price for his foolishness.

Moral of the story: “ Only fools are flattered”