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The Branding Strategies of 7 Banks

The Branding Strategies of 7 Banks

Executive summary:

We have assigned a task to make a formal report on branding strategy of seven companies by our respective course teacher. So as a accomplishment of our assigned task we group choose 7 bank to collect data.

Branding strategy implies to a strategy of procedure to establish a strong brand which is most valuable asset for the company. Brand strategy decision involves brand positioning, brand name selection, brand sponsorship and brand development. Each and every brand has its own strategy to reach to the heist position among its competitors.

Though all the banks try to provide the best services for conducting banking activities and consumer satisfaction as well as social responsibility, we the group member consider Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. as the best brand because of its outstanding performance related to its services that are provided to consumer as well as society. It provides different types of loans at a reasonable interest to its consumers. The Foundation carries out diverse social and philanthropic activities in the field of education, health, women’s welfare, conservation of nature, creation of social awareness, rehabilitation of distressed people and such other programs to redress human sufferings. It also promotes different socio-cultural and sports activities.

Considering all the above subscription we can decide that Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. conducting their banking activities quiet well. It reaches to the near to its clients by opening a lot of branches and e-bank services like ATM  booth  close to the door of clients. It capturing the market by satisfying clients and others factors in the society because of their strong branding strategy.

Before going to describe about branding strategies of selected banks we need to have a clear concept about Branding strategy.

 Here a brief discussion on branding strategy is given for our better understanding,


The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a “name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.

Therefore it makes sense to understand that branding is not about getting your target market to choose you over the competition, but it is about getting your prospects to see you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem.

The objectives that a good brand will achieve include:

  • Delivers the message clearly
  • Confirms your credibility
  • Connects your target prospects emotionally
  • Motivates the buyer
  • Concretes User Loyalty

To succeed in branding one must understand the needs and wants of his customers and prospects. He does this by integrating his brand strategies through his company at every point of public contact.

His brand resides within the hearts and minds of customers, clients, and prospects. It is the sum total of their experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence, and some that you cannot.

A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies day by day. It’s important to spend time investing in researching, defining, and building your brand. After all, brand is the source of a promise to consumer. It’s a foundational piece in marketing communication and one he does not want to be without.

What Role Does a Logo Play in Branding Strategy?

 When speaking about branding it’s not uncommon for people to mistake their logo as their “branding”. Logo is only one piece of branding strategy.  Logo is a symbol that can provide consumers with instant and powerful brand recognition of business and the services or products that are offered.

Before beginning the process of logo creation one must be sure that he has developed his brand strategy. Because logo is like a small ad for the company, without the strategy behind it a logo can put across the wrong message and in return weaken the strategy. He wants to keep his brand message consistent to help increase consumer recognition.

Brand Strategy at a glance

Brand Strategy

                                       Product Category

  Brand Name




Line Extension

   Brand Extension



    New Brands




Brand Strategy

  • Line Extension
    • Existing brand names extended to new forms, sizes, and flavors

      of an existing product category.

  • Brand Extension
    • Existing brand names extended to new product categories.
  • Multiband
    • New brand names introduced in the same product category.
  • New Brands
    • New brand names in new product categories.

Now it’s the time to give the information that is collected from 7 different banks.

 The selected banks are:

► Bank Asia ltd

► Dutch-Bangla Bank ltd.

► Sonali Bank ltd

► United commercial Bank ltd.

► Prime Bank ltd.

► AB Bank ltd.

► Brac Bank ltd.


Bank Asia has been launched by a group of successful entrepreneurs with recognized standing in the society. The paid up capital of the Bank is 1116 million. The management of the Bank consists of a team led by senior bankers with decades of experience in national and international markets. The senior management team is ably supported by a group of professionals many of whom have exposure in the international market.

 Within a short span of time Bank Asia has established itself as one of the fast growing local private banks. It has at present a network of Twenty three branches serving many of the leading corporate houses and is gradually moving towards retail banking. Another significant delivery channel is its own as well as shared ATM Network. Bank Asia has a network of 25 ATMs out of which 6 it owns. The other 19 ATMs are shared through ETN with eleven other banks. Since its humble beginning in 1999, it set milestone by acquiring the business operations of the Bank of Nova Scotia in Dhaka, first in the banking history of Bangladesh. It again repeated the performance by acquiring the Bangladesh operations of Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd. (MCB), a Pakistani bank.

In the year 2003 the Bank again came to the limelight with oversubscription of the Initial Public Offering of the shares of the Bank, which was a record (55 times) in our capital market’s history and its shares commands respectable premium.

The asset and liability growth has been remarkable. By Dec 2006 the total asset of the Bank grew to Tk 30,478 million, increase of almost 30% comparing to 2005. As of Dec 2006 deposits increased to Tk 25,289 million, an increase of 37% over that of 2005, and Loans & Advances reached Tk 22,256 million, an increase of 25% over that of 2005. Bank Asia has been actively participating in the local money market as well as foreign currency market without exposing the Bank to vulnerable positions. The Bank’s investment in Treasury Bills and other securities went up noticeably opening up opportunities for enhancing income in the context of a regime of gradual interest rate decline.

Bank Asia is maintaining it’s competitiveness by leveraging on its Online Banking Software and modern IT infrastructure. It is the pioneer amongst the local banks in introducing innovative products like SMS banking, and under the ATM Network the Stelar Online Banking software enables direct linking of a client’s account, without the requirement for a separate account. Bank Asia received the letter of Intent as on 24/02/1999. The first meeting of the promoters held on 15/04/1999. It was received on 28/09/1999.Certificate of commencement of business was received on 28/09/1999. The first meeting of director held on 01/10/1999. It was received on 06/10/1999.The first branch license was received on 31/10/1999. The date of inauguration of Bank Asia is 27/11/1999.Bank Asia’s prospectus was published as on 29/06/2003 The date of IPO subscription was 23/09/2003 & 24/09/2003. The date was 08/01/2004.Number of promoters for Bank Asia in 22.The number of Directors for Bank Asia is 13. The Auditor of Bank Asia is S.F. Ahmed & Co. The legal Adviser is Lee, Khan & partners.


  To assist in bringing high quality service to our customers and to participate in the growth and expansion of our national economy.

 To set high standards of integrity and bring total satisfaction to our clients, shareholders and employees.
To become the most sought after bank in the country, rendering technology driven innovative services by our dedicated team of professionals.


 The Bank at present carrying its banking activities through twenty seven branches including ATM, Locker & Foreign Exchange services in the country. It has nine rural branches as well. The address of bank Asia’s Registered Office is Rangs Bhaban (8th Floor)113-116, Old airport Road, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215.

 Vision Statement

Bank Asia’s vision is to have a poverty free Bangladesh in course of a generation in the new millennium, reflecting the national dream. Our vision is to build a society where human dignity and human rights receive the highest consideration along with reduction of poverty.

Bank Asia Limited is a scheduled commercial bank in the private sector established under the Banking Company Act 1991 and incorporated in Bangladesh as a public limited company under the Companies Act 1994 to carry out banking business in Bangladesh

 Products & services

 Gradually Bank Asia increases its product list. Every year we launch 2 products. Since establish, our product list is so healthy and includes most features. Whenever, we launch a product, we look deeply in its technical issue. Its mean, how the product will be techno based and support online features. Considering these criteria, we have produced six products. Each product contains its specific link. However another related service or special features are also displayed hereBottom of Form

 Service to be introduced:

   Credit Cards

   Priority Banking

Products Include:

 SMS Banking Mobile Banking
 Internet Banking Customized Loan
 Bonus Savings Schemes Poverty Alleviation
 ATM Service Credit Card

Special Features:

Real time Online Banking Any Branch Banking
Internet Banking SMS Banking
 ATM Service Loan Syndication
Corporate Banking Locker Facilities

 Bank Asia has been launched by a group of successful entrepreneurs with recognized standing in the society. The paid up capital of the Bank is over Tk. 1116.00 million. The management of the Bank has been carefully selected a consists of a team led by senior bankers with decades of experience in national and international markets. The senior management team is ably supported by a group of professionals many of whom have exposure in the international market.

 Connect Asia

Bank Asia symbolizes modern banking with innovative services in Bangladesh. We provide Online Banking, ATM Support, SMS and Net Banking Services in the country. Our newly developed web application is fully authentic, secured and robust. This technology based services also provide you Fund Transfer through internet, Debit/Credit Card facility, free SMS message of special type of withdrawal from your account time to time.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

 Bottom of Form

Internet Banking Services

  • Check account balance
  • Take print out of account statement for a particular period
  • Transfer fund within your own account
  • Make payment of mobile phone bill
  • Recharge your mobile phone as well as others from your account
  • Enquire foreign exchange rate
  • Enquire currency exchange rates.
  • Acquire information on all our products.
  • Every transaction report will be sent to client’s e-mail account.
  • Can change the password, pin code and respective mobile number (GP & City Cell).


Bonus Saving Scheme

Start savings with BONUS SAVINGS SCHEME for a brighter tomorrow. A savings scheme specially designed with your future in mind. In these days of fast changing socio-economic environment a practical step would be to build up a strong and reliable financial base upon which you can build.

Corporate credit

It is a service tailored to suit your requirements, to draw funds whenever you have to meet your fiscal obligations. It also lets you sit square and earn interests. You may feel relaxed now. Just click here for details.



B. Bank Asia Sanchay Plas  (BASP)

Recently Bank Asia added an attractive product in its portfolio called Bank Asia Sanchay Plus (BASP).

  • An individual can open BASP Account up to TK 50.00 lac in single name and up to TK 1 crore jointly with another person.
  • For Tk 1,00,000/ the summary for different tenure under BASP will be like as follows:
Tenure Rate of Interest  Amount (In BDT.)
6 month



12 month



18 month



24 month



30 month



36 month



  • Institutions are not allowed to open BASP account.


Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (the Bank) is a scheduled commercial bank. The Bank was established under the Bank Companies Act 1991 and incorporated as a public limited company under the Companies Act 1994 in Bangladesh with the primary objective to carry on all kinds of banking business in Bangladesh. The Bank is listed with Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited and Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited.

DBBL- a Bangladesh European private joint venture scheduled commercial bank commenced formal operation from June 3, 1996. The head office of the Bank is located at Senakalyan Bhaban (4th floor),195, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Bank commenced its banking business with one branch on 4 July 1996.

……….Services & Products

i) Card Products

ii) IT Products

iii) Retail Banking Products

             > DBBL Life Line

             > DBBL Future Line

iv) Other Banking Products

Card Products

DBBL-NEXUS Classic Card (debit)

DBBL-NEXUS Maestro card (debit)

DBBL-NEXUS VISA Electron card (debit)

DBBL-NEXUS Silver OD card (credit)

DBBL-NEXUS Gold OD card (credit)

DBBL Internet Banking

 The best way to bank online!

DBBL Internet Banking enables customer to access his/her personal or business accounts anytime anywhere from home, office or when traveling. Internet Banking gives customer the freedom to choose his/her own banking hours. It can save time, money and effort. It’s fast, easy, secure and best of all.

Internet Banking Features

The following are the Internet Banking Features for DBBL’s Retail and Corporate Customers:

 Account Summary The Customer will be able to view the list of Current, Saving, Term Deposit and Loan accounts with the current balance.

 Account Details The Customer can choose a particular account and see the account details including unclear fund, limit, interest accrued etc.

 Account Activity The customer can see or print his transaction activity in a given account for a particular period.

 Transfer Funds The customer can transfer funds from one of his accounts to another of his accounts within the bank.

 Third Party Transfer * The customer can transfer funds from one of his accounts to another customer’s account within the bank

 Pay Bills The customer can pay his utility bill (like Electricity, WASA, GAS, Telephone, Mobile, ISP etc.)

Standing Instructions The customer can setup, modify or delete standing instructions for transferring fund from one of his account to another account (his account or 3rd party).

Open/Modify Term Deposit The customer can open a term deposit by transferring funds from one of his current or savings accounts with the bank. He can also modify the TD and redeem / part-redeem it.

Loan Repayments The customer can make payment of the loan installment from his CASA account.

Statement Request The customer can make a request for account statement for a required period. The bank will manually service this request.

Cheque Book Request The customer can make a request for a Cheque book.

 Cheque Status Inquiry The customer can choose an account and enter the Cheque number for which the status should be viewed.

Stop Payment Cheque The customer can mark his Cheque leaf as stop payment.

Interest Rate Inquiry The customer can query on the interest rates on CASA & Term Deposit Products.

Foreign Exchange Rate Inquiry The customer can query on the Foreign Exchange (FX) Rates using this function.

Refill Pre-Paid Card The customer can buy a refill number for his pre-paid mobile phone or ISP link.

Change Password The customer can change his Internet Banking Password using this function.

Extra Features for Corporate CustomerLetter of Credit The customer can initiate the LC application through Internet Banking.

Bank Guarantee The customer can initiate the Bank Guarantee through Internet Banking.

Limits Query The customer can view his Loan Limits and Limits Utilization through Internet Banking.

 *3rd Party transfer is not allowed as per Bangladesh Bank permission.

……….Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The ethos of DBBL for pursuing its activities in social arena has got further momentum with your enthusiasm and support. Dutch-Bangla Bank Foundation (DBBF) is consistently pursuing its objective of being active in those social areas where it is needed most. The Foundation carries out diverse social and philanthropic activities in the field of education, health, conservation of nature, creation of social awareness, rehabilitation of distressed people and such other programs to redress human sufferings. It also promotes different socio-cultural and sports activities. Your Board of Directors in order to discharge its corporate social responsibilities in a greater perspective continued its contribution amounting to 5.00% of Bank’s profit after charging loan loss provision to Dutch-Bangla Bank Foundation (DBBF).

Activities of Dutch-Bangla Bank Foundation (DBBF)

Donation to different organization

a.  Tk.4 crore for setting up a modem cancer hospital to Ahsania Mission Cancer Society.

b.  Tk.1 crore for setting up a modern cancer hospital to Bangladesh Cancer Society.

c.  Tk.1.20 crore for setting up a pediatric hospital to provide service to low income people

     whose 30% will be free and rest will be at low cost.

d.  Tk.90 lac to kidney foundation for setting up Operation Theater.


Sector & Institute Donation amount & awards
Dhaka UniversityTk. 9.73 crore
10 physical disabled studentsawarded scholarship
200 meritorious and needy studentsawarded scholarship
BERDOScholarship program
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical Universitydonates books
Bangladesh Agricultural Universitydonated a Pick-up Van
Dhaka University Central Librarydonated books
International Mathematical Olympiad-2006awards scholarships


Sector Contribution
ACID & Dowry VictimsStand by
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical UniversityDonates a DNA detection machine
Diabetic Association of BangladeshDonated  Tk. 9.36 crore
Disabled and underprivileged childrenStands by
Vesico Vaginal Fistula (V.V.F) operation to improve women reproductive health
National Medical College & HospitalDonated an Endoscope machine
HIV/AIDS patientsProvides medical supports & distributes the Treatment Cards
4 day-long workshop  in Faridpurorganized plastic surgery operation


DBBL has donated Tk. 25 lakh for the victims of devastating landslides in Chittagong.DBBL donates 700 bundles of high grade GCI sheets to Gaibandha and Rangpur districts

DBBL has distributed blankets among the cold-affected people


Sonali Bank Limited, the largest & leading commercial bank of the country, came into being in 1972 immediately after the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent state. A fully state-owned enterprise, the bank has been discharging its nation-building responsibilities by undertaking government entrusted different socio-economic schemes as well as money market activities of its own volition, covering all spheres of the economy. Sonali Bank Limited singularly enjoys the prestige of being the agent of the Central Bank of Bangladesh in such places where the guardian of the money market has chosen not to act by itself.

Sonali Bank Limited is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 9(nine) members headed by a Chairman. The Bank is headed by the Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, who is a well-known Banker and a reputed professional. The head office of the bank along with its corporate structure is located at Motijheel, Dhaka, the main commercial center of the capital.

Some notable features of the Bank are as follows:

Country Rank:1 (One)
Asian Rank:282 (Asia week, September 14, 2001)
World Rank:925 (The Banker’s Almanac, volume-3, July 1999)

Capital Structure: Authorized capital:US$ 184.30 million Paid up capital:US$ 60.30 million Reserve capital:US$ 40.18 million  

Branches and Subsidiaries: Total branches:1180 Branches in Urban areas:560 Branches in Rural areas:618 Overseas branches:2 Subsidiary branches/booths in Uk & USA:15 Representative Office:3 Correspondents/agents:2000 Employees:22,348 (Officer-11,598 and staff- 10,750)



Transfer of fund from one branch to another by Demand Draft , Mail Transfer,  Telegraphic Transfer

Guarantees in Foreign Currency
– Bid Bond
– Performance Guarantee
– Advance Payment Guarantee.

Strengthening existing and establishing new correspondent relationship with foreign banks and Financial Institutions world over

Short Term:

1. Call Loans

2.Treasury Bills

Collection of cheques through Clearing House/beyond Clearing House.

Facilitating Supplier’s Credit, LCs (Letters of Credit) , Bill Purchasing/Discounting

Attending to problems of the correspondent banks

Long Term

1.Government / Public Bonds

2.Shares / Equity Participation

Issuance of Payment Order / Call Deposit

Export Credit (Pre-shipment & Post shipment)

Helping correspondents in marketing and distributing their products

supports its customers by providing Import Letter of Credit

Post Import Financing (LIM,LTR etc)

Import collection services & Shipping Guarantees


Locker facilities for safe keeping of valuables

Remittance, collection, purchases & sales of Foreign Currency & Traveller’s Cheques.

At present the bank is maintaining relationship with about 2000 foreign correspondents

Offers Export Letters of Credit advising, Pre-shipment, Export Financing,Export documents negotiation

Letter of Credit confirmation for Export sector

Corporate Client Services with computerized system at selective branches

NRAT (Non-Resident Account in Taka), NFCD A/c (Non-Resident Foreign Currency Deposit), RFCD A/c (Resident Foreign Currency Deposit)

issues guarantee (Bid Bond/Performance Bond/Advance Payment Guarantee) at the request of Bangladeshi exporter through our foreign Correspondent Banks.


Convertible and Non-convertible Taka Account,  Correspondent Banking Relations

Currently the bank has 71 (Seventy one) NOSTRO A/Cs with large foreign banks abroad.


Forward contracts

The bank maintains 13 (Thirteen) VOSTRO A/Cs of foreign banks, The bank is a SWIFT (Society for World wide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication) subscriber.


  • Ø All the on-going rural and micro finance outlets of Sonali Bank Limited aim at increasing agricultural output, promote agro-based Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs), facilitate agro-based support services, create and sustain employment opportunities through linking the rural and urban poor to the various Income Generating Activitis (IGAs) and reduce poverty.
  • Ø At present 570 branches of Sonali Bank Limited carry out Government transactions. These branches receive deposits towards Government exchequer and pay against different Government bills/Payrolls. Besides, 97 more branches of Sonali Bank Limited receive only deposits towards Government exchequer where branches of Bangladesh Bank exist.
  • Ø Long term loan for setting up new industrial units and BMRE of existing units including working capital finance are extended by Sonali Bank Limited to cottage industries, small-medium-large scale industries and also to self-employed persons with a view to creating employment opportunities, deployment of resources, increasing GDP and over-all industrial development of the country. Currently the following credit schemes are on offer by the ban


Sonali Bank Limited offers multiple special services with its network of branches throughout the country in addition to its normal banking operations.

Collects :

Gas bills.Electricity billsTelephone bills.Water/Sewerage bills
Municipal holding TaxPassport fees, Vissa fees and Travel taxCustoms & Excise duties .Source tax and VAT.
Jakat and Hajj fund

 Payments of

Pension employees Government and otherBangladesh Bank
Corporate BodiesArmy pensionBritish pensionStudents stipend/ scholarship
employees pensionOld age allowances.  

 The bank was established in 26th June 1983 , and it’s operation was started on 29 June in the same year with 3 to 4 crore paid up capital and reserve was 02 crore. K.H Mahatabuddin and Akteruzzaman are the established Chairman of this bank. At the time of beginning the had three branch . They wear local branch Motijheel ,Agrabad branch Chitagong , Moulvibazar branch Sylhet.

The goal of UCBL is to gain 400 crores tk. profit in current year & 550-600 crores tk. profit for the following year further, opening 120 branches, raising deposit to 450 crores tk. engage skilled 500 new employees. The ultimate goal of UCBL is to lead the bank to take number 1 position in the field of banking sector.


At present 84 branches are contributing in Bangladesh.

UCBL launched 3 branches at first:

                                             1. Local branch, Motijeel.

                                             2. Hidarabad branch, Chittagong.

                                       3. Moulovi-Bazaar branch, Sylhet.

There exist no branches in abroad.

Man power:

Skilled manpower is the most important strategic of any organization. With this end in view, human resource development has always been receiving highest priority in the Bank. UCB has a strong focus on imparting training towards enhancement of the skills and competencies of the employees to take over the challenge of modern banking. Since there is no alternative to training for acquiring the required efficiency and professional excellence, Bank’s Training Institute was busy throughout the year to focus on creating awareness about the best principles and practices in banking through imparting training on different aspects of banking. At present there are 2400 skilled employee working in UCBL.


 The present AMD is Hamidul Haque. There is no MD at present. The ex-retired MD was Mr. shah Alam Saroar. The Board of Directors held 11 meetings during the year. Besides 13 Executive Committee meetings and 3 Audit Committee meetings were held during the year under review.

 Foreign Trade:

During the year 2005, the Bank opened 14,740 letters of credit for import amounting to Tk. 29,408 million compared to Tk. 12,339 letters of credit amounting to Tk. 24,386 million in 2004. The volume of export bills handled by the Bank in 2005 was Tk. 14,785 million compared to Tk. 10,470 million in 2004.

Operating Result

The Bank earned a total operating income of Tk. 3,188 million during the year against Tk. 2,554 million in the previous year. The total operating expenditure was Tk. 2,036 million in 2005 against Tk. 1,696 million in 2004. Thus operating profit stood at Tk. 1,152 million during the year against Tk. 857 million of 2004. After making provision of Tk. 300 million against loans and advances, the pre- tax profit for the year stood at Tk. 852 million which proposed to be appropriated as under:

                                                                                             Tk. in million

Operating profit before tax and provision                               1,152

Less: Provision for Loans and Advances                                 ( 300)

Net profit before tax                                                                    852

Less: Provision for taxation                                                      ( 435)

Net profit after tax and provision                                                417

Less: Transfer to Statutory Reserve Fund                                 ( 170)

Less: Transfer to General Reserve Fund                                    (  17)

Retained earnings                                                                         230



Credit programming

            The   bank continued its participation in different credit programmer for financing new industrial projects, working capital, trade finance, international trade etc. Consequently total credit rose to Tk20,211 million in 2005 from Tk15,385 million of 2004.The credit deposit ratio stood at o.8:1.Sector wise credit during the year were as follows :-

SECTORS                                                             TAKA(in millions)

Agriculture & Fishery                                                               442

Industry                                                                          2656

Real Estate                                                                    672

Transport                                                                         76

Whole Sale/Retail                                                          5710

Import                                                                                      5860

Export                                                                                      832

Others                                                                            3963                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    TOTAL                                                                          20,211

Currently the credit rating was:     

                                                        long term   – A3

                                                      Short term – ST2

For providing better service UCBL took place the 7th position in the ranking of banking sector.

Contribution to society:

Medical, power grids, mobile company those are the main sectors for sanctioning loan. The interest rate on loan is 15% (on average) & 7% (for export/import). UCBL face the competitive market by increasing rate of interest, opening more branches & proper management.

 UCBL contributing to society by creating more employment opportunity for the people, in addition to contributing rural economy by agricultural loan & opening rural branches.

Goal of UCBL

 The goal of UCBL is to gain 400 crores tk. Profit in current year & 550-600 crores tk. Profit for the following year further, opening 120 branches, raising deposit to 450 crores tk. engage skilled 500 new employees. The ultimate goal of UCBL is to lead the bank to take number 1 position in the field of banking sector.


The Bank closed the year 2005 displaying best performance since its inception- 25 years ago in terms of volume of business and net profit. With relentless and dedicated efforts of the employees of the Bank and sincere cooperation of all concerned it was possible to achieve the excellent results during the year. Above all, strong liquidity base, prudent fund and credit management, continued guidance and inspiration to the Management by the members of the board played a vital role in the overall development.

The board of Directors places on record its appreciation to the valued clients, shareholders, business associates, and numerous well wishers sat home and abroad for their continued patronage, support and trust they reposed on the Bank.

 The board of Directors likes to express gratitude and thanks to the Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh Bank, Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulatory bodies for their valuable guidance from time to time.

The board of Directors likes to thank the employees at all level for their commitment, hard work and dedication for sustainable growth for the Bank.


In the backdrop of economic liberalization and financial sector reforms, a group of highly successful local entrepreneurs conceived an idea of floating a commercial bank with different outlook. For them, it was competence, excellence and consistent delivery of reliable service with superior value products. Accordingly, Prime Bank Ltd. was created and commencement of business started on 17th April 1995. The sponsors are reputed personalities in the field of trade and commerce and their stake ranges from shipping to textile and finance to energy etc.
As a fully licensed commercial bank, Prime Bank Ltd. is being managed by a highly professional and dedicated team with long experience in banking. They constantly focus on understanding and anticipating customer needs. As the banking scenario undergoes changes so is the bank and it repositions itself in the changed market condition.
Prime Bank Ltd. has already made significant progress within a very short period of its existence. The bank has been graded as a top class bank in the country through internationally accepted CAMEL rating. The bank has already occupied an enviable position among its competitors after achieving success in all areas of business operation.
Prime Bank Ltd. offers all kinds of Commercial Corporate and Personal Banking services covering all segments of society within the framework of Banking Company Act and rules and regulations laid down by our central bank. Diversification of products and services include Corporate Banking, Retail Banking and Consumer Banking right from industry to agriculture, and real state to software.
The bank has consistently turned over good returns on Assets and Capital. During the year 2007, the bank has posted an operating profit of Tk. 3257 million and its capital funds stood at Tk 6382 million. Out of this, Tk. 2275 million consists of paid up capital by shareholders and Tk. 2659.21 million represents reserves and retained earnings. The bank’s current capital adequacy ratio of 11.50% is in the market. In spite of complex business environment and default culture, quantum of classified loan in the bank is very insignificant and stood at less than 1.35%.
Prime Bank Ltd., since its beginning has attached more importance in technology integration. In order to retain competitive edge, investment in technology is always a top agenda and under constant focus. Keeping the network within a reasonable limit, our strategy is to serve the customers through capacity building across multi delivery channels. Our past performance gives an indication of our strength. We are better placed and poised to take our customers through fast changing times and enable them compete more effectively in the market they operate.

Domestic Savings

Bank is the largest mobilizer of surplus domestic savings. For poverty alleviation, we need self employment, for self-employment we need investment and for investment we need savings. In the other words, savings help capital formations and the capital formations help investments in the country. The investment in its turn helps industrialization leading towards creation of wealth of the country. And the wealth finally takes the country on road to progress and prosperity. As such, savings is considered the very basis of prosperity of the country. The more the growth of savings, the more will be the prosperity of the nation.

The savings rate in Bangladesh is one of the lowest in the world. In order to improve the savings rate, Financial Institutions responsible for mobilization of savings should offer attractive Savings Schemes so that the marginal propensity to save increases. The savings do not, of course, depend only on the quantum of income but largely depend on the habit of savings of the people.

Interest rate of Savings Deposit Account is 6.00% for the year 2008. We have formulated the following Savings Schemes

Loan Sanction

Depending on the various nature of financing, all the lending activities have been brought under the following General Loan:

Short term Loan

Medium term Loan

Long term Loan

The loans are allowed to individual/firm/industries for a specific purpose but for a definite period and generally repayable by installments fall under this head. This  type of lending are mainly allowed to accommodate financing under the categories (i) Large & Medium Scale Industry and (ii) Small & Cottage Industry. Very often term financing for (1) Agriculture (ii) Others.

Lease Finance

Lease financing is one of the most convenient long term sources of acquiring capital machinery and equipment. It is a very popular scheme whereby a client is given the opportunity to have an exclusive right to use an asset, usually for an agreed period of time, against payment of rent. Of late, the lease finance has become very popular in almost all the countries of the world. An obvious advantage of the lease is to use an asset without having to buy it. The lessee is obligated to make lease payments until the expiration of the lease agreement, which corresponds to the useful life of the asset.In a capital scarce economy like ours, Lease Financing is suitable for firms to acquire Capital Machinery, Equipments, Medical Instruments, Automobiles etc. And thereby employ their own resources more advantageously in some other investments. Lease financing also helps a firm to reap significant economic benefit through tax saving and by reducing the risk of the equipments becoming obsolete due to the technological advancement.


Prime Bank Limited obtained Principal Membership of Master-Card International in the month of May 1999. Within a period of 6 months, the bank successfully launched Master Card-Credit Card which created a new dimension in its customer service and consumer financing.

The Special feature of the Prime Bank Master Card is that its bears the card holder’s photo on the card, which is the first of its kind in Bangladesh and adds security against misuse. Prime Bank Limited issues 4 types of cards. These are Gold Local & International and Silver Local & International. Local cards can be used in Bangladesh only.


Prime Bank Limited is one of the first few Bangladeshi Banks who have become member of SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication) in 1999.  SWIFT is members owned co-operative, which provides a fast and accurate communication network for financial transactions such as Letters of Credit, Fund transfer etc. By becoming a member of SWIFT, the bank has opened up possibilities for uninterrupted connectivity with over 5,700 user institutions in 150 countries around the world.

One Stop Utility Services Scheme

Like any other country of the world, the people living in the urban areas of our country lead a very busy life. Time is very valuable to them. Despite this, they are to waste their valuable time at the counter of different Banks and other Institutions for payment of their monthly bills of different utility services like Electricity, Telephone, Water, Gas etc. They, as such, face enormous difficulties for payment of their monthly bills in time. Such inconveniences of the urban people can be removed by making an arrangement to collect all the bills of various utility services at One Point.

Scope of Services

With this end in view, Prime Bank Limited has introduced a Scheme entitled “ONE STOP UTILITY SERVICES SCHEME”. The scheme is designed to provide all the required services to the customer in making payment of their following bills on their behalf from the counter of the Bank:

1. To pay Electricity Bills

2. Cash deposit in his/her account at any branch of the Bank irrespective of location.

3. Cash deposit in other’s account at any branch of the Bank irrespective of location.

4. Transfer of money from his/her account with any branch of the Bank.

5. Any amount can be deposited or transferred under Prime Line. In the system, however, at present there is a limit for cash withdrawal through bearer or by account holder himself.


ONLINE BRANCH BANKING SERVICE                                                                                                                                            

Online Banking Service is designed to serve its valued clients.  Under this system, you shall be able to do the following type of transactions:


  1. Cash withdrawal from your account at any branch of the Bank.
  2. Deposit in your account at any Branch of the Bank.
  3. Transfer of money from your account to any other account with any Branch of the Bank.











AB Bank Limited, the first private sector bank under Joint Venture with Dubai Bank Limited, UAE incorporated in Bangladesh on 31st December 1981 and started its operation with effect from April 12, 1982.

 Dubai Bank Limited (name subsequently changed to Union Bank of the Middleast Limited) decided to off-load their investment in AB Bank Limited with a view to concentrate their activities in the UAE in early part of 1987 and in terms of Articles 23A and 23B of the Articles of Association of the Company and with the necessary approval of the relevant authorities, the shares held by them in the Bank were sold and transferred to Group “A” Shareholders, i.e. Bangladeshi Sponsor Shareholders.

 As of December 31, 2006; the Authorized Capital and the Equity (Paid up Capital and Reserve) of the Bank are BDT 2000 million and BDT 2582.76 million respectively. The Sponsor-Shareholders hold 50% of the Share Capital , the General Public Shareholders hold 49.43% and the rest 0.57% Shares are held by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. However, no individual sponsor share holder of AB Bank holds more than 10% of its total shares.

 Since beginning, the bank acquired confidence and trust of the public and business houses by rendering high quality services in different areas of banking operations, professional competence and employment of the state of art technology.

 During the last 26 years, AB Bank Limited has opened 70 Branches in different Business Centers of the country, one foreign Branch in Mumbai, India, two Representative Offices in London and Yangon, Myanmar respectively and also established a wholly owned Subsidiary Finance Company in Hong Kong in the name of AB International Finance Limited. To facilitate cross border trade and payment related services, the Bank has correspondent relationship with over 220 international banks of repute across 58 countries of the World.

 AB Bank Limited, the premier sector bank of the country is making headway with a mark of sustainable growth. The overall performance indicates mark of improvement with Deposit reaching BDT 42076.99 million, which is precisely 53.78% higher than the preceding year. On the Advance side, the Bank has been able to achieve 46.32% increase, thereby raising a total portfolio to BDT 31289.25 million, which places the Bank in the top tier of private sector commercial banks of the country.

 On account of Foreign Trade, the Bank made a significant headway in respect of import, export and inflow of foreign exchange remittances from abroad.

 Corporate Banking Service

At AB Bank we provide complete range of solutions to meet Corporate Customers’ requirement. Our Corporate Banking solutions include a broad spectrum of products and services backed by proven, modern technologies.

Corporate Lending Service

Our specialist teams offer a comprehensive service providing finance to large and medium-sized businesses based in Bangladesh. For more information as to how we might best meet your corporate debt needs, please contact us at our Corporate Head Office.

 Structured Finance

We have a specialist Structured Finance Team who arrange and underwrite finance solutions including Debt and Equity Syndication for financial sponsors, management teams and corporates. Also we provide corporate advisory services.

 We aim to provide tailored financing solutions with a dedicated team who can rapidly respond to client needs.

 Following are some of the products and financial tools of Corporate Banking:

Project Finance

Working Capital Finance

Trade Finance

Cash Management

Syndicated Finance, both onshore & off-shore

Equity Finance, both onshore & off-shore

Corporate Advisory Services .

Western Union Services

A fast, reliable and convenient way to send a money transfer Western Union Financial Services Inc. U.S.A. is the number one and reliable money transfer company in the world. This modern Electronic Technology based money transfer company has earned world wide reputation in transferring money from one country to another country within the shortest possible time.

AB Bank Limited has set up a Representation Agreement with Western Union Financial Services Inc. U.S.A. Millions of people have confidence on Western Union for sending money to their friends and family. Through Western Union Money Transfer Service, Bangladeshi Wage Earners can send and receive money quickly from over 280,000 Western Union Agent Locations in over 200 countries and territories world wide- the world’s largest network of its kind, only by visiting any branches of AB Bank Limited in Bangladesh.

 Foreign Remittance through Exchange House

For Inward Remittance, AB Bank established extensive drawing arrangement network with Banks and Exchange Companies located in the important countries of the world.

 SME Loan

Considering the volume, role and contribution of the SMEs, in the last two decades AB Bank has been patronizing this sector by extending credit facilities of different types and tenor. As of now 54% of the bank’s total loan portfolio is segmented to the SMEs which deserve all out attention in our plans, projections and forecasting.

As such the bank has emphasized on the following issues:

To provide the best services to the SME sector

To increase the SME portfolio of ABBL significantly

To improve the quality of ABBL’s portfolio


In the present context of banking business in the world, Card is the future of any bank. Electronic payment system is now ruling the world and some days from now cash transactions system will turn into a history found only in the text book.

AB Bank Limited is one of the leading first generation private sector commercial banks with Branch Network all over the country. The Bank started issuing VISA Credit Cards from the end of year 2004 as a principal member of VISA International.

  • Ø Brief description of different features:

Card Conversion & Balance Transfer Plan

‘Card Conversion & Balance Transfer Plan’ to AB Bank VISA Credit Card will be extended towards all local Credit Cardholders of the market, provided that their ‘other banks’ credit card is in ‘regular’ state, not in ‘overdue’ state. Cardholders will repay the approved transferred amounts to AB Bank Credit Card Account in monthly installments stated in their monthly statements. Other bank credit cardholders having regular payment history will also be allowed to apply for this facility along with their new AB Bank Credit Card application form. You can convert your other bank card to AB Bank Card and get interest facility @ 19.95% on your outstanding.

Easy Buy

‘Easy Buy’ Installment Plan to AB Bank VISA Credit Card will be extended towards all AB Bank Visa Credit Cardholders. Cardholders can convert any retail purchase done using AB Bank credit card into an installment scheme where they can pay back the amount at rate of interest of 19.95% per annum over a tenor ranging from 6 months to 48 months.

 Easy, convenient and affordable

Under the Easy buy program, cardholder can choose own installment plan, ranging from 6 to 48 months.

Simple procedure, no documentation, no down payment

Available in comfortable payment options of 6 months to 48 months

Process just a call away

No cash advance fee

No cash advance fee for cash withdrawal from AB Bank ATM Booths & Tk.10 only per cash withdrawal will be charged from other Q Cash ATM booths. Market rate is Tk. 125 per cash withdrawal.

 Auto bills pay facility

Hassle free monthly payment from AB Bank Account holders.Higher transaction limit

AB Bank VISA card gives you the facility to withdraw up to Tk. 60,000 or 50% of your credit limit (whichever is lower) of the credit limit from any ATM with Visa logo.

Lot more features are in the pipeline to add more value to satisfy AB Bank customers.


BRAC Bank Limited, with institutional shareholdings by BRAC, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Shore cap International, has been the fastest growing Bank in 2004 and 2005. The Bank operates under a “double bottom line” agenda where profit and social responsibility go hand in hand as it strives towards a poverty-free, enlightened Bangladesh.

 A fully operational Commercial Bank, BRAC Bank focuses on pursuing unexplored market niches in the Small and Medium Enterprise Business, which hitherto has remained largely untapped within the country. In the last five years of operation, the Bank has disbursed over BDT 1500 crore in loans to nearly 50,000 small and medium entrepreneurs. The management of the Bank believes that this sector of the economy can contribute the most to the rapid generation of employment in Bangladesh. Since inception in July 2001, the Bank’s footprint has grown to 22 branches, 350 SME unit offices and 19 ATM sites across the country, and the customer base has expanded to 200,000 deposit and 45,000 advance accounts through 2006. In the years ahead BRAC Bank expects to introduce many more services and products as well as add a wider network of SME unit offices, Retail Branches and ATMs across the country.

BRAC, a national, private organization, started as an almost entirely donor funded, small-scale relief and rehabilitation project initiated by Fazle Hasan Abed to help the country overcome the devastation and trauma of the Liberation War and focused on resettling refugees returning from India. Today, BRAC has emerged as an independent, virtually self-financed paradigm in sustainable human development. It is one of the largest Southern development organizations employing 97,192 people, with 61% women, and working with the twin objectives of poverty alleviation and empowerment of the poor.

 IFC is a 19% shareholder in BRAC Bank. A new assistance program signed in August 2005 aims to double the bank’s number of small and medium enterprise clients in 18 months through campaigns to target women entrepreneurs and rural clients, introduce new products and train branch managers.

Shore Cap typically invests between $500,000 and $2 million for an ownership position of 10-25% of a company. As a minority shareholder, Shore Cap seeks financial institutions with a strong, experienced management team and a committed set of local development-minded investors. Shore Cap currently owns 18% of BRAC Bank Limited.

Corporate Vision, Mission & Values

Corporate Vision

” Building a profitable and socially responsible financial institution focused on Markets and Business with growth potential, thereby assisting BRAC and stakeholders build a “just, enlightened, healthy, democratic and poverty free Bangladesh”.
Corporate Mission

»  Sustained growth in ‘small & Medium Enterprise’ sector
»  Continuous low cost deposit growth with controlled growth in Retained Assets
»  Corporate Assets to be funded through self-liability mobilization. Growth in Assets through

     Syndications and Investment in faster growing sectors
»  Continuous endeavour to increase fee based income
»  Keep our Debt Charges at 2% to maintain a steady profitable growth
»  Achieve efficient synergies between the bank’s Branches, SME Unit Offices and BRAC field

    offices for delivery of Remittance and Bank’s other products and services
»  Manage various lines of business in a fully controlled environment with no compromise on

    service quality
»  Keep a diverse, far flung team fully motivated and driven towards materializing the bank’s

    vision into reality
Corporate Values

Our Strength emanates from our owner – BRAC. This means, we will hold the following values and will be guided by them as we do our jobs.

»  Value the fact that we are a member of the BRAC family
»  Creating an honest, open and enabling environment
»  Have a strong customer focus and build relationships based on integrity, superior service and

     mutual benefit
»  Strive for profit & sound growth
»  Work as a team to serve the best interest of our owners
»  Relentless in pursuit of business innovation and improvement
»  Value and respect people and make decisions based on merit
»  Base recognition and reward on performance
»  Responsible, trustworthy and law-abiding in all that we do .


BRAC Bank received National Award as the Highest VAT payer for the financial year 2007-2008

BRAC Bank Limited has recently received the prestigious award for being the highest VAT paying organization in national level in service industry.

Dr. ABM Mirza Azizul Haque, Honourable Adviser Finance & Planning Ministry, Govt. of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, handed over the award & crest to BRAC Bank Limited at a ceremony held in Osmani Smriti Milonayaton.

 BRAC Bank received ICAB National Award

BRAC Bank Limited has been awarded ICAB National Award from Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) for one of the Best Published Accounts & Reports 2007 recently.

Dr. A. B. Mirza Md. Azizul Haque former Adviser Finance & Planning Ministry, Govt. of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, handed over the award to BRAC Bank Limited at a ceremony held in Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Centre.

  • Fastest growing bank in the country for the last two years
  • Leader in SME financing through 350 offices
  • Biggest suit of personal banking & SME products
  • Large ATMs (Automated Teller Machine) & POS (Point of Sales) network

BRAC Bank Limited has opened its first ever Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) service centre at Elephant Road in the city.

Fazle Hasan Abed, founder chairman of BRAC Bank Ltd. and chairperson of BRAC, formally inaugurated the SME Service Centre Sunday.

It is a full-fledged service centre for BRAC Bank’s SME customers, providing information on loans, loan processing documentation, and transaction and remittance delivery facility.
With this first SME service centre, BRAC Bank has more than 3,000 distribution points across the country.

Among others, BRAC Bank Chairman Muhammad A (Rumee) Ali, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer AEA Muhaimen, Deputy Managing Director Syed Mahbubur Rahman, Chief Information Officer Tarique Amin Bhuiyan, Head of Retail Banking Firoz Ahmed Khan and Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs Abedur Rahman Sikder were also present on the occasion.

Corporate Social Responsibility

 BRAC Bank and ICDDR,B representatives inaugurated BRAC Bank Short Stay Ward at Dhaka Hospital of ICDDR,B. Its Dhaka and Matlab hospitals provide free treatment to 1120,000 patients each year with a commitment to not to turn away anyone arriving for treatment. In the past, accommodating these patients required the use of tents as temporary wards.

With the support of BRAC Bank Limited the short stay ward has been renovated with full air conditioning, new washrooms, hand washing sinks, surrounding walls and upgraded floors and ceilings. In this regard BRAC Bank as part of their CSR activity contributed Tk.23,39,388 to develop the new BRAC Bank Short Stay Ward.

Mr. Muhammad A. (Rumee) Ali, Chairman, BRAC Bank Limited, formally inaugurated the new BRAC Bank Short Stay Ward at a ceremony. In his speech, Mr. Muhammad A. (Rumee) Ali mentioned that BRAC Bank and ICDDR,B has a long-standing relationship of collaboration and mutual understanding and BRAC Bank is proud to be associated with ICDDR,B to support the underprivileged people of Bangladesh.

Among other senior officials, Mr. A.E.A. Muhaimen, Managing Director & CEO, BRAC Bank, Dr. Alejandro Cravioto, Executive Director, ICDDR,B, and Dr. Mark Pietroni, Administrator, Dhaka Hospital, ICDDR,B were also present in that occasion.

Retail Banking

1)      Loan product

2)      Cards

3)      Deposit products

Corporate banking:

1)      Corporate loan product

i)                    Overdraft

ii)                  Team loan

iii)                Loan against trust receipt

iv)                Lease Financing

v)                  Work order Finance

vi)                Medium Enterprise

2)      Trade Finance


i)                    Letter of Credit (LC)

ii)                  Letter of Guarantee (LG)

3)      Corporate Cash Management

i)                    NSP

ii)                  PTS

iii)                Advantage to Employers

iv)                Advantage to employees

v)                  Cash management service


Probashi Banking :

1)      Probashi Product

2)      Probashi Biniyog

3)      Probashi account Opening

4)      Remittance Info

5)      Life Insurance


Name of the Bank



UCBLA328 July, 2008
AB BankA215 May,2008
Bank AsiaAA218 May 2008
Brac BankAA216 March,2008
Dutch- Bangla BankA+30 June, 2008
Sonali Bank LtdBBB19 October 2008
Prime Bank LtdAA29 June, 2008

 These are the collected data for our branding Strategy Analysis.


After analyzing these collected data we can say the best bank, which have the best Branding strategies is Dutch-Bangla Bank. Because it follows all the features to maintain its position in competitive market.

   It has a specific logo which is different from others

   It has a goodwill for it’s better service

   DBBL has a positive differential effect on customers response to it’s service, that is Brand equity.

   It provides maximum service to its customer’s by establishing ATM- booths here and there.

   DBBL is very much active to maintain its’ position.

   DBBL works a lot with the social facts.

   The logo Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd. uses is totally unique and Follows the strategies of Branding.

   It performs different survey on the satisfaction of the customer with their service.

   This bank is a corporate bank. It is the mix of Dutch and Bangladeshi Banking service. So the Bank is Successful to select a Brand of its own.

   Credit rating of the bank reaches to the satisfactory level.


Branding strategy Is the procedure of establishing a strong brand which is most valuable asset for the company. Brand strategy decision involves brand positioning, brand name selection, brand sponsorship and brand development. Each and every brand mentioned in the above has its own strategy to reach to the top position among its competitors.

The attractive logo, brand name, creating best perception on the consumer mind to get them satisfactory by providing services among them according to their wants. Individual always try to dominate the others through draw the attention of Ingredient of market capturing as well as the related fact. Not only maximize the profit but also to ensure social welfare is badly need for the brand development. Providing maximum services at a minimum cost will helps to the bank to the top.


As a mandatory course of B.B.A. program we are required to study the “Principles of marketing” course. In order to enhance the understanding of the core concept, we are required to prepare a report based on the branding strategy of seven company. We select seven banks for our required task.

We use secondary data to make the report. Though all the required data are not available so it took time to collect data. We the group try ourselves best for making report. It is difficult to select the best brand and determining its branding strategy. Actually all the brand tries to capture the entire market through its branding strategy by satisfying the consumer needs and related factors. Most probably the services provided by specific brand, consumer good perception about the brand is the measurement of the successful brand. The brand having reputation for providing best services, that brand has strong brand strategy.


•  We use secondary data to make the report.

•  We download the required web page from the website.

•   Further we have collected required data from the annual report.

Branding strategy