Termination Letter of Commercial Lease

Termination Letter of Commercial Lease

Termination Letter of Commercial Lease

[Below briefly describe on sample Termination Letter of Commercial Lease. Organizations that rent a commercial place from the landowner must notify the owner if they do not want to renew the contract. Notification of such a kind, beforehand, helps the owner to find a new tenant for the place and guarantees that the business will regain its security deposit. Customize the content according to the information you want to convey.]


Sender/Your Name…

Home/Office Address…

Date: DD/MM/YY (Date on Which Letter is Written)


Receiver name…

Home/Office Address…

Subject: Commercial lease termination letter

Dear (Sir/Name),

The business lease between (Your Company Name) and (Landowners Company name) expires on (DD/MM/YYYY). This letter is to inform you that (Your Company Name) will not be reestablishing the lease and we would be shifting to a new place. (Describe in your words).

Over the past few years, our business has grown to the point where it made sense to invest in buying our commercial space. We have managed to shut down that building and are preparing to move in the next two/three months. (Describe all about the situation). We will vacate this current address by (DD/MM/YYYY), but we will honor the terms of our lease and pay the rent for (Month’s name) to (Landowners Company name). (Describe actual cause and situation).

I would like to thank you and (Landowners Company name) for being such great landowners and giving my company a chance to flourish. (Cordially describe your greetings). Without your attention to our needs and making sure that our facility was always functioning correctly, we would not have achieved fame. (Express your appreciation).

If you have any queries or require further details, please feel free to contact me at (Contact info.) or email me at abcd@email.com.

Sincerely Yours,

Your name…

Contact Info. and Signature…


Another Format, (Email Format)

To: Receiver mail address; name.123@email.com

From: Sender Mail address; name.1234@email.com

Subject: Commercial lease termination

Dear (Name of Landlord),

The business lease contract entered into on (DD/MM/YYYY), is set to expire on (DD/MM/YYYY). I’m writing this letter to inform you that I would not be renewing the lease for the business property situated at (Commercial address space). (Describe in your words). During (Date), we will be shifting to our new location. My company has gained success over the last two years. Your office space has served us well but, we have decided to build a new office which is closer to our customer base. (Describe the actual cause and situation). As of (DD/MM/YYYY), the official address of (Your Company Name) will be (Expected office address). After this, please send in all your correspondence to our new address, (Concern authority Name). (Describe all about the situation).

According to our rental contract, the last month’s rent was paid off in advance during our first month of occupancy. With your permission, we made several improvements. To the property. (Describe agreement terms and policy). As agreed by you, these improvements are considered fixed and will remain with the place even after we vacate the office. (Cordially describe your greetings). We have taken great care of the property and will be leaving the property clean and ready for the next tenant. We like to have the final inspection of the office during the last week (Month name). Feel free to call me if you have any questions. (Express your appreciation).


Signature of Tenant…

Your Company Name…