Telemarketing Process of Green Delta Housing Limited

Telemarketing Process of Green Delta Housing Limited

Introduction: Internship program is essential for all BBA students, because it helps him or her to acquire real life situation. The real estate sector plays a significant role in solving the housing crisis in Dhaka city, so I have selected Green Delta Housing Pvt. Ltd which is one of the leading real estate companies in our country.

Internship report is one of the parts of completing BBA degree of the department of Business Administration, Daffodil International University. This report is on The Process and Implementation of Telemarketing: A study on Green Delta Housing Pvt. Ltd (Gulshan Branch). It was a chance for me to learn about the management and marketing procedure of the company.

Objectives of the study

General Objective:

The general objective of the study is to understand the telemarketing Process and Implementation system of Green Delta Housing and Development (Pvt.) Limited.

Specific objectives:

  • Specific objectives of the study are summarized below:
  • To be familiar with the purpose of telemarketing
  • To be acquainted with the importance of telemarketing
  • To know the various steps of telemarketing system followed by Green Delta Housing and Development (Pvt.) Limited.
  • To know who are the personnel involved in preparing marketing processing system
  • To identify the various problems associated with its telemarketing system
  • To make some recommendations based on the findings.

Scope of the study

  • Understanding telemarketing  System of GDHD
  • Acquire detail knowledge of marketing process and its implementation required by marketing policy.
  • Acquire detail knowledge on different type of marketing rules and guideline of the company.
  • Avail knowledge to overall product development and selling activity of the company.

Methodology of the study

The research is an exploratory in nature. Both primary and secondary sources of data have been used in the study. To collect primary data interview method has been used with an unstructured questionnaire. The interview was as more of a discussion method

The primary sources:

  • Officers
  • Clients

The secondary sources:

  • Annual report of Green Delta Housing
  • Prospect of Green Delta Housing
  • Different papers of Green Delta Housing
  • Unpublished data
  • The relevant books on Marketing process.
  • Website of Green Delta Housing and Development (Pvt.) Limited

Method of data collection

  • Population size: The whole organization including management, employees, clients and all other alliances of the company.
  • Sample size: Management and employes under marketing departments and clients.
  • Sampling Method: Simple random sample method is used  to sampling data, where participants are randomly chosen.
  • Data Analysis Process: Data are analysed from the interviewed infromation.

Limitations of the study

The major limitations that I have encountered during the study and preparation of the report are as follows:

  • The time limitation was the major problem in this study.
  • Lack of adequate information and data
  • Restrictions as per the firm policies to disclose some of the internal information and financial data of the  company to outside  people
  • Lack of experience and knowledge
  • Data gathered could not be verified for accuracy

Mission of the company

Green Delta Housing’s mission is to build a world-class real estate development company with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and customer service and to thereby contribute to and benefit from the growth of the Bangladesh economy.

Their customer’s dreams are taken to be their own. At GDHD their mission is to bring to reality the expectations of every home buyer. The company’s motto is that “we turn your dreams into reality!”

Vision of the company

The vision of the company is to contribute significantly to build the new Bangladesh and become the most valuable real estate company in Bangladesh, and to transform Bangladesh tourism sector as the number one tourism country in the world within 2020.

There’s no place like home! Hence they strive to provide the best possible home solution at the most affordability. Their vision is to expand via innovation to enhance the ever growing Real Estate Industry of Bangladesh


  • Sustained efforts to enhance customer value and quality.
  • Ethical and professional service.
  • Compliance and respect for all community, environmental and legal requirements.

Brief Profile

Name of the company

Green Delta Housing and Development (Pvt.) Limited.

Brief Introduction of the Company

Green Delta Housing and Development (Pvt.) Limited, is one of the leading real estate Company in Bangladesh. The Company believes of time schedule & quality of works. From its very inception the Company has owned the confidence and goodwill its clients.

Green Delta Housing and Development (Pvt.) Limited, was established in 2002 with the main objective of providing realistic and affordable solution for growing residential & commercial demand in Bangladesh. This is promising Real Estate Company in the country with a view to make quality apartments in the mega city of Dhaka a Chittagong. Green Delta Housing is a number of Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB). The Company is run by a well-organized team of Management and other competent professionals.

In consent to the planning of the Government of Bangladesh, Green Delta Housing has also taken a mega planning to elevate our tourism to the international level. A 720 km long marine drive road, stretching along the shoreline, is the artery of this mega concept. From the Sundarbans to Teknaf, this 300′ wide road (15′ raised above the sea level) shall compose 3 star and 5 star rated serviced apartments, resorts, shopping complexes, restaurants, cafes, recreational facilities and many other functions that any traveler will dream of such establishment will help to develop and expand the prospects of our tourism industry. To help change the fate of the country and the nation, Green Delta Housing plans to involve our most valuable asset, our manpower, in construction of the apartments and its amenities not only in Cox’s Bazar or Kuakata but also in Dhaka, Comilla, Chittagong, Himchori, Inani, Teknaf, St. Martin, Rangamati, Bandarban, Nijhum Dip (Noakhali), the sundarbans and Khulna. Green Delta Housing hopes to achieve double digit national GDP sooner than expected by flourishment of our tourism industry.

 Green Delta has highly experienced team of engineers, structural designers, architects and interior designers. They also work with all the big design houses in the country. Their strength lies in the fact that on any particular project, they consult and work with renowned local and International associates in the fields of architecture, structural design, retrofitting, interior design, landscape design, building illumination design, etc. They ensure the top quality materials are used in their project. They have taken up a wide road map plan to construct three-star and five-star standard studio type serviced apartments and shopping centers gradually at each tourism zones of the country including Cox’s Bazar, Kuakata, Himchori, Inani, Teknaf, St. Martin, Rangamati, Bandarban, Sundarban as well as Nijhum Dip of Noakhali, we are also developing city places like Dhaka, Chittagong, Comilla, Khulna, Barisal, Sylhet to change the fate of the country. They are working hard to make our country more beautiful, to change the fortune of people and to make Bangladesh as the number one tourism country in the world.

Type of the Company: Private Limited

Rehab Membership No. :   180

Type of Ownership and Registration :

Private Limited Company by Shares under the Companies Act. 1994 (ACT XVII OF 1994)

Authorized Capital

Taka 10 (ten) crore

Share Value

Taka  100 each

No. Authorized Shares

5,40,000 Ordinary Shares

Directorship Structure

Minimum number of  Directors : 3, Maximum No. Directors : 20

Quorum : 3 (three) Directors present in the Board of Directors Meeting shall form Quorum.

Shareholding Structure

Names ofShareholderFather’s NameNumber ofShareholdingPercentage ofShareholding
Belal HossainDilder Hossain

Amir Hossain

Sanjida Akhter Srity

Md. Nurul AminMd. Nurul Amin

Md. Nurul Amin

Md. Nurul Amin







Total No. of Shares540000

Projects of GDHD

Green Delta has already spread over 16 zones of Bangladesh. They are working more than 150 projects all over the country which includes :

  • High End Luxury Condominiums
  • High End Commercial Buildings
  • Mixed Use Projects (Commercial & Residential)
  • Shopping Malls
  • Satellite Townships
  • Gated Luxury Low-Rise Villas
  • Land Projects
  • Affordable Housing
  • Hotel Projects
  • Tourism City

Terms & Condition

Green Delta Housing & Development Pvt. Ltd. is the exclusive developer and builder for planning, implementing and allotment of all facilities of each project a modern and luxurious apartment complex, consisting of self-contained apartments, reserved car parking, other features etc. described in details in the brochure of each project.

1. Applications for allotment of apartments should be made on the prescribed application form duly signed by the applicant along with the Booking Money. Green Delta Housing & Development Pvt. Ltd. has the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason thereto.

2. On acceptance of an application, Green Delta Housing & Development Pvt. Ltd. will issue an allotment letter with specific terms and conditions to the applicant. The applicant/allottee shall then start making payments as per the Schedule of payment. Allotment of apartments is made on first come first served basis.

3. All Payment of Booking money, installment, additional works and other charges shall be made by Bank Draft or Pay Order in favor of Green Delta Housing & Development Pvt. Ltd. for which respective receipts will be issued. Bangladeshis residing abroad may remit payments by TT or DD.

4.  Payments of installment, car park costs and all other charges have to be made on due dates. Green Delta Housing & Development Pvt. Ltd. may issue reminders to the allottee but, notwithstanding the issue of reminders, the allottee must adhere to the Schedule of payment to ensure timely completion of construction.

5. Delay in payments beyond the due date will make the allottee liable to pay a delay charge of 4% per 30 (thirty) day on the amount of payment delayed. If the payment is delayed beyond 60 (sixty) days, Green Delta Housing & Development Pvt. Ltd. shall have the right to cancel the allotment. In such an event the amount paid by the allottee will be refunded after deducting the Booking Money.

6. Green Delta Housing & Development Pvt. Ltd. and the allottee will be required to execute an agreement for safeguarding the interest of the allottee as well as Green Delta Housing & Development Pvt. Ltd.

7. Connection fees/charges, security deposits & other incidental expenses relation to gas, water, sewerage and electric connections are not included in the price of apartments. Green Delta Housing & Development Pvt. Ltd. will make these payments directly to the authorities concerned, on the allottee’s account. The allottee will be billed proportionately on actual costs basis.

8. Limited changes in the specifications, design and/or layout of the apartments and other facilities may be made by Green Delta Housing & Development Pvt. Ltd. in larger overall interest or due to unavoidable reasons.

9. Green Delta Housing & Development Pvt. Ltd. may cancel an allotment on non-payment of installment in disregard of reminders and after final intimation to allottee by registered post at the address given in the application form.

10. The possession of each apartment shall be duly handed over to the allottee on completion and on full payment of installments and other charges and dues and till then the possession will rest with Green Delta Housing & Development Pvt. Ltd

Business Office  Location:

 Corporate Office:

Dhanmondi, House #9/Kha, Rd # 13

Telephone: Office.9112163, Fax ..88-02-9137648


 Motijheel Office:

Meherba Plaza (11th Floor), 33, Topkhana Road, Dhaka-1000.

Tel : 7176922, 7176923, 9561159, 9571969

Fax : 88 – 02 – 7176924


 Gulshan Office:

House-9/C,Road-117 ,level-3

Gulshan-2, Dhaka.



 Farmgate Office:

Northern S.R Tower, 49 Bir Uttam Ziaur Rahman Sarak (Old Airport Road), Dhaka.
Mobile : 01730709402, 01730322964 Tel : 88-02-9117092

 Chittagong Office:

721, CDA Avenue, (2nd Floor) GEC Circle, Nasirabad C/A, Chittagong-4000,
Tel :031- 2859751-7, 2550553, 031-656605 Fax: 88-031–2859758

E-mail :

Cox’s Bazar Office:

Sea-King Guest House, Plot # 57 Block # B, Sea-Beach R/A, Kolatoly Road, Cox’s Bazar-4700.

Tel: 0341-51261, 0341-51263


 Comilla Office:

House # 693/Ka, (2nd Floor), Jhawtola Comilla.

Mob : 01713365150

Tel: 081-61923, 62150

 Kuakata Office:

House- H-44/2, Beri Bandh Road Opposite of Buddist Temple , Kuakata Sea-Beach,
Kalapara, Patuakhali.

Phone: 04428-56146


 Khulna Office:

Milton Tower, 3rd Floor, 64 KDA Avenue, Sonadanga, Khulna-9000,

Mobile: 01755-531756,


Product and Service:

Product of GDHD:

Green Delta has already spread over 16 zones of Bangladesh. They are working more than 150 projects all over the country. Among them They emphasize on Products includes:

 1.     Diamond Card for GD Samudro Bilash (636 -2300sqf)

5 star standard studio type serviced apartment complex Marin Drive road, Kolatoli, Cox’s Bazar.


GD Samudro Bilash

Product Policy: Earn 20000-40000 tk per month with having partial business ownership by investing tk 1000000.

 Feature and Service of  GD Samudro Bilash:

  • Samudra Bilash is designed on modern concept of architectural excellence.
  • 5 star standard sea view studio type serviced apartment.
  • Best quality stone / brick chips, 1st class bricks, cement, sand etc. will be used as per requirement.
  • Secured gateway with spacious entrance & driveway.
  • Main lobby & reception area in secured premises.
  • Garbage disposal system.
  • Fire extinguisher in every floor.
  • Earth quake resistance up to 08 Richter scale & wind force consideration up to 260 km/hour.
  • Adequate car parking in Semi basement floor.
  • 02 nos Capsule Lift and 07 nos Passenger Lift from reputed international manufacturer.
  • Independent electric meter for each suite.
  • Electrical sub-station, electricity supply with separate main cable.
  • Emergency generator coverage will be provided for lift, water pump & lighting in common space & stair case.
  • 3″ sliding aluminum section, 5 mm glass in windows & 10 mm curtain glass wall.
  • M S fabrication staircase railing.
  • Pedrollo/Saer/equivalent water pump of required HP.
  • Underground water reservoir.


  3 star studio type serviced apartment complex Himchari, Cox’s Bazar

housing 2

GD Jharna Bilash

 Product Policy:  Earn 10000-20000 tk per month with having partial business ownership by investing tk 500000.


Feature and Service of GD Jharna Bilash:

  • Jharna Bilash is designed on modern concept of architectural excellence.
  • 3 star standard sea view & Hill View studio type serviced apartment.
  • Best quality stone / brick chips, 1st class bricks, cement, sand etc. will be used as per requirement.
  • Secured gateway with spacious entrance & driveway.
  • Main lobby & reception area in secured premises.
  • Garbage disposal system.
  • Fire extinguisher in every floor.
  • Earth quake resistance up to 08 Richter scale & wind force consideration up to 260 km/hour.
  • Adequate car parking in ground floor.
  • 02 nos 8 Passenger Lift from reputed international manufacturer.
  • Main stair case with easy steps.
  • Independent electric meter for each suite.
  • Electrical sub-station, electricity supply with separate main cable.
  • Emergency generator coverage will be provided for lift, water pump & lighting in common space & stair case.
  • 3″ sliding aluminum section, 5 mm glass in windows & 10 mm curtain glass wall.
  • M S fabrication staircase railing.
  • Pedrollo/Saer/equivalent water pump of required HP.
  • Underground water reservoir.

  1.     Silver Card for GD Swapno Bilash (507-1257sqf)

 3 star standard studio type serviced apartment complex  Beri badh road, Kuakata Sea beach.

houusing 3

GD Swapno Bilash

 Product Policy: Earn 5000-10000 tk per month with having partial business ownership by investing tk 300000.

Feature and Service of GD Swapno Bilash:

  • Swapno Bilash is designed on modern concept of architectural excellence.
  • 3 star standard sea view studio type serviced apartment.
  • Best quality stone / brick chips, 1st class bricks, cement, sand etc. will be used as per requirement.
  • Secured gateway with spacious entrance & driveway.
  • Main lobby & reception area in secured premises.
  • Garbage disposal system.
  • Fire extinguisher in every floor.
  • Earth quake resistance up to 08 Richter scale & wind force consideration up to 260 km/hour.
  • Adequate car parking in ground floor.
  • 01 nos Capsule Lift and 03 nos Passenger Lift from reputed international manufacturer.
  • Main stair case with easy steps.
  • Independent electric meter for each suite.
  • Electrical sub-station, electricity supply with separate main cable.
  • Emergency generator coverage will be provided for lift, water pump & lighting in common space & stair case.
  • 3″ sliding aluminum section, 5 mm glass in windows & 10 mm curtain glass wall.
  • M S fabrication staircase railing.
  • Pedrollo / Saer /equivalent water pump of required HP.
  • Underground water reservoir.

 SWOT Analysis of Green Delta Housing Pvt. Ltd

 The term SWOT is the abbreviated form of Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat. In SWOT analysis Strength and Weakness are determined by internal factor, while Opportunity and Threat are determined by the external factors.


  1. The management system of Green Delta Housing Pvt. Ltd are always committed to better service.
  2. Their market potentiality is very high.
  3. Green Delta Housing Ltd has efficient sales team.
  4. Green Delta Housing Ltd uses advanced information system.
  5. They always keep records in appropriate methods.
  6. Green Delta Housing maintain good relationship between top management and employees.
  7. Green Delta Housing Ltd has well decorated office.
  8. They have a strong security system.
  9. Customizable Installment facility.


  1. Could not maintain the rules and regulations according to the appropriate law.
  2. Decision can only take the top management.
  3. Improper government policy.
  4. Delaying to handover project.
  5. Low area market coverage.
  6. lack of coordination among the various departments and divisions.


  1. Real estate business is one of the fastest growing industrial sectors in Bangladesh.
  2. Improve the service quality than others.
  3. Improve high customer satisfaction.
  4. Take the opportunity to get high amount of money.
  5. It is an attractive field to invest for domestic and foreign investor.


  1. Increasing number of Real Estate Companies.
  2. Government interrupts in the way of development.
  3. Political instability.
  4. Complexity of RAJUK rules and regulations.
  5. Growing up of overall cost.
  6. Project areas are hassled by the local village politics.

Practical Part of the Study


Telemarketing is one of the ways of direct marketing which involves the use of the telephone for the marketing purpose. The salesperson involved uses the telephone to directly convince the customer over the buying of some kind of product or service with the complete information and detailing session. There is also an alternative of using the method of automatically generated recording over the phone via the use of automatic dialing.

The telemarketing is basically categorized into two different types which are the Business-to-consumer telemarketing and the business to-business telemarketing. However it also involves a few subcategories which are taken into consideration like,

The sales which are known to involve the convincing and persuasion so as to sell a particular product or service to the customer. The Lead generation is another sub category which includes the gathering of the information.

The most importantly used subcategories of telemarketing today are the Outbound and the inbound telemarketing. Outbound is the proactive marketing in which the customers either who exist already or the prospective ones are all contacted directly for the purpose of the marketing

The Inbound telemarketing includes the reaction and reception of the orders and also information coming in so as to explain the customer about the product and give detailed information on which they are interested.

Telemarketing is now so widely used that it is now a part of the company offices, the separate call center build for this purpose or even from the home itself. Telemarketing can be performed using operators or even sometimes through automatically generated recorded messages.

The system of telemarketing involves a series of a minimum of two calls starting from the first call which involves the determination of the customer’s need and then the second call which motivates and encourages the customer to move ahead with the deal.

The different names of Telemarketing

Many names are used in reference to telephone marketing by business. Below is a list of each and what they refer to.


Is where we will exclusively talk to our customer and complete the sale over the phone. This is normally used with lower cost products/ services. The reason for this is that it is more comfortable for a client to make a buying decision over the phone if they feel that it is not a huge financial commitment they are making. Over the phone people don’t have the opportunity to talk it over with their partner and often they don’t get to see and feel the product prior to purchase. For some industries though, this is perfect.

An example might be charitable organizations. They are not usually asking for a huge commitment, just a donation of some type, to sell raffle tickets or to ask people to join their organization. Tele-sales is perfect for this.

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is selling a fixed day and time for either yourself (as the salesperson) or for one of the company’s Sales Team, to meet with the client and discuss what you offer.

It is about selling an appointment, not making an appointment because in most cases we need to build an interest in what we do to be able to get the client to commit to giving us a period of their valuable time.


Is a broad term and can certainly include every heading here. But if we were to be specific, telemarketing is defined as the use of the telephone in assisting with the sales process. This does not always mean that we are trying to directly sell something in each call.

Sometimes a Telemarketer is doing market research, sometimes they are setting appointments, they may be organizing to send more information out to a client, or they may be directly finding out how their service can help this particular client. It seems that they are rarely closing a sale – It should be considered that to fall under the banner of telesales, although many use the two terms interchangeably.


Prospecting is searching for potential clients. For instance; The Sales person offering communication solutions to small businesses who calls business after business asking about their current position and building interest in his company’s offerings is prospecting.

This may sound a little like appointment setting and it is similar. But with appointment setting you would normally be calling someone who has either had some level of contact with the company before or who is at least a qualified customer (that means they fit the description of required clientele), whereas with prospecting, the caller is often cold calling.

Cold Calling

It means to make a first point of contact with a client (not an existing client). This is usually done from a list of names and phone numbers. The purpose of a cold call can be varied and it can be used to make an sale, however at least 3 calls need to be made to a client before it is expected a sale (each call has a specific purpose, which we will talk about a little later).

Warm Calling

A warm call is a telemarketing call to anyone who has shown interest in your product/ service or is expecting your call.

A Luke warm call is when we call someone who has had a prior contact with us, but is not expecting a telemarketing call and has not necessarily shown a real interest in our product.

An example of this is when customers enter competitions run at shopping centers, or at take away stores (via a standalone competition entry box). Often the company running the competition will then call that customer and offer them a free gift in return for an opportunity to show the client their product.

Follow up calls

A follow up call is just that. A telemarketing call made to a customer to follow up on a previous face to face or telephone conversation.

The Telemarketing Process

Successful businesses are based on successful processes. Telemarketing has invested in the development of successful telemarketing processes. Each project is developed bespoke to your business needs and requirements.

  Telemarketing project process

  • Appoint single contact project manager
  • Telemarketing project briefing
  • Identify project objectives and goals,
  • Research your business to familiarize us with your products, services and clients
  • Contract agreement
  • Client Account set-Up
  • Develop a suitable telemarketing strategy and documentation
  • Database acquisition – we can use your database or arrange a list for you
  • Database cleansing – (If required)
  • Telemarketing project manager and operators are assigned
  • Operator training
  • Sample Testing
  • Review of testing
  • Full project scheduling with timelines
  • Schedules are agreed
  • Full project start
  • Ongoing reporting as scheduled
  • Project end
  • Project debriefing and review

Implementation Process

  • Identify the specific expectations and objectives of a client.
  • Develop a database – target the specific business types, number of employees, annualized revenue ranges and geography of companies that are of most importance to each client.
  • Develop scripting and call strategy documents – containing the necessary content for a staff member to advance through a call and address commonly asked questions.
  • Program the computer telephony applications, import the database and define follow up procedures for each call record.
  • Assign a project manager to the campaign , this person will be responsible for day-to-day activities of our staff and will communicate results to the client.
  • Train and prepare our staff on the details of every campaign, with assistance from each client (we ask for client involvement during this phase).
  • Implementation of the calls.
  • Ask our clients to monitor our phone calls and coach our staff, especially in the early stages of a new campaign –  4 to 5 sessions of monitoring is significant in fine tuning the message over the first 2 weeks
  • Ongoing communication with clients throughout the life of the campaign.

Process flow to Create and Implement a Telemarketing Campaign

The following chart shows the creation and implementation of a telemarketing campaign.

housing model

 A marketing campaign is created to meet specific marketing objectives. The budget for the campaign is created and approved, and the products for the campaign are selected. An offer is associated with the campaign and deliverables and campaign activity are created. Metrics for measuring the campaign are determined and a target list is created. Telemarketing scripts can be used with the campaign.

 Process Flow for Campaign to Telesales

The following chart shows a marketing campaign conducted through Telesales.

 housing 1

Marketing generates a target list that is imported into Telesales. Developing sales interaction scripts and marketing collateral into the system and  measure the marketing activity is considered under this system.While result is found it needs to have inbound call to lead clients for sale.

Advantages of Telemarketing:

  • Telemarketing provides the immediate feedback & valuable information that can be quickly analyzed.
  • It is the only form of advertising that requires an immediate response. You can also advertise special offers and discounts to the customers.
  • It also provides you with captive audience. Customer Retention can also be well entertained by providing them solutions. Satisfaction of customer queries can lead to the growth in business.
  • Telemarketing provides you with endless opportunities to increase your business horizons.

 Whether it is Business to Consumer(B2C) or Business to Business(B2B) , there are several following categories of advantages of Outbound Telemarketing:

Customer Acquisition: Telemarketing can provide sales and results on every telemarketing call. It provides an effective outbound telemarketing leads and sales at an affordable price.

 Lead Qualification: Lead generation solutions increase sales and revenues. Telemarketing professionals provide higher value deals and maintain long term relationships with top most buyers and brands.

 Customer Care: Outbound telemarketing is a powerful customer care tool. Telemarketing process deeply concerned for customers and provides full assistance for their feedback, queries, questions and suggestions. Through Telemarketing it is possible to have continuous contact with client to entertain their interest..


Day tour Lead generation is part of our core competency for any prestigious time share clients. There can have a track record of one of the top show rates, and net shows as per the client requirement.

 Sales lead Generation: Targeted and specialized calling into segmented market will increase the leads and productivity to provide better sales. It will be more effective if it is possible to create parameters and then produce targeted results.

 The sales lead generation has following advantages:

  • Customize databases to support client needs.
  • Represent Product to the prospect.
  • Conversation through questioning.
  • Collect key data to move sales process forward.
  • Increase profits and sales.
  • Assist clients with obtaining targeted database.

 Fraud Detection:

With new threats and fraud evolving across the globe, the process of fraud detection has become very challenging. With the destructive nature and complexity of fraud, organizations have started investing a huge amount across the globe. The difficulty in managing the data and information protection from fraud has become a challenging job.

Record Verification:

Through telemarketing process it is possible to record all audible data for further verification. All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded for quality purposes Agent Quality Standard (AQS) measurement process  can submit feedback about agents. This will help to improve quality standards and services .

Negative perceptions and criticism of Telemarketing

Telemarketing has been negatively associated with various scams and frauds, such as pyramid schemes, and with deceptively overpriced products and services. Fraudulent telemarketing companies are frequently referred to as “telemarketing boiler rooms” or simply “boiler rooms”. Telemarketing is often criticized as an unethical business practice due to the perception of high-pressure sales techniques during unsolicited calls. Telemarketers marketing telephone companies may participate in telephone slamming, the practice of switching a customer’s telephone service without their knowledge or authorization.

Telemarketing calls are often considered as annoyance, especially when they occur during an unexpected time or if there is a repitition of same calls to same client. Some companies have capitalized on these negative emotions. Since 2007 several forums have sprouted and act as complaint boards where consumers can voice their concerns and criticism. In response some telemarketing companies have filed law suits against these portals. A recent trend in telemarketing is to use rob calls: automated telephone calls that use both computerized auto dialers and computer-delivered pre-recorded messages in a sales pitch. These often include intentionally deceptive tactics, with computer recorded messages saying things like “Don’t panic but this is your final notice” or “We have already attempted to contact you through the mail.” These messages are often outright lies, intended to incite concern or fear in the potential customer.

Telemarketing Service of Green Delta Housing Pvt. Ltd.

Green Delta Housing uses time tested marketing tool named ‘telemarketing’ to promote their growth and sales volume. Telemarketing is a popular medium of direct marketing where sales executives interact with customer informing them about products, service, any updating features etc through a call. GDHD supports Telemarketing system in order to maintain cost effectiveness, responsiveness and supreme professionalism

housing graph

Figure: An overall telemarketing service of Green Delta Housing Development Pvt. Ltd.

Telemarketing Process of Green Delta Housing Development Pvt. Ltd.

Before implementing a company must take into account all the marketing and sales responsibilities. As GDHD effectively manage telemarketing includes such factors as:

Hiring experienced personnel – An organization can’t put just anyone on the phone to represent the company. Training – Experienced call reps may have the requisite phone skills, but they still need to be trained about the company, its products, industry, the lingo, etc. GDHD always concerned to hire experienced employees to make their telesales.

Motivation – Call reps take a lot of rejection. A telemarketing executive should be constantly motivated by the authority  verbally and with other incentives. As Green Delta housing provides motivations as well as incentives for telemarketing executives.

Supervision – In addition to the call reps themselves, the company will also need to hire call team managers and supervisors who will not only supervise and coach the reps but also monitor daily and weekly call goals. there are efficient supervisors to guide telemarketing team effectively.

Facilities and equipment – Telemarketers require more than a phone at a desk crammed in the corner of a company’s basement. Companies equip call reps with up-to-date PCs and large monitors; software specially designed for call centers including call queuing, efficient data entry and links to online information; ergonomic chairs, quality headsets, and a clean, quiet and professional working environment.

Technology – Today companies must integrate the phone, email and the Web in order to lower costs and improve lead quality. As green Delta Housing owns very good Management Information System, so they are well concerned about Technology regarding telemarketing Procedures.

Continuity – All businesses experience peaks and valleys — those times when sales leads are coming in fast and furious versus other times when nothing is happening. As a result, it may often wind up staffing for the mid-point, being overstaffed for the valleys and understaffed for the peaks. So The company try to provide necessary compensation to their staff to carry them continuously.

Telemarketing Implementation of Green Delta Housing Pvt. Ltd.

1. Word Selection: GDHD has some selective words to be delivered to make the conversation more effective with clients-

  1. Greetings: To greet client as per religions style or English style.
  1. Proposal: To propose the respective client about the product of the company.
  2. Scheme: Client should motivate by making them knowing about the proposed scheme which they are asking to invest.
  3. Customizable Installment: It is essential to describe the clients about the customizable Installment facilities go the company.
  4. Business Ownership: It sounds more worthwhile when a client is going for a business partner rather than only being a customer.
  5. Business Stars from: In this stage it is explained to clients about details of handover of the projects. It is easier to attract clients by saying that their business is going to be started rather hand over.


2. Approach: To have a good conversation with respective clients it needs to have well approach over phone. such as-

  1. Business proposal: The main target to telemarketing is to propose the business offer to the clients and make them positive. So it is very necessary to make clients understand about the offer in short and effective way.
  2. Softness: A telemarketing Executive should always show softness while communicating with their prospects as well as with full of good manner.
  3. Gentility: The conversation must be run with full of gentility with the clients.
  4. Precise: The conversation over phone should be precise. A telemarketing Executive is suggested to provide the business proposal precisely. It must be clear and real.

3. Sequences: There are some sequences to make a tele-conversation with clients such as-

  1. Greetings: Starting of conversation should be begin with Greetings as per religion style or English style.
  2. Self-Introduction: After greetings it is necessary to introduce about him/herself of the telemarketing executive.
  3. Company: After that the company name should be emphasized to make the prospect known about the organization.
  4. Define Business Proposal: In this stage  the business proposal should be presented to the clients as well as the product details.
  5. Feature and Benefits: while the client is already known about the product then it is time to turn out to the features and benefits of the products to the clients.
  6. Return on scheme: The main attraction of any business investor is always the profit. So in this stage the whole returns system should be explained to the client.
  1. Closing: After making all the steps successfully, now its time to have a closing. So in this steps clients are requested to give an appointment schedule for further procedures.
  2. Prepare report and forward to coordinator: After conversation, its the duty of  the telemarketing executive to prepare reports regarding tale conversations which helps to sort out the positive clients and then to forward the report to the coordinator.
  1. Coordinating: After getting report from the previous phone conversation by the telemarketing executive it is necessary to coordinate for turn it to sale.
  1. Sort out appointment list: To sort out the appointment list from the lead clients.
  2. Distribute appointment list: To distribute appointment list among the sales executive for further assistance.
  3. Follow up next activities: Make  sure about the follow up activities. Rest of the clients the positive clients or if negative then try to make them positive.

Learning Points:

During the internship period I have learned lots go things. These are listed below:

  1. How to make Approach over Phone: As I was worked as a Telemarketing Executive so I must had to have some ideas about how to approach with prospects over telephone with a very gentle and softness manner.
  2. How to communicate with clients: I learned how to communicate with new and existing clients over phone with weal manner.
  3. How to deal clients: I learned by working there that how to deal positive and also negative clients as well. Sometimes it became really difficult to deal negative clients.
  4. Convincing clients: It is not an easy task to convince clients in any ways. However achieved some ideas regarding convince clients as far tried to learned how to make them convinced.
  1. How to make networking: It is important to make networking in today’s world. During my working period I learned how to make a strong network with different type of people which could help me as a good source of clients.
  2. To promote good relation with clients: Promoting good relation with clients is another important matter in selling products. In that case I learned how to make good relation with new and existing clients as well.
  3. To maintain general rules and regulations: I also learned how to maintain the general rules and regulation of an organization successfully.
  4. To handle tough situation: As a telemarketing executive sometimes I had to face some odd situation as sometimes calls became annoying to customers. So I had to face those strongly and need to handle easily.
  5. How to work in a team: As telemarketing is under the department of marketing and sales, so it is very important to work together to promote the team successfully.


  1. New unique steps are not taking by the company to attract their clients according to their demand.
  2. The organizational structure is not decentralized. Decision making process is only under the power of top management which interrupts decision making process.
  3. Price of the products of Green Delta Housing Ltd are high which are not sometimes affordable for middle or lower middle class clients.
  4. Customers are worried about getting services of DESA, WASA, T&T, etc. as government is not permitting for new connection.
  5. At Present Green Delta Housing are giving more emphasized on their Hotel Projects which are situated outside of Dhaka. So customers are not much interested to invest out of Dhaka.
  6. Most of the customers are worried about project handover process as there are many fraud companies who are selling products but cannot handover those on times.
  7. Green Delta Housing Does not have sufficient projects in Dhaka city even there is much demand for flats and lands in Dhaka.
  8. Employees don’t get real reward according to their performance, as a result employees turnover rate is high.
  9. They don’t have any software for telemarketing.
  10. They don’t have any organized Client database.


As per earnest observation some suggestions for improvement of the situation are given here:

  1. To compete with the other companies in today’s market, quality of service needs to be excellent. They should try to establish something unique.
  2. Green Delta Housing Ltd needs more strong organizational structure for the longevity of the company. Decision making process should be more decentralized but without any corruptions.
  3. Maximum customers are expecting the reasonable price. So the price of product should be reasonable considering the projects.
  4. To provide the services of DESA, WASA, T&T etc. to the customers the company needs to be strengthened and for getting connection of utilities promptly, the procedure bottleneck should be removed.
  5. The project handover process should be on time.
  6. The employees of Green Delta Housing think that long term training is required for the employees to have better quality service.
  7. Their Information system should be more strong..
  8. They should have well organized customer database.
  9. They may use any software regarding telemarketing as well as to keep record instead of going manual system.
  10. Employees should be rewarded according to their performance to motivate them.


In our country there is lack of adequate land for people’s livings. People are very interested to get a piece of land that meets their housing problem. Green Delta Housing in one go the renowned housing company in Bangladesh. the company provides complete housing solution to the people. Green Delta Housing Also contributes in our national economy. The main goal of Green Delta Housing is to turn customer’s dream into real.

During the internship period in Green Delta Housing Pvt. Ltd there was an opportunity to use my knowledge and skills practically which I have gained during my academic study as well as gained and experienced different new skills of the job. It also helped to learn about the real estate sector’s activities in Bangladesh, its procedure, products and services.