Swot Analysis of Banking Performance of Exim Bank

Swot Analysis of Banking Performance of Exim Bank


The overall evaluation of company’s strengths. Weaknesses, opportunities, and threats is called SWOT analysis. A business unit has mortar key microenvironment forces and microenvironment actors.

Macro environment force are Demographic economic technological, political-legal and social cultural.

Micro environment actors: Customers, competitors, distributors, suppliers.

SOWT analysis also called.

  1. Internal Environment
  2. External environment analysis.

Internal environment analysis: Strengths, Weakens.


Strong Board of Director :

The Board of Director of that Bank is more strong of than other Bank. Md. Nozrul was matusnder chairman of that Md. Alt of houses they are Successful Business margent \person is the Bangladesh and abroad.

Top Management:

The top management of the Exim Bank Bangladesh Ltd. They contributed yearly towards the growth and development of the Bank. The top management have long experience skill full and efficiency in the financial sector of our country. To management are Md. Mr. Mohammed Lakitulla and Sr. Executive V.P Mr. Haider Ali they are pioneer of Exim Bank Ltd.

Reputation of Exim Bank:

The Exim Bank Bangladesh Ltd. has attained reputed company in the Banking industries of Bangladesh and international. Then another Bank as a New corners. The Bank Bangladesh Ltd. Violent growth in the profits and deposits within a few period.

Strong online facilities:

The Exim Ltd. has arrangement modern equipment and facilities for the prepare their work. The electronic facilities are telex Fax swift. The Exim Bank Ltd. transaction all international passport, L/C, message by swift online. The Bank has computerized banking operation under the software is called DC bank.

Positioning of Exim Bank:

Strong positioning of the Exim Bank Bangladesh Ltd. in the Banking industries of Bangladesh. There are 24 branches decorated by impressive style. This well decorated branches gets attention of the potential customers.

Global corporate culture:

The global corporate culture of the Exim Bangladesh is very much interactive compare to with other local and international organization. This interactive environment encourages the employees to work attentively. The Bank all ready interactive co-operation with 190 Banks covering 118 countries across the world.

Financial stability:

The Exim Bangladesh Ltd. Financial stability is very strong. They have authorized capital is Tk. 100 crore and paid up capital Tk. 62.775 crore. Total capital 140 crore. Total Assets Tk. 2435.57 crore. The employers of Exim Bank Bangladesh Ltd. is very stable business persons in Market such on Nassa Group, Bexine group of industries etc.


Adverting and promotion: The Advertising is more exertiae growing the organization. Marketing police rely indicate on organization future portion. But there are no aggressive marketing activities of Exim Bank Ltd. it important weakness for Exim Bank Ltd. this weakness pushes the bank for behind from the other competitor.

Advertised are –

  1. Billboard : There are few Billboard of Exim Bank Ltd. it is not sufficient marketing Activities.
  2. Incorporate Image: Save the environment by young plant seedling.

Geographical Coverage :

There are 66 district in of Bangladesh. But Exim Ltd. has a number of branches of Bank 24. 18 are located at main business caters of urban areas across the country and remaining 6 branches are at rural areas the bank should be coverage geographical area by expansion their new branches.

Disguised of employment

Exim should be appointment by recruiting system. But reference appointment is very much attractive in the Exim Bank Ltd. them recruitment. It is harmful for organization.

Because of there case, there are many employees who are only drawing salaries at the end of the month but minimum contributed towards the organization. On the other land the Exim school be Direct appointment highly qualified educated peoples those are MBA, BBA and CA degree holder. For this system increased bank effectiveness.

Limitation of it system:

It system more important for the modern world. But Exim Bank Ltd. is not provided on time Banking system. The Bank used PC Bank. PC Bank is not comprehensive banking software.

 Law remuneration package:

At the another weak of Exim is remuneration structure lower level and mid level officers considerable law salaries. But MBA, BBA people does not interest to joining Exim Bank. They are interested to join other banks instead of joining Exim Bank.

External Environment Analysis: Opportunity & Threat



The Exim Bank Bangladesh should be strategy of their implementation strong will bring out best successful for the bank. There are 7s framework for business success of Exim Bank Bangladesh Ltd.

The part there elements-

  1. Strategy
  2. Structure
  3. Systems

There element are considered the hardware of success. The “hardware” element consideration by board of Director and Top management of Exims Bank Bangladesh Ltd.

The next four-

  1. Style
  2. Skills
  3. Staff
  4. Shared values

There element are called “soft ware” of success.

  1. Style: The employees of Exim Bank Bangladesh Ltd. share a common way of thinking and behaving. Thus the employees smile the entire customer and are very professional in their customer dealing.
  2. Skills: The employees have the skills needed to carry out the company strategy.
  3. Staffing: The Bank hire able people training them well and arraigned them to the right jobs.
  4. Shared values: The employees share the same quiding values.

When the software element are present, the Bank are usually will be more successful at strategy implementation.

2.     Retail Banking:  

The Exim Bank Ltd. provided retail market. The Bank is to introduce charge free banking and personal loan.

  • Higher educational loans for abroad
  • Trade Banking
  • Consumer loan
  • House furniture loan
  • handicrafts loan
  • employment loan

3.     First Direct Banking:

First Direct Bank opened in October 1996 leeds, England. First Direct was still attracting attention as an innovator that operated a bank with no branches. The Exim Bank (Bd) ltd. can introduce First Direct Bank as a 1st time in Bangladesh.

Online Banking:

Online Banking are

  • www: World Wide Web side, Home banking customer may connect to their bank proprietary web site via private dial-up networks and tap into their personal accounts.
  • PC based Access: A personal computer may access a banks computer via a modern and telephone network.
  • Advatage of online Banking:
  1. Convenience: customer can order products 24 hours a day where ever they are don’t have to sit in traffic find a parking space and walk through countries aisles to final and examine goods.
  2. Information: Customers can find reams of comparative information about bank products. Competitors and prices without leaving their office or home.
  3. Fewer hassles: Customers don’t have to face sales people or open themselves up to persuasion and emotional factors. They also don’t have to wait. So the Exim ltd. should connection online bank.

Responsibilities employees of Bank:

Identifies customer need:

  1. Opens new accounts for individuals business and private organization.
  2. Certifies cheeks
  3. Handle stop payment requests.
  4. Demonstrate ATMs to customer and assists with problems.
  5. Coordinate clossing of accounts and as certains reasons.
  6. Promotes and sell retail saving and identities any existing  cross-sell opportunities.

Provides promote, efficient, and friendly services to all customer and prospective customer:

  1. Answer customers question regarding bank services hours etc.
  2. Describes and sells bank services to customers.

Presents and communicates the best possible customer service:

  1. Greets all customers with a courteous friendly attitude.
  2. Provides fast accurate, friendly services.

Promotes the Bank Services?

  1. Cross Sells other bank services appropriate to customers needs.
  2. Ans. inquires regarding bank matters
  3. Directs customers to others departments for specialized services.

Segmenting Business Markets: The Business Market segmentation are-


  1. Industry
  2. Company
  3. Location

Operating Varialls

  1. Technology
  2. User or non user  status
  3. Customer Capabilitie

Purchasing approaches.

  1. Purchasing function organization.
  2.  Power structure.
  3. Nature of existing relationships.
  4. Purchasing criteria

Situational Factors.

  1. Urgency service need & delivery.
  2. Fire of order by the customer

Personal Characteristic

  1. Buying selling similarity with employees & customer
  2. Attitudes toward risk.
  3. Loyalty of customer

Marketing Strategy: Exim Bank to take following task for marketing strategy.

  1. Target Market
  2. Positioning
  3. Product line
  4. Price
  5. Distribution outlets
  6. Sales force
  7. Service-Quick and widely available service
  8. Advertising
  9. Marketing research

Rapid penetration:

The Exim Bank Ltd. is running as an introduction stage. They have to rapid penetration in the market. Thus, at a low price and spending heavily on promotion. Because there is strong potential competition Banks in the making of Bangladesh. Most buyers are price sensitive.

ATM Banking:

Modern banking concept is ATM banking transaction customer can transaction on official day by A.T.M card. Standard chartered Bank, Islamic Bank Bangladesh Ltd. The City Bank and Dhaka Bank already successfully launched ATM Banking.

Tele Marketing:

Tele Marketing services provided by the foreign banks. Tele banking is popularization in European country. So Exim Bank Bangladesh can providing option of tele banking systems.


Advertising is more elements for marketing activities of Exim Bank Ltd. Exim should be increased the sales promotion budget by 15%.

Advertising  camping are following-

  • Point of purchase display (POP)
  • Trade show
  • Stole in the international business fair.
  • In corporate image
  • Event Advertisement
  • T.V newspaper, Magazine etc.



        There are 53 Bank of Bangladesh. But a few Bank fuctioning by Islamic Banking system such as Islamic Bank (BD) Ltd. Al-Arafa Islamic Bank, Exim Bank, Based on Islamic Banking system. So the main competitor for Exim Bank Ltd.  is based on Islamic shariah Banks.  The Exim Bank Ltd, should be bring out aggressive compaign to attract lucrative corporate clients as well as major depositors.

Multinational Bank:

The Multinational Bank also competitors for the Exim Bank ltd.   Existing foreign banks are standard chartered Bank. HSBC Bank, Bank Al-fla, Dutch Bangla Bank etc. Standard chartered bank is new pursing an aggressive branch expansion strategy.

The foreign Banks have tremendous financial strength. It will pose a threat for local banks.  So the Exim bank Ltd. should be rapid action to prevent threat of Multinational Banks.


Conflict is a part of life. It is a reality conflict has a positive side as well as negative side. Negative side conflict is bad. Bad conflict is harmful for organization and must be avoided. The negative consequence from conflict can be devastating.

Negative conflict are increased turn over decreased employee satisfaction and inefficiencies between work units sabotage, labor grievances strikes and physical aggression. The employees of Exim Bank Ltd. should be avoid all conflict.

Trade union:

The trade union is more important  for the organization organization public or private, big or small are managed and staffed by people. Human is grouping, people to want their right. So they make trade union by leader. Leadership is the ability to influence people’s behavours.  So that they will strive willingly toward the achievement of group goals. But leader tend to take impersonal attitudes towards goals.

But trade union is not fit for the LDC country. Because, unwell trade union harmful for the organization. Maximum trade union of LDC is unwell and uncivil. So Exim Bank should be avoid the trade union.

Default Culture:

Organization culture is important. It is include the way a firm produces its products, pay its bills, treats its employees and performs any other organization operation. Default culture is harmful for Banks. Because Default culture is very much familiar in the Bangladesh. Exim is new, it has not faced seriously yet. However the Exim Bank culture is include innovation, employees empowerment and procedural justice to attraction the potential customer.

Bad Loan:

Bad loan is an imprecation for the banking in our country. Thus sales crore taka due as a bad loan. Bad loans leads the organization towards to bankrupted. Bad loan created by the unskilled full employees or bribery. It is major important threat for the Exim Bangladesh ltd. The Bank will be try to free from bad loan.

Black Money:

It is another threat for organization. Black money destroy the organization quickly. Block money sources are-

  1. Insurance premium
  2. C & F Agent commission.
  3. Courier commission
  4. Bribe

There are four resources to be encourage the employees to earn extra income. As a result bank become a bankrupted. TheExim bank should be stop Balack money sources.


Internship  towards the fulfillment of the degree. MBA or BBA student come to fulfillment their degree. As a practical  experience about Banking system of Bangladesh.  The students want good behave from employees of Bank, also expected to co-operation, knowledge, deply work experience. These behave unpresent to Bank employees. It is threat for the Bank. In the future MBA/ BBA student will not encourage to internship in the Exim bank Bangladesh Ltd.


Satisfaction is a persons feeling of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a products perceived performance or out come interrelation to his or her expectations.

And the other hand: Satisfaction is a function of perceived performance and expectations. If the performance falls short of expectations of product, the customers is dissatisfied. If the performance matches the expectation of the products the customers is satisfied. If the performance exceeds expectations the customer is highly satisfied or delighted.