Service Marketing

Service marketing are different from product marketing. The dynamic environment of services today places a premium on effective marketing. Among the keys to competing effectively in this new and challenging environment are skills in marketing strategy and execution.

Marketing can be described in several ways. It can be seen as a strategic thrust pursued by top management, as a set of functional activities performed by line managers (such as product policy, pricing, delivery, and communications), or ass a customer driven orientation for the entire organization.

Although it’s still very important to run an efficient operation, that orientation no longer suffices for success. Employees must be customer service oriented as well as concerned.

about efficiency. The service product must be tailored to customer needs, priced realistically, distributed through convenient channels, and actively promoted to customers. Today, many new market entrants positioning their services to appeal to specific market segments through their pricing, communication efforts, and service delivery, rather than trying to be all things to all people.

Services are deeds, processes and performances. In other words, service is an act or performance offered by one party to another. Services could a core of service or service that comes along with any product. When service is tied to a physical product, the performance is essentially intangible and does not normally result ownership of any of the factors of production. Services are economic activities that create value and provide benefits for customers at specific times and places as a result of bringing about a desired change in-or on behalf of –the recipient of the service.

Service Marketing