Science Journal Nature Once Published Britney Spears Fanfiction and People are Bewildered

Science Journal Nature Once Published Britney Spears Fanfiction and People are Bewildered

In addition to revealing the startling details of Britney Spears’ conservatism to keep her in the headlines, there has been a lot of discussion about what the media has done with the singer over the years. In the midst of this discussion, a fictional tale about Spears, published in one of the most prestigious scientific journals, was recently re-published on social media.

Part of the short fiction is what many call Steamy’s toxic attitude towards both Britney Spears and women as permanent. A few months after the release of her iconic album Blackout, published in January 2008, the title of the article was when Britney Spears came to my lab. The story is set in an alternative universe where Spears chose to attend a class at Louisiana State University (LSU) and eventually became a researcher in the field of diabetes.

Publishing joke articles in journals is not uncommon, and the short story is part of a science fiction story called Future. But some people were surprised that this particular piece turned it into nature. Those who have read the story have called it sexist, describing it as a comment in the article “this kind of misleading move that keeps women away from science.” The article opens with: “When Britney Spears arrives at LSU she will be wearing a silver strapless stretch top that doesn’t show too much of her belly (unless she actually removes her arm), and the black Capri pants keep the waistband slightly dipped.”

The sentence is followed by “Cutting dead animals in student labs will give him a strange, thrilling crowd that he will find somewhat chaotic and lightly pleasurable.” The story revolves around the costumes of the protagonists throughout the character, adding that “she wills co-host Grammy wearing a graduation gown and a semi-transparent version of her PhD hood,” and it will persuade you to wear clothes.”

The article contains other controversial phrases such as “he would mispronounce the term ‘adipocyte’, if he wanted to know about his research on entertainment for the first time today,” and “his annual FBI report will show that most of his staffers have PhDs.”