Science and Fun Come Together In These Two Cool STEM Kits for Kids

Science and Fun Come Together In These Two Cool STEM Kits for Kids

Generation Alphas, or those born in the twenty-first century, have never known a world without technology. Their nurseries were crammed with toys and devices that either helped them sleep or alerted their mothers when they were awake. Their homes are run by smart appliances, and displays and devices can be found in every corner and crevice. However, it appears that children are still slipping behind in math and science. So, here are a number of wonderful kits that can pique your children’s interest in learning while having fun.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) assessed 15-year-old pupils in a variety of disciplines in 2018. In science and math, the teenagers ranked 11th and 30th out of 79 nations, respectively, falling short of the worldwide average. In a society increasingly dominated by technology, it is in our best interests as parents to encourage our children to learn more about these subjects and to achieve this information in their own time. Robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, and environmental sustainability are already a part of our future, and they will only become more ingrained as time goes on.

It’s never too early to begin teaching your children, as the saying goes. Of course, the goal is to spark their attention while keeping the fun factor high. The pre-teen set will be enthralled by the things they may make using their ideas and the instruments included in these Twin Science kits. 

Many items are included in the Curiosity Kit to assist in bringing the ideas to life utilizing robotic technology. The Coding Kit, on the other hand, helps them improve their coding abilities (never a bad ability to have in this day and age). They’re both meant to help your child develop fine motor skills, foster creativity and imagination, and boost self-esteem and confidence without you even recognizing it.

Twin Science has successfully designed toys that will offer children with vital skills to promote their overall development and prepare them for a brighter tomorrow by merging science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) into a fun pastime. As a consequence, it has received several honors, including the World Economic Forum’s Smart Toy AI Award, Winner of the Bett Awards 2020, and Silver Winner of the Play for Change Awards 2020. This bundle is currently available for $157.32, which is a 10% discount off the suggested retail price.