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Say Hello to Midas, the Four-Eared Cat

Say Hello to Midas, the Four-Eared Cat

Midas, a four-eared kitten born in Turkey with a permanent mlem and a heart-shaped patch on her stomach, gave the world a major surprise lately. Midas, a stray found in a family’s garden in Ankara, Turkey, has stolen worldwide attention and amassed an astonishing 125,000 Instagram followers.

Midas’ distinct look is the product of a genetic abnormality that has given her a second pair of ears and a jaw that has never quite settled correctly, yet despite her abnormalities, Midas is flourishing. 

According to Reuters, veterinarian Resat Nuri Aslan stated that her deformity has no negative impact on her health or hearing, and that all earflaps, little and large, link to the ear canal.

Midas, who was born with five siblings, quickly stood out to Canis Dosemeci, who adopted her into the family. “We never intended to buy a cat; we simply wanted to rescue a cat from the streets and adopt her,” Dosemeci explained. 

Midas, a perfectly distinctive name for a suitably remarkable cat, inspired by the King of Greek mythology that had the golden touch, King Midas known for his donkey ears as well as his ability to convert everything he touched into gold, which is where the connection between kitten Midas and King Midas initially developed.

Midas also likes to flaunt a white patch on her black abdomen that resembles a heart, if that is not enough to pique your interest. Our daughter is a natural at working the angles.

Midas is far from alone when it comes to bodily parts appearing where they do not belong. A rescue in 2019 found that one puppy, now known as Narwhal, had an additional tail on his head. The following year, another dog with two jaws and one ear discovered (instead of two ears and one mouth). The pup, called Toad, had several fractured teeth in his second mouth, which removed, and he looked to be happy and healthy after that.

Toad, a 5-year-old dog unlike any other, is a one-of-a-kind creature. She was born with a disease that causes her to have two lips and one ear instead of two ears and one mouth. Where her right ear should be, there is a second mouth with teeth and saliva.

Heather Hernandez, the founder of Mutt Misfits, a humanitarian rescue organization for animals with serious medical concerns, owns the strange pooch. Toad was a stray that was taken to the Animal Welfare Shelter in Oklahoma City. They located the second mouth there. She then relocated to her current permanent residence.