Sample Party Agenda Format

Sample Party Agenda Format

Sample Party Agenda Format

[A party agenda needs to be written the moment you decide to throw a party for any reason. These are sample Party Agenda Format. The party agenda is mainly written for yourself and any members of the family or your colleagues who may be assisting you in organizing the party. ]

Points to consider while drafting Party Agendas –

  • The date, venue and the theme you have decided upon must be mentioned.
  • Information about the type of declaration like, food, song, dance, music and games which you have planned needs to be detailed.
  • The job of making and sending invitations to guests cannot be forgotten because it would defeat the very purpose of your party.
Example of Party Agenda –

Move to XYZ (Name) House Party Agenda

The following is for a party scheduled to begin at 7 PM. (Time)

6 PM — [one hour ahead of time] – volunteer helpers begin arriving to assist in the setup.

6:45 PM — [15 minutes ahead of time] – guests begin to arrive, mingle around and have discussions for 45 minutes.

7:45 PM — welcome from the hosts.

  • Introduce selves.
  • Thank everyone for arriving.
  • Inform everyone why you are supporting the Move to Amend and the reasons why you believe this work is critical.

7:50 PM to 7:55 PM — introduce the Move to Amend DVD after playing “legalized democracy.”

8:20 PM — share information about why you have decided to share and open your home for the support of the Move to Amend and close by asking the guests to donate by even providing them with a goal you may have set for the party.

The host can use the following examples to request for donations which may or may not be provided by the guests.

  • I am highly committed to the work of moving to (Name) and … … …
  • Volunteer helpers are equipped with pens and envelopes for you to make your contributions.
  • …. ….. …..

8:45 PM — leave the floor open for any discussions about the Move to Amend Campaign. Ask the guests to stay back and enjoy the event after you have answered any questions which may be raised.

9 PM — guests begin to depart.

9:30 PM — volunteers depart after assisting in the cleanup. At this stage, the host needs to tally the donations and prepare the same to be mailed to the Move to Amend campaign the following day.


Another Example of Party Agenda –

(Name/Placename) Party Agenda

6 PM To 6:30 PM — Welcome the bride to be and begin welcoming the guests.
6:30 PM to 8 PM — provide the guests some time to socialize, have a drink and enjoy the food of the bachelorette party.
8 PM to 9:30 PM — cake cutting, games, and activities.
9:30 PM onwards — fun, dance and enjoy the party.

The (Name/Placename) party can be divided into different activities, but everything that needs to be done should also be planned to have the perfect bachelorette party.

[Note: Having a party agenda is not considered by many people as a necessity but having one can prove beneficial because it can set the tone for the party while also ensuring that things move ahead as planned by the organizer.]