Sample Membership Retention Letter

Sample Membership Retention Letter

[The process of keeping people together through a meaningful connection is known as membership retention. It refers to a company’s or product’s ability to keep customers for an extended period of time. In this process, there is an implied agreement, just as there is in a retainer you might arrange with a consultant or an attorney. When written correctly, a retention letter functions similarly to a contract in that it outlines what your business includes and excludes, prevents misunderstandings, and limits some of your liability.]


Receiver name….

Home/Office address…

Date: DD/MM/YY (Date on which the letter is written)


Sender Name…

Address and Contact Info…

Subject: Membership retention

Dear Member,

I am concerned that we have not received your membership renewal which has ended last month. (Describe in your words).

As a member of our team, you have the opportunity to interact with others having the same goals and interests. (Describe all about the situations). Being a part of our program, you will have added benefits of society activities, such as insurance programs, monthly meetings, jobs database, personal security, online professional development programs, and much more. (Explain on benefits and other advantages). You will also have added benefits as per your choice on renewal.

Don’t let your membership lapse. (Explain your recommendation). To renew your membership today, call our office or renew on-line at our website. (Cordially describe your greetings and expectations). In case you have already renewed your membership, please ignore this letter.


(Name of the sender)


Address and contact Info…

Another Format, [Email Format]

To: receiver mail address, [email protected]

From: Sender mail address, [email protected]

Subject: Membership retention

Dear (member’s name),

I’ve just received notification from the (name of the company) that your membership has just been canceled for delay in payment renewal. (Describe in your words).

I appreciate your presence as a valuable member with us and would like to work for the betterment of the same. (Describe all about the situations). In case you have missed the deadline to renew your membership, kindly contact to our marketing head (name of the person). (He/She) Can be reached by telephone or email. (Explain on benefits and other advantages). If you wish to continue your membership, please respond to this mail failing to which will result in canceling your membership.

Your continued support and participation are essential, and we hope that you’ll reconsider and decide to maintain your membership. (Explain your recommendation). For more information on membership, please feel free to contact. (Cordially describe your greetings and expectations).

Thank you,

Best regards,

(Name of the sender)