Sample Letter for Study Abroad

Sample Letter for Study Abroad

Sample Letter for Study Abroad

The Dean/Registrar,

Department name….

University Name….

Subject: Admission to the department of English Literature

Dear Sir,

I wish to study M.A courses in English Literature at your university after passing the B. A examination of the (University name…) in (City and Country name…). I look for admission to your faculty department of English (subject name….) and present the following facts for your kind consideration.

At present I am studying English language and literature at the (College/University name and Country name…). I am very much interested in English literature whose special classes I attend regularly in my college. I have always passed the literature and language college examinations obtaining more than 60 percent of the total marks.

I shall like to get your advice as well as your prospectus and forms for admission. Hoping to get a reply soon.

A certificate confirming the above is attached to this letter.

Yours Faithfully,



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