Sample Letter of Transmittal

Sample Letter of Transmittal

Sample Letter of Transmittal


Date (……….)


Assistant Professor,

Department of Business Administration,

School of Business Studies,

University name….

Subject: Submission of assignment on “Capital Budgeting Techniques”

Dear Sir,

Here is the assignment that we assigned on the topic as per your request. The assignment has been completed by the knowledge that we have gathered from the course “Financial Management”.

We are thankful to all those persons who provided us important information and gave us valuable advices. We would be happy if you read the report carefully and we will be trying to answer all the questions that you have about the assignment.

We have tried our label best to complete this assignment meaningfully and correctly, as much as possible. We do believe that our tiresome effort will help you to get ahead with this sort of venture. In this case it will be meaningful to us. However, if you need any assistance in interpreting this assignment please contact us without any kind of hesitation.

Thanking you.

Yours obediently,