Sample Letter for Requesting Mathematics Lab in School

Sample Letter for Requesting Mathematics Lab in School

Sample Letter for Requesting Mathematics Lab in School

[It is a sample application to request the principal, director or dean to open a Mathematics lab in college, school or university. You can follow this letter as a principle, headmaster or higher authority. You can modify this format as your requirement.]


The Head Office,

Institution name…

Institute Address…

SUB: Application for opening a math lab in our school

Respected Sir,

Our Mathematics Department has been providing quality services to the school and the teachers hired this year have been working really hard to promote the departmental services to (Area name). At the end of the year; the results in the Mathematics Department have been remarkable in the history of the school. We had a meeting at the end of the session and in the conclusions of what should be done to improve the educational services of the department, we should introduce a math Lab in the school where the students can apply mathematics skills and practical work to learn more and develop themselves by studying the environment. In the lab, stationary shall be provided different materials so that the students in the guidance of the teachers and they will be teaching them mathematics with practical influences.

This introduction of a Math Lab will be the first time ever in any branch of (Institute name) and we very much hope that this will be increasing the quality of education being provided to the students and greatly increasing the efficiency of the teachers and potential of the students. The budget that has been estimated and the sources that were calculated were not high and can be fulfilled from the annual developmental budget. The capital accumulation is little but is benefiting the Mathematics Department to provide better results to the Institute. Kindly accept the application for opening a Math lab in our school and grant a permission letter to start working for its building and capital. Looking forward to quality services and a positive influence over (Area name and Institute name).

Yours Sincerely,


Headmaster senior school.

Institute name and Address…