Sample Apology Letter Formats

Sample Apology Letter Formats

Sample Apology Letter Formats

[Apology letters are letters that fall both into the formal as well as informal letters category. here briefly describe on sample Apology Letter Formats. If written in a formal context, an apology letter will be short, practical and concise, ending after the apology has been made. However, if the apology letter is informal, as most apology letters are, then the letter can be lengthy or short depending on the people involved in it. You can modify these sample as your requirement.]


Sender/Your name…

Address and Contact Info…

Date: DD/MM/YY [written date]


Receiver name…

Address and Contact Info…

Sub: Apology Letter for (cause).


I’m writing this letter to say sorry to you about [mention the reason for your apology, that is, the fight]. I want to make some amends about it. (Describe in your words). I wish to say sorry and am saying it now: Sorry for acting so unpleasantly. I know shouldn’t have. (Explain all about the situation what happen).

Please forgive me for acting so rudely and unfairly. I promise that this won’t happen. (Cordially describe your apology and greetings). I hope we’re still good friends.

Take care,

Your Name…

Address and Contact Info…


Another Format, [Email Format]

To: Receiver mail address, name.uhi@email.com

From: Sender mail address, name.jkl@email.com

Subject: Apology letter for (cause).

Dear (name),

I wished to apologize for my rude behavior towards you at the conference. (Describe in your words). I know we do not see eye to eye in regards to the current proposal, but it was unprofessional and uncalled for on my part to speak so rudely to you. (Describe actual problem and situation).

I am going through a few troubles on the personal front and wrongly took that frustration out on you. (Express your feelings). Please accept my unconditional apology, and it is my sincere wish that this does not affect our work together. (Cordially describe your apology and greetings).

Yours sincerely,

Your Name…