Russia Pulls Ahead in Race to Shoot Movie in Space Just Weeks before Tom Cruise

The brand’s new “space race” is heating up – and while you may think its mission is to reach the moon or even Mars, this race has a slightly lower but still exciting goal: this is the first time a commercial film has been shot in space. In May last year, NASA confirmed that Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise would be working on a film on the ISS after rumors surfaced on the Internet.

Cruz, who famously does his own stunts, became the first actor to hit an ass in space. Not to be outdone, Russia said it was also planning to shoot a film on the ISS and was looking for its top lady, who could not only act but meet the physically challenging requirements for real astronauts and astronaut’s Space station. Now, it looks like it has found its stars and plans are moving forward, with the announcement that actor Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko have been chosen to fly to the ISS to start work on the movie with a work title challenge, a Russian RIA news agency reported. Russia’s RIA Novato news agency reports that a female surgeon has turned her attention to the ISS for surgery on a sick astronaut to return to Earth. Kick? Roscosmos announced that the film’s crew is scheduled for a flight on October 5 this year – the same month Cruz and co is being noticed.

Although it is not known exactly when the NASA and SpaceX -backed cruise team was scheduled for the opening, Roscosmos will get a dib in the first week of October, but it is very unlikely that Hollywood will beat them, meaning Russia will probably win this round. 

In November last year, Russia launched its search for “more than just an actress – we need a real hero”, a role with serious physical requirements that enabled her to run 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) in 3.5 minutes or less, swimming 800 20 Dive from a 3-meter (10-foot) springboard with minutes (2,625 feet) of freestyle and a good technique in minutes.