Request Letter for Postponement of Last Day Payment

Request Letter for Postponement of Last Day Payment

Request Letter for Postponement of Last Day Payment

[Here briefly describe on sample Request Letter for Postponement of Last Day Payment. The objective of writing a request letter for the postponement of last day due to any reason is written to seek extra time to do a particular job or payment. Through this letter, you can clearly emphasize the need of asking for extra time and you can also commit that the same will not be repeated in the future. You can make changes as per your requirements.]


Concern Authority name…

Job Designation…

Company/Institute name…

Date: DD/MM/YY(Date on which letter is written)


Your name/Sender Name…

Job Designation…

Company/Institute name…

Sub: Requesting for postponing the payment dates

Dear (Name),

It was a pleasure to be associated with your organization for 3/4/5 years now (More/less). There is a strong bond of understanding between both organizations. (Describe in your words). As you must be aware that we are always making payments well on time, but this time I would request you if you could postpone the date from (date) to (date), the reason being some financial constraints in our company due to overstocking of products. (Describe the actual problem and situation).

My accounts department is trying its best to sort this issue and try to generate funds for the payments. (Describe all about the situation). I would be grateful to you if you could understand our position and extend the payment date. I assure you that the same will not be repeated in the future. (Cordially describe your greetings).

We will try our best to make the payment on time and apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Your name…

Contact Info. and signature…


Another Format, (Email Format)

To: Sender mail address – xyz@mail.com

From: Receiver mail address – abc@mail.com

Subject: Request for the postponement of the last date of advance payment

Dear Ms/Mr. (name)

I ask you to consider my request for postponement of the last day for the advance payment of the money promised according to the deal signed between us and your company (date). (Describe in your words).

Due to some problem in the financing mechanism of our business, we have a little delay in generating enough money to fund the payment. (Describe the actual problem and situation). We are trying our best to sort out things as early as possible and are committed to paying you the money as promised in the accord. (Describe all about the situation).

We have a firm belief here that you will understand our problem and give us a few more days for making the payments. We request you to have a kind view of the matter. (Cordially describe your greetings).

We hope to make your payments soon and regret the delay and the inconvenience caused due to the delay.



Contact Information…