Request Letter for Auditorium Required on Rent

Request Letter for Auditorium Required on Rent

[This is a sample Request Letter for Auditorium Required on Rent or Booking a Venue or Auditorium, conference room, meeting room, room or hall etc. You can modify these formats as your requirement.]


Authority name…

Auditorium Name…

Auditorium address…

Sub: Request Letter for Auditorium Required on Rent

Respected Sir,

I hope this letter will find you in good health.

With reference to our meeting on (date) I like to thank you for encouraging me.

I am starting a learning and development institute in the name of (Name) with an aim to offer the services at corporate and social level.

I have learning partnership with (Institute name) for training & consultancy. (Authorised person name) looks after the training, coaching and consultancy services. My plan is to start from (date). I will need the discussed premises of seminar hall once a week (Date to date and time to time) with the following requirements.

  1. Seminar Hall with roundtable setup for forty to fifty participants as per the response (confirmation will be made one week before starting the session).
  2. AC with back power supply
  3. Facilitation to collect a fee on our behalf for which per person a fee can be charged.
  4. Hi Tea / Tea arrangements
  5. A support staff person / Attendant

Please let me know the charges and all the terms and conditions as per your organizations’ policy for further processing.


Your name…

Contact no. and signature…