Report on Traditional Media vs New Media

Main purpose of this report is to analysis on Traditional Media vs New Media. Report also focus on Increasing the Popularity of ZANALA. ZANALA Bangladesh intends to supply its clients all possible services linked to communication and promotion beneath one roof. The wide spectrum of services protects audio-visual production, graphic style and publishing, interactive in addition to non-interactive multimedia presentation in addition to web solution. These services have been tailor made for clients of different types and best of all based on their prerequisite.


Organization Profile


ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd. is a fast growing organization established in 2001. The inception of ZANALA Bangladesh was as an IT and media company. Over the period, the company has grown and developed to maintain a reputation as a body of creative and technical resources. With the technical expertise, professional experience and business intelligence, a unique & differentiated creation has set it apart. Recognition of ZANALA Bangladesh as a unique brand has come in many forms but a common connotation amongst all has been quality. Today, the company provides services related to Corporate Identity Development & Brand Promotion and Communication & Social Marketing.

ZANALA Bangladesh intends to provide its clients all possible services related to communication and promotion under one roof. The wide spectrum of services covers audio-visual production, graphic design & publishing, interactive and non-interactive multimedia presentation and web solution. These services have been tailor made for clients of different types and most of all based on their requirement.

Mission: We have the people, know-how and professional experience to give you a distinct identity in the market.

Vision: ZANALA Bangladesh was established in 2001 with the vision on taking a firm control and directing the flow of the local IT and media industry.

Core Service: We are a new age market communication company. We design identity and communication strategies/tools for your communication needs in all forms of media, be it product/service promotion or social awareness. We have the people, know-how and professional experience to give you a distinct identity in the market.



  • Getting experience from practical environment with theoretical education
  • Assisting Business Development Department
  • Doing necessary research and paper works in understanding the current scenario of Advertising Industry in Bangladesh.
  • Increasing the Popularity of ZANALA.


During the internship period I am expecting to do some works that is,

  • Apply knowledge gained at ULAB.
  • Get a complete idea on a media and communication firm
  • Be prepared for the establishment of my career
  • Work both alone and in a team
  • Improve my commutations skill, time management.


Methodology of the report

In order to attain the objectives, collection of primary data is necessary. This data will be used   to   analyze   the   problem   statement. Therefore the methodology would include relevant information is collected from interviews, Surveys, observation and documents of my office. The relevant information is collected from the Primary sources and also uses the secondary sources of information.

Primary data are collected through:

  • Observation for the total internee period
  • Conducted discussions with Supervisor and Employees of ZANALA Bangladesh limited

Secondary data are collected through:

  • Documents from ZANALA Bangladesh limited
  • Website browsing
  • Documents from my work


Areas of Work

Documentary & Audio-Visuals

If you have a story to tell about your intervention or promote a product/service, we are equipped to translate it into broadcast quality video. We make the perfect audio visual product for your communication needs.

  • Documentary,
  • Promotional video,
  • Event documentation,
  • Instructional video,
  • TV show or a TV commercial

Graphic Design and Printing

ZANALA Bangladesh has already gained a reputation of producing new age graphics for the design and printing need of our clients. We have a dedicated team of graphics designers and production specialists producing industry-leading results. Custom illustrations make your materials come to life. We work closely with our printing press and signage vendors to ensure the highest quality production and visual consistency with your current branding.

  • Creating custom graphics,
  • Characters, illustrations,
  • Charts and graphs that effectively convey your message are all part of our design process

Event Management

We manage corporate events. We design a theme for the event, invite people and ensure participation, develop stationeries and communication materials, organize venue and logistics and manage the event day. Documentation using video, photograph and re apportion is also part of our responsibility.

Presentation and Interactive Multimedia

When it comes to communicating your message, professionally produced multimedia presentations on CD or DVD excite your customers, senses and engage them in an interactive experience as they are taken on a guided tour to your products and services.

  • A combination of video
  • Photographs
  • Graphics
  • Animation
  • Text and sound

Web Solutions

ZANALA Web Solution team has gained the valuable experience to provide innovative solution in building dynamic and engaging websites by having worked with many clients of different types. We incorporate aesthetic and functional elements into web design for our clients to establish their identity worldwide. We believe that a web site is just a part of a company’s overall marketing effort. We make sure that your website serves a specific business need and is consistent with your overall marketing strategy.


Sister Concerns


iPaholics is a team of iPhone Application fans and developers. This TEAM has already developed few applications, which are available in Apple’s Appstore. We are passionate about Apple, the great Mac, Objective-C, the Xcode IDE, and all the great stuff that goes with this package.

Graphic Magix

Graphic Magix is an international standard prepress graphic design outsourcing studio in Bangladesh with high end technological strength catering designing requirements around the globe. Graphic Magix provides offshore services like Pre-press, Clipping Path, Image Masking, Newspaper Ads Design, Magazine Design, Logo Design, and Flash Banners design.


GalleryZANALA is an online stock photo gallery. The gallery features a huge collection of photographs to cater to the needs of local enterprises, non-government organizations, and design houses, advertisement agencies of home and abroad. The photographs are sorted in appropriate categories with relevant keywords to facilitate easy searching.


infoCenter- kiosk is an electronic based, touch sensitive terminal that enables consumers to have instant access to information, products and services. A kiosk is typically a touch-screen and computer placed in a secure enclosure in a public place for easy access to information and service. Companies tend to pursue the use of interactive kiosks for the primary purpose of automating staff-intensive services related to communicating information, marketing products & services and processing standard business transactions like queue management.
infoCenter is a product of ZANALA Bangladesh ltd. It is the outcome of our first hand experience with interactive application development blended with touch screen technology.


With the rise of the telecenter movement in Bangladesh, there was a lack of an economically viable model for its large scale replication. ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd., partnering with Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development (BIID) developed a model of information center named Batighar (the Bengali term of lighthouse) that can cater to the diverse information and communication need of our community. has been developed to ease the hassle of selecting your year’s calendar. It has a template gallery with a large number of professionally designed themes with copy-right protected photographs. Just let us know which one you like and we will produce it for you. We can also design and produce customized calendars according to your preferred theme and photographs. What you need to do is share your idea and we will take care of the rest.



My Internship Experience

As an intern I was given all the liberty to work freely in ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd. I was given specific tasks periodically which were important for the organization. My Supervisor gave some work samples which I have to do during my three months internship. According these works I have done many responsibilities what I have given by the employees of ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd.


My Work Records

First Fort Nightly (24 May – 06 June)

  • Gather Knowledge about ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd. From visiting website, Face book page and my supervisor Mr. Faysal Abbas.
  • Starting The Daily Prothom-alo newspaper advertisements update.
  • Update database of Machine Readable Passport (Question-Answer).
  • Making plan for modernized ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd. Face book page.
  • Visits some private banks for collecting information (Like Dutch Bangla bank, AB Bank, City Bank, United Commercial Bank )
  • Going with Sumaya apu (Business Development Officer) for client meeting at Shore to Shore
  • Went to Energy Pac Office to meet Tahera Hossain as a representative of ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd.
  • Calculate monthly office expenses with Babu Bhai (Admin).

Second Fort Nightly (07 June – 21 June)

  • Update The Daily Prothom-alo newspaper advertisements update.
  • Collects bank information and put in a Excel page.
  • Collects CV’s from Career email(Accounts)
  • Making advertising agencies database.
  • Upload content (Pictures & Texts) on Shore to Shore
  • Visit Katalyst office to give DVD of documentary
  • Meeting with Supervisor about my condition and upcoming projects.

Third Fort Nightly(22June-6 July)

  • Update The Daily Prothom-alo newspaper advertisements update.
  • Work on NGO’s information (Billboard, Campaign theme)
  • Went to Asian Development Bank to Gobinda Bar as a representative of ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd.

(From 25 June to 2 July I was in leave because of my viral fiver)

Fourth Fort Nightly(07 July- 21 July)

  • Update The Daily Prothom-alo newspaper advertisements update.
  • Went to Energy Pac Office to meet Tahera Hossain as a representative of ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd.
  • Going with Sumaya apu (Business Development Officer) for client meeting at Shore to Shore
  • Aging collect bank information( ATM card & Machine)
  • Going to office for delivering brochures.
  • Sorting CVs for Visualizer.

Fifth Fort Nightly (22 July- 05 August)

  • Update The Daily Prothom-alo newspaper advertisements update.
  • Went to Energy Pac Office to meet Tahera Hossain as a representative of ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd.
  • Arranging visiting card according to alphabet on card holder.
  • Work on monthly expenses with Admin officer.
  • Translate Code of Conduct of ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd.
  • Going to Katalyst office for signing Invoice.
  • Ejab group website- content update and correction.

Sixth Fort Nightly (06 August-20 August)

  • Update The Daily Prothom-alo newspaper advertisements update.
  • Making Card-holder database on excel page.
  • Corrections Apollo Hospital InfoCenter database with Mr.T.M.Shamim (Web Developer)
  • Went to tenderbazar office.
  • Selecting CVs and call for interview for Creative designer post.
  • Work on subtitle of Impact documentary (Katalyst).


Experiences on individual projects

Advertisement Research:

At first I have assigned for The Daily Prothom –alo newspaper advertisements update. I was going through everyday’s newspaper and find out big &colored advertisements. Then I putted them in a Microsoft excel file according to company name, address, contact number and given agency name. The purpose of this assignment is to find out the companies who are giving advertisements without linking any agencies. So we can target these companies and make our future client. I was updating The Prothom-alo newspaper from 01 May to 20 August.

Outcome: I have learned the current conditions of advertising agencies and companies from this assigned work. My observation is the telecom company, Bilders Company and furniture’s company gives big and colorful advertisement almost everyday. Asiatic, Bitopi, Grey, PaperRyme etc. advertising agencies lead the market. Our Company can look forward for different bank, universities, and furniture’s companies to make their clients.

Face book Page Plan:

This is my first project with my co-worker Tasnim. Our supervisor told us to visit national and international companies face book page and find out the reasons of increasing member and popularity. We visited many face book page like Bollywood, BMW, Gucci, Prothom-alo, Aarong Cadbury etc and find out almost same materials like company profile, mission, vision, photos, discussions etc. These things were not in ZANALA Bangladesh ltd. page. So, some new things that is missions, visions, company profile, photos of our works and office activities, videos and giving messages in special occasions. Our plan was not 100% successful and supervisor told us to make unique and dynamic plan. But some ideas were implemented and within three months there is more then 200 members joined our face book page.

Outcome: When I was making face book page, visits many national and international companies. Here I can see information, pictures and regular updates everyday which enhances my knowledge about these companies. People can find the latest news of ZANALA Bangladesh ltd after seeing this page and its now a new communication tools.

CV Sorting

ZANALA Bangladesh ltd gave advertisements in for accountant, copywriter and creative designer post. More then 900 CVs have come to career e-mail. I have assigned for sorting all the CVs and selection. First I leveled all the CVs according to their post in e-mail, go through all the CVs and saved in different three folders. Then my supervisor told me to choose 20 each CV of accountants and creative designers according to their requirements. I selected 20 accounts and creative designer CV and submitted to my supervisor. Also making call for interview on selected time and date for creative designer.

Outcome: After seeing all the CVs I have learned that when any company gives advertisement for a post, we should understand all the requirements and expectations. I saw many CVs which were not matched with the requirement and these CVs were automatically canceled. Also know that the process the recruitment system, expectations of the company etc.

Database update:

  • Private Bank: This is a big assignment of mine that in making a database of the entire private bank of Dhaka. I have to collect name, designation, department, address, contact number, e-mail and web address of executive members and ATM card & Machine. For collecting information I went some bank physically, some from Internet and phone call. I gathered almost 26 private banks like Dutch Bangla Bank, United commercial Bank, Brac Bank, City bank, HSBC Bank, National bank etc. It took 15-18 days to complete and Tasnim helped me a lot in this assignment.

Outcome: Making bank database is very difficult to me because they are    very restricted to give any information. Even they were not interest to talk about their executive members. But I was able to collects the information. My communication skill has been improved and bank website visits made my vast knowledge about bank.

  • Contact Card: All the contact cards of office arrange according to alphabet and kept on Card holder. Then made a database by putting company name, contact person, designation, address and contact information. More then 1500 card sorts and it took 25 days for completing.

Outcome: I realized the importance of contact card for an organization. Now I know many organization name, person name etc.

  • MRP Questions: Our office is working with Machine Readable Passport project. We are making learning videos and online question-answer database. I have updated four category questions that are Reporting, Payment, Query and Approval.

Outcome: Gather knowledge about the process of Machine Readable Passport making.


Impact Katalyst:

It is a documentary of Katalyst based on some farmers who were using Banglalink 767 helpline (Giving Suggestions of problems regarding of farming).This is the joint venture project of Katalyst-Banglalink to help and improved the agricultural sector. Many people got benefitted by using this helpline and improved their farming and life. ZANALA Bangladesh ltd. is making a documentary and in this big project there is a small contribution of mine. I worked in subtitle of the video. Making corrections and re-write the subtitle.

Outcome: Improved my language and communication skill because Katalyst gave video script corrections in several times. Frequent work was very helpful for me.


Content Upload:

  • Shore to Shore: It is a sister concern of BSRM steel and our office has made a dynamic website. I upload content that is text and pictures. There are six categories in pictures and I upload Product (Tag, Woven, Screen print) and Gallery photos and many texts in About us sections.
  • Ejab Group: Upload text in About us and Company sections (Food Divisions, Real Estate). Add photos in Products Category.
  • Apollo Hospital: ZANALA Bangladesh ltd has worked for Apollo Hospital InfoCenter. There are many corrections in this database. I have worked with our web developer to check spelling mistake and content update.

 Outcome: It is a new experience that is working on website. It is very difficult to match client’s requirement and designer creativity. Working with web developer was very difficult and critical because single mistake can made big problem.


Client Visit:

I went many renowned and donor agencies as a representative of ZANALA Bangladesh ltd. Some times went for client meeting with Business Development Officer and sometimes went to give materials. In three months I have visited Shore to Shore, Energy Pac, Asian Development Bank, tanderbazar,, Katalyst and Swicecontact etc. office.

Outcome: Client visit makes my confidence level high because I met many people and talked with them. Also visiting these well known companies was new experiences to me.


  • Calculate monthly expenses with admin officer.
  • Collected some NGO’s information in Pakistan, India, China and Africa that is billboard information, campaign theme from internet.
  • Translate Code of Conduct from English to Bangla.
  • Making summery of Caritas Bangladesh.
  • Typing SMC proposal.

Outcome: Have an experience of office expenses and administration system. Pakistani NGO’s work is different because of their religious value. Already China has declared that one child is enough. Gather knowledge about the work proposals.



Linked with My learning

After all the discussions I can say that my three months internship experience at ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd. has given a lot of experience and my works were totally connected with my education. These is,

It’s a combination of Traditional Media and New Media. Documentary, Logo design, Brochure design, Audio, Calendar etc are the examples of traditional media. New media tools are Web site design, InfoCenter or Kiosk. I gather knowledge about documentary subtitle, bank data base update of InfoCenter and website. I have applied my educational knowledge in practical work. Today every organization wants to make TVC, RDC, Print advertisements and also wants to make website. New media holds out a possibility of on-demand access to content any time, anywhere, on any digital device, as well as interactive user feedback, creative participation and community formation around the media content. So that people cant know all the information by using any medium.

Advertisement research in another work which is helped me a lot to know about the level of advertisements, current situations of market.

I was working with admin, team work, time management and cope with official environment is related with my business studies subjects (Minor Courses).I can  understand their management system. That learning helped me a lot during my internship period.

I have got an experience about communication agencies. How business development unit is communicate with clients, then discuss the requirements to designers and web developer, production process run and then finally deliver the products to clients.

I liked the working system and environment of communication agencies. It will be very comfortable and exciting for me if I can work any agency like this.

Visiting immense and reputed companies was also an achievement for me because I saw their office environment and works. I have visited these offices as a representative of ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd.

The internship fulfill all of my expectations which I had before started my internship.


Self evaluation

  • I have learned from Internship

I have experienced from practical environment with theoretical education. Assisting Business Development department as a junior and doing necessary research and paper works in understanding the current scenario of Advertising Industry in Bangladesh. Now I can work on Microsoft excel without fear. My communication skill, time management and observation power has improved.

  • Advantages of doing your internship at your chosen host

I wanted to gain experiences about communication agencies and ZANALA Bangladesh Ltd. gave me the opportunity to accomplish my expectation.

  • In a scale of 1 to 10, how will you rate your internship experience?

I will me rate 8 out of ten. Because I think I was regular and I worked a lot throughout the working period. I never thought myself as an intern, rather I thought myself as a part of the organization. I always maintain rules and regulations and am focused on my responsibilities. In future I can apply my experiences. So, I think the rating truly reflect my experience.

  • Please provide any suggestion, if you have any for ULAB.

Internship experience is very important in our four year educations. We have done it at the end of our education. But I personally realized that it should be on the middle of our education. So that a student can indentifies own strong and weak areas and improved themselves.