Report on Newspaper Website

Report on Newspaper Website


News papers are important for us to remain updated with news and information. The issues of the topic which are printed is basically current, weekly, monthly, yearly depending on the theme. The categories format of the news helps us to make good points on several issues. It is more convenient for us to be expressive, informative and moreover free to make comments on different world wide issues. It is also important for us to know about the world. Newspaper is a significant source which enables us to identify and analyze the major day to day news of the world.

Origin of the report

The report titled as, “NEWS PAPER WEBSITE”, is to be submitted on Lecturer, School of Business who authorized and assigned me to do this report.

Background of the report

The report titled as, “NEWS PAPER WEBSITE”, is originated from the partial requirement of the course Web Technology. It is actually a joint student – faculty learning experience, where the students learn the impact of how to make web sites on a particular topic.

Objective of the report

This report seeks overall information about web site designing. By this report we tried to represent the actual way of how a web site is made. Basically there are two objectives behind doing this report, and they are as follows:

  • The first and the foremost objective of the report is to fulfill the partial requirement   of the course Web Technology.
  • The second objective of the report is to understand how a web site is created.

Benefit of the report

The best part of this report is that the students get the opportunity to visualize the scenario of the web site  making  through the analysis. It also helps the students to understand the concept of web technological application in the practical field. This will help the students to enhance their knowledge.

Limitations of the report

Although it was really an interesting experience to find out how web pages are made but I had to face my share of limitations while preparing the report and those limitations were:

  • Time Constraints.
  • Lack of proper comprehensiveness.
  • The required information were quite scattered and hence to compile it was quite a difficult a task.

Source of Data

 I have collected some primary data from the internet and other reference news . Which data are related to my problems I have also used some news papers.

I have collected most of the data from the two specific papers. I have collected there theme of presentation, there present observations, there pattern and there related fields.

Data Used

In a short time it was not possible to analysis lot data. I have also collected some data from the huge source of data. But I didn’t use all of the data which I  collected. So I used some important and relevant data to complete my analysis. Mainly I focused on the presentation .

Some important information about news papers

 It is an adequate important source for gathering information.

 It is the cheapest way of getting information.

 The criteria of language is more easy to understand.

 The issues are based on current events including other topics.

 It important for all of us to read news paper in order to be more precise and informative.

 Information are the most important aspects in order to remain updated which can be done by reading newspapers.

 It creates  a nostalgic feeling among us.

 How the report is made ?

The report is done on the basis of the local newspaper. The website is the most easiest way to attract readers of all ages to read various topics ,especially those who use the net. It is mostly important as it impresses certain group of people who does not read the news paper usually. The report mentions the framework of the news paper website. By analyzing it is being found that how useful it is and in what format the information are shown.

The website design

 A website of a newspaper is designed in such  a way that it shows a variety of exquisite formats the way it is presented. The outline of the pages of the site is framed in an unified manner. Different topics are shown on the screen and they all are presented with different headlines. The format of the paper is completely different on the web as it has some especial advantages.

The format

       Usually a newspaper is of 1-20 pages .It consists of different

       pages, with the headlines at the front and as well as at the back

       page. But on the web ,these pages can be seen by clicking the high

       lighted topics-like for sports journal we can proceed with the help

       of sports news. A web page of a news paper can be more specific

       than what we read in the normal news paper.

The Web Site

      The web site is made in a categorized way .It has got eight forms  of highlighted ways to enter the topics :

  1. Front Page
  2. Top Stories
  3. Local Sports
  4. Entertainment
  5. Weather
  6. Opinion Column
  7. Editor’s Column
  8. World News

 The “Daily News” paper is segmented in various different parts. It’s mostly organized with different topics. Each topic is presented in the format of which is  mostly the same.

The Web Site Topics

  “Front page” there is usually 5-8 topics but each is covered accordingly with the size of the news. If the news is of much importance, it is given

    in more than 2-3 pages with pictures.

  “Top Stories” says all about the days topics.

  “Local Sports” emphasizes on the sports within the nation.

  “Entertainment” informs about the showbiz.

  “The Weather” says about the climatic changes and how the

    forecast of the weather will be.

  “Opinion Column” talks about issues which concerns opinion of   the public.

  “The Editor’s Column”  give significances to certain topic based


  “The World News” informs us about the on going events around

    the world.

The advertisements

   The advertisements given on the web are more better then those given on the paper. They look more creative, strategically sound and expressive as  they try to illustrate on the main idea.

The impact of the Advertisements

   These types of ad creates a greater impact over the readers. The consists of different categories for presenting the news. The format is attractively  shown to draw attention and to create a curiosity among those who read them .

The Topics

The topics usually covered by a news paper are basically on political issues, crimes, educational programs, cultural news, columnist news, business and trade news, talk shows, job news, entertainments, horoscopes, sports etc

Finding news on the web

So news paper is separated with different news topics and in the web it is more easier to find them rather than in the paper. The web helps us to move towards the specific news which we want to read and now, but in a news paper we have to go through various topics and pages.

The Paper Analysis

 I have gone through our daily news paper “daily news” and it gave me a complete idea of how a news paper is presented ,in the usual format as well as on the net. I found that the information or data are the same in both but the format is different.


Our Views

While achieving good sources of information while doing this assignment we have concluded with the fact that news paper is an outstanding aspect for the society and one of the most intimate and adequate necessity  for all of us. It is not only to serve the nation but it talks what we want to say. It creates an opportunity for all of us to be informative and full of knowledge in every stage of life.


Both formats are the well formed for the readers. From the readers view both are well. But we don’t compare their applications as common. We compared their  advancement. We tried representing their ways of presentation to the readers. Mainly both formats use proper summarization to complete there activities. Web  follow latest technological service such as web sites, but paper doesn’t follow those technological uses.


 So news paper website is needed for all of us and it is not abided with age limit. Most importantly the whole world is getting mostly dependent on the internet So in order to stay more attached to the current world creating news paper website has become a vital issue for all of us. There for the “daily news” includes all simple examples which includes technology which is the systematic application of scientific or other organized knowledge to practical task. The web site can be the most organized form of presenting news and information to the readers. It is mostly needed for our world as the world is on the door way of technological advancement. It clearly states the sign of better future for the whole human race and news paper web site is one of the most significant example of technological advancement as it gives us the proper way to get information about the world in which we live today.

Report on Newspaper Website