Relationship Process of Advertising Agency in Bangladesh

Relationship Process of Advertising Agency in Bangladesh

Relationship Process of Advertising Agency in Bangladesh

The Study Focus on Rectangle Communications Limited

Rectangle Communications Limited, a new player in the advertising industry has been providing quality brand management services to their clients. It has been keeping pace with the versatile advertising agency business in Bangladesh which is changing rapidly every day.

The present scenario of the dynamic advertising business of Bangladesh is totally different from that of the earlier decades of 80’s and 90’s. RCL is becoming a prominent figure in the marketing solutions providing industry of Bangladesh.

To win a client’s account they go through a bid process. The information is conducted to them either by a personal call or newspaper advertisement, especially in the case of bigger clients. The client and agency relationship revolves around all the steps and procedures the agency undergoes while starting from the official proposal stage and finishing the process by delivering the final product or services to the clients.

The ideas are given a tangible and tentative representation via photos, descriptions, and PowerPoint presentation. It starts with a meeting between the agency’s client service department and the client where the needs are defined; leading to the creative team’s brainstorming sessions and finally the execution process done by the operation team. The creative department gives it a shape as delegated and explained by the creative people. The client service department does the follow up time to time so that the client is aware of the progress and thus makes change when needed. The client service appoints a dedicated contact person with whom the client can communicate anytime about anything that is related to the project.

The communication by Rectangle is also analyzed across the report followed by recommendations that might help have better efficiency and output.



Rectangle Communications Ltd. is the one stop solution for brand management, event management, public relations, advertisement, documentary, media and creativity. The company prides itself in their ability to deliver quality products and services that match the best interests of their client base. Their company ethos revolves round delivering the most effective, customized and target oriented solutions to their clients. It is one of the fewest agencies that provide a 360 degree communication solution in Bangladesh.

Rectangle started its journey in 1st February, 2011 as a fully fledged ad agency. It started servicing the multinational companies of Bangladesh and provided various services such as brand management services, corporate gift box, artwork and design for several office materials, designing logos, event launching, road show, billboard ad, newspaper ad etc.

Rectangle is a multi dimensional communications company providing proactive, pragmatic and total communication solutions to a multitude of local and regional clients. The range of Rectangle services transcends the frontiers of advertising to cover social communication, events, public relations, corporate relations, direct marketing, formative research, media planning, product planning etc.

The mission statement of RCL is “Our success comes from helping our clients to be successful”


Objectives of the study

The present paper seeks to highlight the collection of client and relationship process of advertising agency. The main objectives of this study are:

  • To detect the client collection procedure of an advertising agency in perspective of
  • To identify and assess the client service relationship of advertising agency.



According to the nature of the study and type of information required, personal interviews with the concerned executives was conducted. Also collected from:

  • Information gathered while working as an intern
  • Company’s previous annual reports and other printed materials
  • Web research on advertising firm


Scope of the report

The scope of the report is limited to the detailed information of the media planning research department only. However the report also includes an overview of other departments. Their working methods, client collection procedure and the inter activities within the organization as a whole.



Customer satisfaction is essential. Rectangle delivers superior value to its customers through creativity, technology and reliability. It grows and prospers by serving the needs of its customers better than their competitors while effectively controlling the costs. The company strives to exceed their customer’s expectations in affordability, quality and on time delivery. RCL always observe every project with their client’s eyes to serve the best solution for their needs.



Rectangle’s success is totally dependent on their diverse specialists. This diversity allows them to perceive a problem from different angles and thus develop efficient and holistic solutions.

That is the reason why they could create superior products and services and routinely seek ways to better performance.



Rectangle regards their suppliers as essential part of their work. Their suppliers deserve fair and equitable treatment, clear agreements and honest feedback on performance.


Corporate brand management services

Rectangle designs holistic branding strategies and programs for corporate leaders and business owners to leverage the power of their corporate brands as a strategic weapon in building successful and sustainable businesses. By carefully designing and managing brand portfolios for each of their clients, Rectangle helps create messages and strategies that connect with the competitive marketplace and increase profits.

Followings are the activities RCL performs under brand Management Services:

  • Planning, conceptualization and execution.

The corporate brand management services that Rectangle provides are:

  • Advertising campaign, brand promotion activities, billboard advertisement, events management, product launches and road shows via mobile display vans.


Services provided by RCL –

Event Management

Rectangle has a great team that is expert in event management and organizing it. It provides a wide range of services to ensure that every campaign, event or project is a complete success.

They can assist their clients with the details that can often become a hassle such as contract administration and production based issues like sourcing and coordinating suppliers and vendors including day of the event.


Event Services

  • Venue and accommodation management
  • Executive support
  • Signage and furnishing
  • Sponsorship management
  • Logistics management
  • Budget management
  • Sourcing of promotional items
  • Staffing



  • Innovative concept and design
  • Branding and theme development
  • Print production
  • Copy writing
  • Photography and video
  • Print and web design
  • Graphic design



  • Artist management
  • Speaker management
  • Show producing
  • Audio and visual
  • Lighting design and production
  • Entertainment programs


Technological services

  • Web cast
  • Online survey
  • Contract centre
  • Online payment
  • Scheduler
  • Event website portal management
  • Attendee tracking
  • Registration manager



TV advertisement is generally considered the most effective mass market advertising format and this is reflected by the high prices TV networks charge for commercial airtime during popular TV events. Rectangle understands the art of generating sustained ideas in advertisements which will remain in the minds of television viewers long after the span of the advertising campaign.

They understand the usage of humor and emotions as tools in their creative work based on client’s need. RCL also knows the techniques of non commercial advertisements which are services aimed to inform, educate and motivate the public about issues such as HIV/AIDS, climate change, energy conservation and family planning etc. Rectangle also does billboard advertisement as they understand the science of it.


Strategic planning

  • Branding development
  • Marketing plans and budgets
  • Market and product analysis
  • Incentive and sales programs
  • Consulting


Creative development

  • Broadcast
  • Brochures
  • Billboard advertising
  • Website design
  • Online advertising and video


Media planning

  • Strategic analysis
  • Media negotiation & buying
  • Online media planning
  • Competitor research
  • Customer surveys
  • Focus groups


Interactive communications

  • Website development
  • Optimization
  • Web Analytics



Rectangle has an expert team who can turn the documentary subject in to a fascinating and compelling film that is easily understandable for all. The whole team researches the documentary subject as thoroughly as possible and gathers relevant knowledge on the subject matter before starting the work. They also create a structure for client’s film before shooting which work as guidelines but RCL also understands that it is what they shoot that informs the final structure of the film. They have an expert team that is able to develop innovative ways to documenting film within client’s project parameters. Throughout the process of research and development Rectangle keep their clients involved and incorporate their valuable feedback when making the film.


Media production

Every production is unique. Rectangle analyzes client’s needs and determines the best way to achieve fulfillment. During the pre production phase, their staff develops a battle plan and offers only the services the clients need. They then give the clients a detailed outline of their production with timelines, services included for the entire production, and delivery specifications. Some of the individual services offered in pre production like storyboards, script writing, research and development, and location scouting. All their production crews are professionals and experts in their field of work. RCL offers full service crews that include directors, cinematographers, production manager, costume designer and production audio. They use only the crew members needed to get the production done right, no more, no less.

Additionally, Rectangle is well versed in all formats and styles of filmmaking. No production is too big or small. Rectangle additionally offers a full range of post production services. During picture editing, they work with the clients so that RCL get their client’s vision right.

They invite their clients to give them feedback during post production and work together to see their production through. In terms of audio, the audio mixers and editors adhere to strict television broadcast standards and deliver a final mix that shines. Their music composers and extensive sound effects bring the production to life as well as their team of graphic designers. Lastly, Rectangle is experienced in all delivery formats.


Public relation services

Rectangle’s team of dedicated professionals comprises industry veterans with combined experience in the field of public relations and communications over the years. Serving a vast array of industry clients from manufacturing to retail, finance to telecom sector, institutional to government they employ proprietary tools that almost always guarantee outstanding and effective results. At Rectangle Communications Ltd, clients can expect a high standard of professionalism, swift and creative execution, prompt delivery and above all, a dedication to personalized client servicing. They aim to give their client’s businesses a boost with a strategic campaign and by providing consultancy in developing essential marketing communications tools.



In today’s competitive business environment, it is imperative for a company to develop its brand by leveraging on public relations to make it stand out in the cluttered marketplace.

Rectangle Communications Ltd. can provide a compelling and consistent voice. They carefully devised communication strategies and use a variety of channels and tools for both internal and external communications.


Media conference

Rectangle Communications Ltd. is experienced in organizing and planning all kinds of press conferences, media previews and parties in a creative and effective way to maximize attendance and results. They take care of details like venue, program, catering, invitations, goodie bags, photography, video capturing etc.


Corporate Gift

RCL is focused on its clients and their corporate gift or promotional requirements, aiming to exceed expectations of service while providing cost effective and innovative promotional products and gifts within short turnaround times. RCL has carefully selected the right tools to help brand the client’s business or send personal of ‘Thank you’ gifts as part of the client’s marketing strategy. Many of Rectangle’s suggestions for business gifts are unique.


Findings and Analysis –

Client collection procedure in Bangladesh

  • Door to door self marketing: Door to door self marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of advertising and promotion. By reaching out to smaller targeted audiences advertisers have improved their creative approaches to utilize more strengths of direct response.
  • Personal network: Advertising agency authority have good network with different level person, such as family relation, friend circle, professional network etc. by which advertising agency get order.
  • Political relationship: Political relation response to collect client in an advertising firm, generally it become unethical work in our country but this practice is going smoothly in our country.
  • Word of mouth: Word of mouth also a great procedure for collecting client. It is depend on goodwill and publicity of an advertising agency. When a marketer decides to market their product they search or ask some people about excellent advertising firm by which they get good services.
  • Online search result: A marketing manager tries to find out a good advertising agency by using online. Advertising firm makes a well website, so that people can find them easily.


Findings of client collection procedure in Bangladesh

After researching on client collection procedure, I found that maximum agency practice traditional system and follow unethical way to collect client. Either they create pressure or give huge amount of commission for getting work order. At that point agency may gain few profit or not, as a result they provide lower level service to respective company. Political issue is most important to get client, especially government activities. Face value is also related with getting client which may create worthless work.


Client and Agency Relationship

Rectangle Communications Ltd. has always been one of the best firms in Bangladesh for providing 360 degree marketing solutions to their clients. The company provides integrated marketing solutions to various operating companies. From road shows to office material design, from logo design to making TVC, Rectangle is shining its path and becoming a new player in the advertising industry of Bangladesh.

The emerging advertising firm has a state of the art of organizational framework and all the projects are executed on the basis of this framework. The client agency relationship starts just when the client makes a call or asks for assistance in any marketing solution. A client approaches various communication firms to find out the optimum offers in terms of catering their requirements as well as cost. In order to be selected among the competition each advertising agency needs to present their ideas to the client. For this process, a client might check the website or the fan page on Facebook. If they think the company is capable of providing them the required service then they make a call or send an e-mail. This is when the relationship starts.

RCL’s involvement begins when the client service department comes into the action and ends, when the final product or service is delivered on the hands of the clients. It is also important to be noticed that the after sell service is also included into the client agency relationship.


The whole process of client agency relationship

Step 01

The entire procedure begins when a client on behalf of a firm communicates with the agency, in this case Rectangle. They usually mention the following issues:

  • The product
  • Target group
  • Budget issues
  • Present condition in the market
  • Probable competitions
  • Brand image
  • Intended communication route


Step 02

A personal meeting is conducted within the organization itself with the head of the concerned departments about feasibility and profit margins. However they cannot serve two products for the same industry, such as Rectangle cannot serve same product for Grameenphone and Robi as their client. The Client service department comes to the action and contacts the client and jot down the required information about the product or service that is needed and passes it to the media planning and research team and creative team.


Step 03: Brain Storming Session

This session involves people from all the departments. The meeting involves discussion of ideas and finally narrowing down to the final point. Ideas are sometimes influenced via the following sources:

  • Client requirements
  • Researches
  • Competitor stances

The final point is agreed up and action plan is decided, delegated and explained. However approval from client is mandatory before starting the work. Sometimes the ideas require to be influenced by the agency because the clients might not find them meaningful.


Step 04: Execution

After the route is decided the creative section set the works. In this process many new ideas are injected and many discarded. Sometimes ideas become dull after turned to a tangible form. Either the forms are changed or editing is done to make it more effective.

Some of the activities in this step are:

  • Mood boards: Board with images to aid or limit the imaginations of the client.
  • Sample Images


Step 05: Client Service Department

The made items (posters, fliers, danglers) are explained to the service department. This is mainly done, so that the communication is made meaningful. Questions that might arise from the client end needs to be addressed immediately.


Step 06: Presentation

After everything is done as planned the presentation is prepared. Certain items such as billboard images, fliers etc are compiled in a presentation slide. Television Commercials are communicated via mood boards with headings and relevant images from stock photos. It is designed as closely as possible to the idea the agency has in mind. Preparing a dummy is quite costly and hence avoided.


Step 07: Activation

After the client is completely convinced that the product or service is up to their standard and this is what they actually asked for, they give the final approval. This is when the operation team goes to the field and does the job of ordering, manufacturing, media booking and buying and finally delivering it to the client.



Integrated marketing communication process have become popular among marketers at recent times as it provides marketers the option of using different promotional tools to attract consumers rather than using only advertising. Therefore, in the present world, advertising agencies have become an important player in the communication process as they are the one who can provide continuous support to the marketers to showcase their message to the consumers in the most effective and affordable ways. As Bangladesh is an emerging market for advertisement industry, Rectangle Communications Ltd. has to take some step to cope up with the huge competition. Some recommendations are suggested below:

Maintaining SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is most popular work for internet searching policy. It helps to find out any advertising firm by using Google or Yahoo search engine. At that stage, agency should follow specific key word which is bearing few competitors but client search more in a month. As a result company may get more clients by web site searching.

Should present video graphic presentation of past excellent work: A marketer may create a link of previous work on marketing or promotional actives video grapy which is done by the advertising agency.

Arrange training on marketing strategy: A marketing expert may arrange training on marketing tools or technique which will add value for a particular company.

Corporate gift may give to manager of marketing relationship: We can give a gift to the top level management and after that this company has a chance to give work order.

Push the better ideas of agency: As Rectangle is headed by an established entity, they should not lower their benchmark in order to meet client requirements. They need to protect their quality of work and reputation simultaneously. The options that they provide to clients should range within their quality maintenance in parameters.

Construction of a comprehensive long term plan: For every client, at the end of the year a full comprehensive plan can be presented of the following year to move ahead.

Need adequate or correct marketing research: Before each campaign, a comprehensive market research is needed to understand the position of the brand in the market. In that way safer and better measures can be taken and planned accordingly.

Enhance the skill of the employees: Since there is a lot of work, the employee resource needs to be properly utilized. Processes also need to be simplified and explained to the employees to develop their skills and handle new ventures well. Workshops should be organized at a regular basis so that employees can further develop their skills and use it for the betterment of the organization.

Enhance the coordination between departments and relevant team: Since different departments work on different parts of a project a regular update mail by each of the departments would help keep everyone well informed about what the other departments are doing and together execute a successful campaign.

Expend new advertising world: Market should be open by which agency get client to provide extraordinary work or idea. Political or linked practice should be stop.



It’s been just 40 years of liberation and 36 years of advertising. In the last decade, we have learned to think differently. Our human resources are developing very fast. They are now more learned and skilled. It is for sure that if these people get some academic lessons on advertising, then they will surely perform very well in the near future. This study has helped me to know the in depth of corporate world, advertising agency, client agency relationship, opportunities to improve further in engaging customers with brands and future business opportunities in the market. Basically, an advertising agency is involved with the activity of advertising, brand development, branding and designing, retail solutions, database management, specialized event management and solutions.