Relationship marketing on Unilever Bangladesh

Relationship marketing on Unilever Bangladesh


Unilever Bangladesh still believes that success means acting with ‘the highest standards of corporate behavior towards its employees, consumers and the societies and world in which we live’. Over the years it has launched or participated in an ever-growing range of initiatives to source sustainable supplies of raw materials, protect environments, support local communities and much more.

Increasing competition and the advent of modern trade has compelled customer management to shift from “Traditional Sales” to “Trade Marketing”. With more trade sophistication, the role of Customer Development is evolving into Relationship Marketing where Channel Development, Merchandising, and Distributor Development play a crucial part in keeping the company ahead of competition and in outpacing market change.

For customer development one needs:

  • Great passion to achieve targets.
  • Very strong people management skills, good analytical ability.
  • Strong customer orientation and the ability to develop action plans that can meet both the needs of our customers and the business.
  • Real enthusiasm and the pace for competitiveness at retail.
  • Practical creativity that focuses on results.
  • Real drive to lead a team.
  • Willingness to work anywhere in Bangladesh.

For Brands and Development functions, one needs to have:

  • A real interest in consumers as well as intuitive understanding of their behaviour, and what works (and doesn’t!) in specific markets.
  • Very strong interpersonal skills and the ability to lead cross functional team.
  • Strong analytical ability.
  • For those interested in Development, technical skills in areas of work (packaging development and process development).
  • Creativity inspired by a passion for growth.

Understand consumer trends

Unilever identifies consumer trends regionally and Brand Managers have to work with those insight and build the brand for the local markets

An exciting interaction with consumers

Presenting the exciting Unilever Brands to the local market, the Brand managers work with regional development teams to bring more exciting brands to the market, covering a range of innovation activities across the entire portfolio.

Unilever Bangladesh meets with its Retail Customers

Constantly challenging & exciting

Distribution plays an essential role in delivering sales and promotions activities planned for our customers. In an effort to outpace the competitors at the market place, evolving relationships with retailers make Distribution constantly challenging and exciting.

For Supply Chain you need the following skills:

  • A high level of numeric proficiency and strong analytical ability
  • Strong Negotiation skills
  • Relationship and alliance management skills
  • An entrepreneurial approach to the innovation and cost saving opportunities in supply markets
  • The ability to work with other business cultures, and to organize effective links between them and our business
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Constant improvement

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Customer relationship:

Supply chain is a key strategic driver in a company like ours which produces over one hundred Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) to meet the everyday needs of people everywhere. Proper planning, improvising Procurement Processes, First Time Right Manufacturing and timely Distribution are crucial strategies that significantly affect the profitability of the company

Supply Chain is responsible for all the stages from sourcing raw materials to delivering the end product to the end consumer – a process often referred to as Planning, Procurement, Manufacturing and Distribution.

Efficiency & outstanding service

In supply chain, using advanced technology and systems, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that factories run efficiently and customers receive outstanding service. In other words, you would contribute significantly in optimizing the supply chain, expediting innovation and meeting efficiently customer needs. You will be at the heart of the process of bringing new products to the market, dealing with buying, manufacturing, development and marketing/customer management organizations.

Brands that meet people’s needs

The Customer Development team makes sure that we, as a company, meet the everyday needs of people everywhere through ensuring that our brands are always within the reach of our customers and consumers. To do so, pioneering new channels of distribution, ensuring visibility of our brands through attractive merchandising, and developing our distributors to enhance our penetration and coverage are crucial responsibilities entrusted upon our Customer Development team.

Relationship marketing on Unilever Banglades