Recruitment Process of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited

Recruitment Process of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited

Human resource management is a function in organizations designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer’s strategic objectives. HR is primarily concerned with the management of people within organizations, focusing on policies and on systems. HR departments and units in organizations typically undertake a number of activities, including employee benefits design employee recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, and rewarding (like, managing pay and benefit systems). Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited is an advertising company and got internship chance as HR intern. Asiatic is one of the leading marketing communication firms of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh Asiatic has been operating in the business environment over the last four decades. The group consists of 13 companies that facilitate its clients with Communication, Activation, PR, Audio-Visual Production, Media consultancy and Broadcasting. Today Asiatic has over 875 employees and it takes pride in being one of the preferred employers in Bangladesh. Among all the functional departments, Human Resources department of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited plays a vital role in the total organizational functioning of the company. Recruitment and selection forms a core part of the central activities underlying human resource management which Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited handles smartly in a structured way. Recruitment is the process of generating a pool of capable people to apply for employment to an organization. Selection is the process by which managers and others use specific instruments to choose from a pool of applicants a person or persons more likely to succeed in the job(s), given management goals and legal requirements. Recruitment and selection can play a pivotally important role in shaping an organization‟s effectiveness and performance. That is why an organization should properly plan about their recruitment and selection strategies and Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited is very conscious about it. The recruitment and selection process starts from the advertising and then ends with the selecting or hiring employees. Recruitment and selection is a continuous process in Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited that happens round the year. Throughout this report, I have done some statistical analysis based on the recruitment and selection process of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited and assigned project „Recruitment and Selection Process of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited‟. Later on some recommendations has been made that will be helpful for the company in future. With the help of the recruitment record I did some statistical analysis of last three months (August‟11 – November‟11). During last three months, Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited has selected 32 employees in different functions of their organization. Among all the functions, Marketing has highest number of selected employees during this period of time. An analysis has been shown on the most reliable source of potential candidates for Asiatic 3sixty. Internal Referrals and Career Counseling Centers of different universities leading as the most effective source of candidates followed by Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited is quite successful in finding out talents for their organization. Finally, a statistic showed that in most of the cases Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited HR has successfully provided desired candidates in different vacant positions. The incident ascertains that Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited HR is prompt and efficient in their recruitment and selection process.


Asiatic is one of the leading marketing communication firms of Bangladesh. Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited is one of the wings that are the ultimate solution to all communication needs of Asiatic 3sixty. The company started its operation in 1966 and now has grown to become nation‟s one of the leading advertising companies, carrying out more than 35% of country‟s total communication need, that means all marketing and social communication. In Bangladesh, Asiatic has been operating in the business environment over the last four decades. The group consists of 13 companies that facilitate its clients with Communication, Activation, PR, AudioVisual Production, Media consultancy and Broadcasting. Today, Asiatic has over 875 employees and it takes pride in being one of the preferred employers in Bangladesh.

It is also associated with J. Walter Thompson (JWT), world‟s best-known marketing communications agency, with nearly 150 years of experience pioneering in brand-building marketing communications (Asiatic 360, 2016). The relationship that Asiatic has developed with the leading business houses, industrial undertakings, NGOs, Government bodies, industrialists, Entrepreneurs, businessman, marketers, executives and bureaucrats is supreme. Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited is the oldest and largest communication agency in Bangladesh which provides all kinds of communication needs to its clients. The company is constantly building upon its portfolio and has worked with more than 50 brands including Unilever, BATB, Grameenphone, HSBC, BCCP, Nestle, BRAC, UNFPA, Nokia, Unicef, UNDP, Airtel, Transparency International Bangladesh, PepsiCo and so on. Asiatic Marketing Communication Ltd. an advertising firm that provides customized solution in almost all arenas of advertising including Billboard, Magazine, Newspaper, Television, Radio and many more. The company listed under categories:

  • Advertising: The activity or profession of producing information for promoting the sale of commercial products or services. (Business
  • Adverting Television (TV): Television advertisement or TV commercial is called commercial or TV ad in Bangladesh and TVC by industry insiders. It is about relaying a specific social, political or sales pitch in a limited amount of time, broadly ranging in between few seconds to several minutes. More expensive than other form of promotion, it is produced and paid for by the organizations called advertiser or marketer and streamed from a television network. The purpose is to generate demand for a product, service, idea or cause. Advertising regulations define the laws and rules under which a product can be advertised.
  • Direct Marketing: A form of advertising in which physical marketing materials are provided to consumers in order to communicate information about a product or service. (Investopedia) Direct marketing does not involve advertisements placed on the internet, on television or over the radio. Types of direct marketing materials include catalogues, mailers and fliers.
  • Publicity Service: Publicity objectives can never be bordered solely on promoting goods but also this service helps to create an eloquent image through editorial or independent source commentary. The type of publicity or promotion that relies on public relations has a greater emphasis if can be carried by mass media. Nevertheless the control and placement power relies on the hand of promoter or media but this procedure has a relaxed breathing space in terms of story line where as the publicist can control the content.

Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited‟s role is to ensure that more people spend more time with its clients’ brands and its purpose is to create ideas that people want to spend some more time with. They have a belief that the better the idea the more time people will spend with it.

History of the Company:

Asiatic started its journey in 15th March, 1966 as East Asiatic. It started servicing the generic business in the absence of brands (for instance – jute mills; they worked on a campaign to communicate the important role of jute mills in people‟s lives). In 1994, East Asiatic was transformed into Asiatic Marketing Communications Ltd. Asiatic was one of the very first companies to seek international partners. In 1996, Asiatic built international partnership with J Walter Thompson Later in 2005, the agency was “re-launched” by dropping the name J. Walter Thompson in exchange for JWT. As being a part of the JWT family, the oldest advertising agency in the world, it has pioneered many of the advertising innovations in Bangladesh. JWT, the fourth largest marketing communications network in the world, has nearly 10,000 employees in more than 200 offices in over 90 countries, serving over 1,200 clients. Asiatic 3sixty is a multi-dimensional communications company providing proactive, pragmatic and total communication solutions to a multitude of local, regional and international clients.

Aim of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited:

To help growth of scientific communication and marketing where service or product benefits are married to consumer needs to bring about desired behavioral change or to build great brands (

Philosophy of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited:

A communication consultant must provide solutions that are comprehensive, ideas that are enduring, campaign that are effective and create environment that is sustainable and brands that becomes institutions. They believe that an advertisement should not only stand out from the others but also be memorable and should stimulate the target audiences or consumers‟ mind towards a positive action. They also believe that a strategy or an advertisement, however attraction will fail in its purpose unless delivered with appropriate marketing considerations. This believes of acts almost as an intrinsic component in all their campaign. Be it an advertisement of as sophisticated a product as a personal computer or down-to earth social service as an oral dehydration program. The watchword of Asiatic is „Professionalism‟ and their strength is: “Human resource comprising young and talented professionals working in combination with each other, with an imagination.” Because they believe (, “If you want things to stay the way they are, things will have to change”.

-James Webb Scott

Evaluation of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited:

Advertisement is the non-personal communication of information persuasive in nature, informing about products (goods and services) or ideas or concepts by identified sponsors through various media ( Actually there was very little advertising practice in Bangladesh before the independence. Due to inadequate industrialization, demand for advertising agencies was very narrow. East Asiatic (now Asiatic) is one of the pioneers in the field with the firms like Bitopi, and Interspan. They entered the market almost simultaneously in the year 1967. Their clients comprised multinational companies like Lever Brothers Ltd. which had started to increase the range of their products. Other advertising companies started their journey after independence ( Asiatic has evolved from an advertising agency to a multi-dimensional communications company providing proactive, pragmatic and total communication solutions to a multitude of local, regional and international clients over the years. Now, Asiatic has been involved in product innovations, brand building, brand launches, market entry strategies etc. for most of the top industrial and marketing companies of Bangladesh including Unilever Bangladesh Limited, Pepsi, BATB, Sanowara etc. Asiatic has not only been an advertising agency for its clients but has also provided strategic planning services to most of them (

International Affiliation:

Affiliation of Asiatic, J Walter Thompson, is one of the top global advertising agencies of the world with 246 offices in 83 countries. They have association with JWT which is the 4 th largest advertising firm of the world.

The association with JWT enables Asiatic to-

  • Access superior global communication skills and technology
  • Facilitate training of personnel in overseas JWT offices
  • Gain direct and indirect creative input from JWT source, if required
  • Avail of superior technical support
  • Access technological input in Public Service Communication (PSC) from Thomson Social, a division of Thomson dedicated to social communication.

Broad and Management:

Asiatic Marketing Communications Ltd. is managed by the Broad of Directors and Management Committee. It consists of members including the Group Chairman Aly Zaker and Group Managing Director Sara Zaker. They are also in the Board of Directors with two other Executive Directors Iresh Zaker and ASM Ferdous Hasan Neville. The Management committee is responsible for both operational and financial performance of the company. This board is also accountable for budget approval, policy adoption or changes, new project review, compliance audit etc. The Management Committee reviews and manages day-today business operation and recommends strategy options to the Board of Directors.

Departments of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited:

Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited has following departments-

  • Client Service
  • Creative
  • Art Studio
  • Planning
  • HR & Admin
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Production

Client Service Department:

The basic function of the client service department is to maintain relationship with the clients and prospects. Their main tasks govern as follows:

  • Understand the demands of the client.
  • Communicate company procedures or policies to the client.
  • Delegate the demands to the other department namely creative.

Creative Department:

As the title suggests the creative activities are the responsibility of this department. The main actions include:

  • Learning the product.
  • Visualizing the idea.
  • Developing theme for TV or Radio commercial, press ad.
  • Developing headlines, sub-headlines and body messages for an advertisement to be printed on papers.
  • Preparing jingles.
  • Deciding the route to approach target group audience depending on the parameters by the clients such as cost, time etc.
  • Selecting and narrowing down ideas after brainstorming sessions.
  • Selling the idea to the client via service departments.
  • Monitoring and finalizing layout.Update stakeholders time to time

Art Studio:

  • This department is the final stage that responsible for the following:
  • Tangible execution of the plans and ideas in the form of billboards, posters etc.
  • Communicate the feasibility of ideas related to execution.
  • Provide interpretation of their designs and work.

Planning Department:

Planning section involves discussions of ideas and finally narrowing down to the final point.

Ideas are sometimes influenced via the following sources:

  • Client requirements
  • Researches
  • Competitor stances.

The entire procedure begins when a client on behalf of a product or firm communicates with the agency and they discussed the following issues:

  • The product
  • Target group
  • Budget issues
  • Present condition in the Market
  • Probable competitors
  • Bran images
  • Intended communication route etc.

Overall Execution:

  • Mood boards: boards with images to aid or limit the imaginations of the client
  • Sample Images.
  • The made items (posters, fliers, danglers) are explained to the service department. This is mainly done so the communication is made meaningful.
  • Questions that might arise from the client end needs to be addressed immediately.
  • After everything is done as planned, the presentation is prepared. Certain items such as billboards images, fliers etc. are compiled in a presentation slide.

HR & Admin Department:

A newly formed HR team is dedicated to implement HR functions not only to Asiatic MCL but also to the entire Group and they are, therefore, being treated as Group HR Team, operating centrally. This team looks after proper execution of HR Policy & Procedure, Compensation & Benefits, Recruitment & Selection, and Health & Safety. Admin department is partly supervised by HR team. The admin people ensure logistics and transport supports and other operations.

Finance & Accounts Department:

Finance & Accounts Department looks after the cash flows of company. They also supervise the receivable and billings from and to clients.

Production Department

Production department is takes layouts and directions from studio and executes the printing of danglers, billboards, envelops, posters, cards etc. according to the demand of client. They negotiate with printing presses and supervise the overall printing task.

Services of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited:

The range of Asiatic services transcends the frontiers of advertising to cover:

  • Brand and Social communication
  • Marketing and Product Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Corporate Relations
  • Formative Research
  • Media Planning and Management etc.


In the domestic market, Asiatic is ranked number one among more than 20 advertising companies. In 2013, the company achieved annuals sales turnover of BDT 2 billion with an impressive e growth of 20%. Being one of the largest communication agencies in the country, the company has worked with big-shots of different areas as its clients. Among its clients PepsiCo, Robi, Unilever, BATB, Grameen phone, Nokia, HSBC, Bangladesh Bank, Airtel, Transparency International Bangladesh, UNICEF, USAID etc.


a) Size and Diversification:

The size of its operation and the diversity that has been added a strong value to it through 360 degree concept.

b) Achievement of awards:

Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited Received „Sequence Award of Excellence for Creative Advertising‟, „COMMWARD Excellence in Communication for Most Effective Social Campaign in 2009 and 2015 and many other awards for their service.

c) Research & Development:

Asiatic experiential marketing limited has an un-compromising mind set towards the improvement of their communication and to make it better their approach is quite unorthodox to find the next enhancement technique. Therefore their portfolio shows a high quality range of effective communication with more than thousand commercials in the media. In an addition the exceptional rate of their social campaign is bound to be mentioned and also 70 more upcoming commercials in the development pipeline.

  1. d) Efficient Employees:

The first and foremost condition to have an organization of world class is to have employees with versatile quality. Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited has continuously out run them in terms of making exceptional personnel and qualified employees. Training programs, motivational sessions, wise talks and other skill improvement type workshops is a regular base occurrence in Asiatic experiential marketing limited.

e) Rapport building with Media:

The rapport building with Print and Electronic media are one of their strengths. Since Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited has got the backup of the media companies, it has the maximum media coverage facility for its clients.


a) Inadequate division heads because of lack of manpower.

b) There is a need for better exchange between the companies of the groups to hold the position.


a) Maximize on the concept of the diversity provided by the 360 degree communication. If each component of communication like advertising, events, activation, PR, research, broadcast channel could be strengthen together, they can launch themselves to world market.

b) There are different industries that are not much highlighted before the customers or consumers. Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited can introduce those industries or their products with the consumers.


Competitions taking the opportunity in case we become complacent with our achievement. This means since they are already the market leader, they might have fallen into the trap of selfsatisfaction and that might turn out to be suicidal for them.

Personnel File Automation:

Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited has decided to bring the different functions of HR under the umbrella of HRIS. Now they are giving input to all the hard copy into soft copy. My main duty was a small part of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited‟s HRIS. I scanned employee personnel files to make it computerized. These soft copies of personnel files will be included in the HRIS to make the organization more efficient.

Calling Selected Candidates for Written Exam or Interview:

When an interview or written test is conducted, the candidates have to be informed regarding it. Usually they used to provide me with a list of candidates. The name of the position, date and venue is also written there. It was one of my duties to call candidates and invite them for interview or written test.

Interview and Written Exam Coordination:

I also coordinated interview and written exam. For interview, they used to provide me a list of candidates with the time, specified for each candidate. Based on the time, it was my duty to manage the queue of the candidates. For written test, they used to provide me a list of candidates. My duty was to collect the signature in the attendance sheet and guard the written exam.

Coordinate the Joining of New Employees:

When new employee joins the organization, they have to fill up certain forms. I sometimes assisted them in filling up these forms. These forms include: Joining Letter, Form 2 (Gratuity), Employee Disclosure Form, Certificate of Compliance.

Coordinate the Joining of Interns:

When new intern joins the organization, they have to fill up a form and also need some guidance. My duty was to provide them with joining letter signed by the GM Resourcing, assist them in filling up Declaration of Confidentiality form, provide them with Interns Attendance Sheet and guide them how to fill it up and how to collect salary after one month.

Preparing the Salary Sheet of Interns:

Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited provides interns with per day allowance. It was my duty to prepare the salary sheet of interns at the end of the month. This salary sheet is prepared in Microsoft Excel. After collecting the attendance sheet from all interns, I used to prepare the salary sheet, verify it and send it to the finance division for payment.

Updating the Files of Existing Employees:

Earlier Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited used different format for their employee personnel file. Recently it has changed. So my duty was to prepare an updated cover page for the existing employees and also give input in the Microsoft Excel for record keeping purpose.

Creating New Employee Files:

When new employee joins the organization, employee personnel file is created where lots of information regarding the employee is kept. Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited follows a certain format for the personnel file. Sometimes I created this personnel file following a sequential order.

Maintaining leave application form:

Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited has own way to maintain the leave process. I used to maintain those form by giving the employees when they needed it and taking back it by finishing all the formalities. As an intern, I had the privilege to work under HR department. An HR executive has many responsibilities. Recruitment and selection is one of them. The following chapter of my report state about the recruitment and selection process of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited, which is my main project. Here I have covered the recruitment and selection process in detail and also provided some additional information to support my observation.

Project Summary:

Recruitment and selection forms a core part of the essential behavior fundamental human resource management. Recruitment is the process of generating a pool of capable people to apply for employment to an organization (irk). Selection is the process by which managers and others use specific instruments to choose from a pool of applicants a person or persons more likely to succeed in the job(s), given management goals and legal requirements (Bratton and Gold, 2007). Recruitment and selection, as defined here, can play a pivotally important role in shaping an organization‟s effectiveness and performance if organizations are able to acquire employees who already possess relevant knowledge, skills and aptitudes and are also able to make an accurate prediction regarding their future abilities (irk). That is why a group should accurately plan regarding their recruitment and selection strategies. The process starts from the advertising and then ends with the selecting or hiring employees. A better recruitment and selection strategy can lend a hand an organization to gain the sustainability and to perform better than others, because human resources are the main capitals who are responsible to run the business. Organizations modify their recruitment strategies to the precise position(s) they are looking for to fill. These strategies may be different depending on the level of the position. The report, “The recruitment and selection process of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited”, has been prepared to fulfill the partial requirement of BBA program. While preparing this report, I had a great opportunity to have an in depth knowledge of HR activities, especially on the recruitment and selection process of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited (management of human resources, 2012). This report brings me closer to the analysis of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited‟s HR policies towards the employees and helps to develop an understanding about Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited‟s detailed recruitment and selection process. I have collected all the necessary and relevant information from various primary and secondary sources. I would like to give thanks to Reem Quashem and Smita Aparna those who helped me lot to prepare this report.

Objective of the project:

There are two types of objectives. These are:

  • Broad objective
  • Specific objectives

Broad Objective:

The broad objective of the study is “To know about the Employee recruitment and selection process of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited”.

Specific Objectives:

  • To know about different recruitment and selection method used by Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited.
  • To know the process of recruitment and selection followed by Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited.
  • To identify the opinion of employees regarding recruitment and selection system of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited.
  • To provide recommendations about employee recruitment and selection process of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited.

Methodology of the Project:

The primary data has been collected from face to face interview, and the secondary data has been collected from the Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited‟s annual reports (year: 2013-2014) and from web sites and

Type of research:

The research type is descriptive in nature. This briefly reveals the overall recruitment and selection process followed by Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited. It has been administered by collecting both primary and secondary data.

Types of data and Source of data used:

Primary Data:

Primary data is the data, which is collected by the researcher directly by survey, observation and experience. Questionnaire method is used in this purpose.

Secondary data:

Secondary data is the data taken by the researcher form Secondary sources internal or external that means the data, which was collected and used previously for another purpose, is called secondary data. Secondary data have been collected from website like:

  1. Annual report of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited (2013-2014)

A Detailed View of Asiatic HR

Human Resources Department of Asiatic plays a very fundamental role in the total organizational functioning of the company. From recruitment to selection and also from employee benefit to industrial relations, this department has to play an important role. Employee recruitment, selection, transfer, promotion, performance appraisal, needs and wants of the employees are taken care by this department. HR department of Asiatic consists of some great peoples who act as leader and guide for the employees of the organization. Asiatic HR team has around 15 employees leading by the Head of HR. HR Mission – “Embedding winning culture where people always strive to excel” To develop the most vital element of the organization which is the human resource, Asiatic has put in a lot of efforts in responding to various changes and problems through effective formulation and implementation of human resource strategies through the HR department (management of human resources, 2012). HR department believes in-

Bridging the gap between top level and lower level management

Improved performance through attractive reward system

Strive for excellent management practice (rewarding work the vital role of line manager).

Recruitments in Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited

Recruitment is the process of produce a pool of competent people to communicate for employment to an organization (James A. Breaugh). As the country‟s one of the most prestigious company, Asiatic 3sixty believes it is important to attract and retain the very best people who will contribute ideas and really make a difference. Asiatic always looks for highly talented, energetic and dedicated people who can make a real contribution to the company‟s continuous growing business. That is why Asiatic always seeks for the best graduates as well as best professionals for their company. For attaining that the company has an effective human resource planning. In Asiatic recruitments take place through various medium. They have reduced giving advertisements in the newspapers and increased liaising with different universities through campus recruitment and battle of minds. Besides, they have a separate server in the largest job site of Bangladesh „‟.

Source of Recruitments

A particular organization may recruit either from the internal sources, i.e., by promoting the existing employees for higher positions, or they may go for outside sources. Thus, internal and external sources of recruitment can either be resorted to by any organizations, subject to convince and feasibility. Recruitment is an art to be a focus for applicants, from whom the most appropriate ones may be selected in a particular job or jobs.

For Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited, the major sources of recruitment for different types of personnel, therefore, are as follows:

  1. a) Internal Sources- The sources within Asiatic itself to fill a position. Internal sources are primarily two- transfers and promotions. Internal recruitment may lead to increase in employee‟s productivity as their motivation level increases. It also saves time, money and efforts.
  2. b) Career Counseling Centers of Different Universities- from the Career Counseling Centers of different universities Asiatic gets CVs.
  3. c) Internal Referrals- Most often existing employees recommend prospective candidates for a vacant position.
  4. d) Internet (LinkedIn, Job Sites) – Asiatic has their own server in the leading job site of Bangladesh where hundreds of applications are being received. Now-a-days, professional site LinkedIn has become a valuable source of recruitment.
  5. e) Internship- Sometimes interns are invited in the selection process based on their performances.
  6. f) Posted CVs- Many interested people post their CVs to be considered for a vacant position or any suitable position.

Selection Process

Recruitment and Selection policies at Asiatic are much formatted. They prepare the policies according to their needs so that they can meet up their needed requirements. The recruitment and selection process at Asiatic differs from department to department, function to function and level

to level. They know that department‟srequirements vary from one to another. So to get the right candidates, they have different recruitment and selection processes. But there are consistencies in between the different methods. The process starts with the screening of CVs and ends with the selection of employees.

The entire selection process is shown below:

Preliminary Screening of Applications

The number of applications normally received against any vacancy is usually huge. This makes it a challenging task to select the right persons from this huge pool. Moreover, conducting tests and interviews for all the candidates may not be always feasible and cost efficient. To obviate such problems, Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited screens out candidates who don‟t meet the criteria for a particular position before going ahead with the selection process. Asiatic, before going for the selection process develops their own standards or potentials attributes for the vacant roles and thus screens the applications.

Primary Interview

In the literal sense of the word, an interview means a conversation with a purpose. (htt2) After screening the CVs, Asiatic arranges primary interview for the candidates. Interviews are basically aim at giving information to the candidates about the role, judging the candidates through various conversations and finally shortlist few candidates for the next step. The conversation is intended to get information from candidates regarding their, background, experience, education, training and interests to evaluate their suitability as per the requirements of the organization (akib, 2014), its philosophy, personnel policies, etc. in Asiatic, most of the interviews are Structured Interview. Before every primary interview, an interview guide is given to the interviewers based on which they interview the candidates. For entry level positions especially Executives, many applications come. After primary screening the number remains is also considerable. It consumes a lot of time to take primary interviews of such a good number of candidates.

Assessment Test

Afterwards, the assessment test is arranged for the selected candidates. Here they call several candidates to give different types of tests. It is usually a long process. Here the candidates are assessed by the individual test.

Final Interview

The candidates who perform well in the assessment tests are called for the final interview. This interview is generally with the Business heads. During this interview the interviewer mainly checks the candidates‟ motives, commitments, willingness and positive attitude towards the role. Please check appendix for Interview Evaluation Sheet. After interviewing they select the best candidates.

Job Offer

After selection of the candidates Asiatic offers the job to that employee. Then the employment contract and other procedures are supposed to be completed. And then the induction process starts.

Problems in Selection Process

I have some observations regarding the recruitment and selection process while conducting the different phases. Those are:

  • I have faced rescheduling the interviews or assessments several times in my internship period due to interviewers‟ or assessors‟ busy schedule. Asiatic HR always gives the exact time to the candidate so that they don‟t have to wait a long. But I experienced frequent delay in interview or assessment. Though the schedules were finalized based on the given time by the interviewers. However, the workload could be maintaining due to their schedule. As a result sometimes the candidates had to wait for a long time.
  • The interview and skill assessment sessions for each and every employee is mandatory in terms of job selection or requirement process to take place but an unfortunate situation arise when biasness takes place and becomes impediment to select the best. However this is a personal opinion and not always the organization suffers and also more importantly it is a matter of pride that most of these employees are the finest in this business.

Various analyses from the recruitment database

Total Recruitments in Different Functions of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited

From August 11 th 2015 to November 11 th 2015, many interviews and assessments took place for several roles in several different functions in Asiatic. It‟s been clearly seen that the Graphics department has the most recruitments and selections throughout the period. This is the actual pattern of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited recruitment. Almost every month there is recruitment in Graphics either in the role of Designer or in the role of Senior Designer. Usually there are lots of applications come for these positions and the process is comparatively more time consuming.

Recruiting Yield Pyramid

Recruiting Yield Pyramid is the historical arithmetic relationships between recruitment leads and invitees, invitees and interviews, interviews and offers made, and offers made and offers accepted. It is usually used to calculate the number of applicants they must generate to hire the required number of new employees.


Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited has established goodwill through innovative services. It has some problems but good things are it followed rules, regulations order and advice of Bangladesh government. Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited is more up-to-date with its technology, efficient service with its customer‟s satisfaction. This company has an experienced and high educated managing director. The other directors are also intelligent and educated. Their innovative idea will help to create new opportunities for the agencies. But their creative ideas could not be implemented if the employees are not trained. The manager, officers, staffs must be trained to change their negative attitude toward new concept of advertising. From the whole report it is clear that the recruitment and selection procedure is a very valuable tool for Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited HR. The facts that came up at the end of this report are that Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited has a very structured recruitment and selection process. Recruitments and selections are being conducted throughout the year. The number of entry level recruitments and selections are greater in Client Service department while there are some mid-level recruitments and selections in different functions as well. Some graduates from different universities are doing extensively well in Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited recruitment and selection process. And overall, the efficiency rate of Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited HR regarding selecting employees for a vacant position is acceptable.


After analyzing the recruitment and selection process I suggested some recommendations that might be helpful for the organization. Following are some recommendations given to Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited:

  • Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited can plan more campus recruitments according to the time period of university graduation to get the best candidates.
  • Participating in different job fairs held by government or universities has proven advantageous for Asiatic Experiential marketing limited as they could find the young talents right in-front of their doors. Moreover participating or organizing these job fairs is also a strategy for business and marketing both.
  • After selection, Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited HR should monitor the performance of graduates from different universities to find out whether their selection process is effective or not and to figure out which university graduates are performing the best.
  • In the case of urgency they should utilize the sources of candidates well to reduce the recruitment and selection time but should not be confined to those sources only. It might deprive them in getting diverse talents.

Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited should not be biased towards some particular institutions. As they believe in diversified working environment so graduates from different institutions might be taken at Asiatic Experiential Marketing Limited. They should invite graduates from every good university so that graduates from those universities can at least get a chance to prove themselves.