Human Resource Management

Recruitment and Selection Process of Rahimafrooz

Recruitment and Selection Process of Rahimafrooz

Recruitment and Selection Process of

Rahimafrooz Energy Service Limited (RESL)

Rahimafrooz, founded in 1954 by Late A. C. Abdur Rahim as a trading company, is one of the largest corporate groups in Bangladesh. It consists of 9 SBUs, several other affiliations and nonprofit social enterprise (Rural Service foundation). The Chairman of Rahimafrooz is Mr. Afroz Rahim and the Managing Director is Mr. Feroz Rahim Rahimafrooz operates in three broad domains: Storage power, Automotive aftermarket and electronic, energy service, and retail. It sells tires, lubricants, batteries, diesel,emergency power products as well as gas generators, lighting products, solar systems, electrical accessories, energy solutions using compressed natural gas, and power rectifiers. The Group also runs the first retail chain ‘Agora’ in Bangladesh.

Through Rahimafrooz IPS, UPS and Voltage Stabilizer, the Company relishes clear leadership of the emergency power products market. The Corporation brings to Bangladesh leading diesel and gas generator brands – Primacyand Mitsubishi. It also markets home and industrial lighting goods from General Electric USA (GE) and electrical accessories from Hager France.

Rahimafrooz produces and markets a range of motorcycle, battery products, automotive, Industrial (stationary, deep cycle, traction, VRLA) and appliance batteries, IPS and UPS batteries and rectifiers. Lucas and Spark are the leading names in the local battery market while Volta, Delta batteries and Optus are fast gaining equity as International brands.

Dunlop and Kenda, the international tyre brand includes in the Group’s portfolio and it has own brand too named RZ Tyre. Rahimafrooz holds the exclusive franchisee of the full range of lubricant brand Castrol in Bangladesh.

The main objective of the report is to find out Process which followed by Rahimafroz in their Recruitment and selections. This report starts with a general introduction “Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd” as well as its purpose, scope and limitation. Then this report proceeds into the brief discussion of history of “Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd.” one of the largest and most well respected private companies in Bangladesh.



The broad objective:

To prepare a comprehensive analysis to find out the Recruitment & Selection Policy of Human Resources Department of Rahimafrooz.

The specific objectives:

  • To find out the Position of the Rahimafrooz in the Bangladesh market. To find out the initiatives behind the success of Rahimafrooz Human resource department.
  • To find out the reaction of employees regarding recruitment and selection procedure of Rahimafrooz.

Methodology of the report:

Source of Information:

  1. Primary: The primary information collected through face to face interview and observation
  2. Secondary: The secondary information collected from website, books and some other relevant sources.

Both the primary and secondary data sources will be used to generate this report. Primary data Sources are observation while working in different desks. The secondary data sources are Different published reports, manuals, updates and different publications of “Rahimafrooz.’

Background of Rahimafrooz Energy Service Ltd.

Rahimafrooz Energy Services Ltd. (RESL) was established in the 2000 as a standby, captive and distributed power solution provider. It is a leading name in the diesel generator industry which has a customer base of nearly 900. At present more than 3000 (20 KVA to 1500 KVA) of RESL generators is installed. Its clientele comprises of industrial plants, hospitals, real estates, telecoms, educational institutions, corporate houses, supermarkets, NGOs, embassies and various government institutions.

SUB Business Units of Rahimafrooz



I+10 Habits of Rahimafrooz

All staff connected with Rahimafrooz follows I+10 habit in their actions according to the roles of Rahimafrooz higher authority. This I+10 habits include following things

Habit 1: Response rather than react

Act in advance and act on things rather than letting them on others. Try to be hopeful of likely changes. Always try to takes steps to avoid/minimize the impact of the possible changes to the business situation.

Habit 2: Be purposeful

It is important to draft a life mission. Having a mission, a sense of what I want to achieve, gives my life both direction and makes it prioritization.

Habit 3: Choose to grow

Produce quality outputs. Finish deadline related work on time. Spend time doing on purposeful work.

Habit 4: Work toward success for all

Try to understand the objectives of others. Share knowledge and resources with others. Appreciate others contributions.

Habit 5: First enter the other persons world before inviting them to your world

Listen to other person, matches other person emotions, thought process and behaviors. When communicating a different point of view thinks about the other person situation.

Habit 6: The even better, third alternative

Appreciate others point of view. Try to bring synergy which will produce a higher quality solution.

Habit 7: Constant and never ending improvement

Show constant desire to improve 6 aspects of life:

  • ­Competencies
  • ­ Health
  • ­ Relationships
  • ­ Emotions
  • ­ Finance
  • ­ Spiritual

Always uses every opportunity to learn something new from colleagues, company, TV, newspaper and kids etc.

Habit 8: The magical right brain and the logical left brain

Believes in imagination and hopes are powerful and uses them. Works toward improve even the little things.

Habit 9: Lighten up

Appreciate even the little things in life and consider them as blessings. Always smile, greets and is a pleasure to be around.

Habit 10: Give more than expected

Promises only what can be delivered. When promises are made, they are delivered better than promised (earlier, more caring, better quality)

About Human Resource Management

Human resource management is few functions performed in organizations which designed to capitalize on employee performance of an employer’s strategic objectives. Human resource is mainly concerned with the management of persons within establishments, concentrating on policies and systems. HR departments and units in institutions normally accept a number of activities, including employee selection and recruitment, performance appraisal, training and development, and rewarding etc. HR is also concerned with industrial associations, that is, the balancing of organizational applies with desires arising from collective negotiating and from governmental laws.

The Human resource practice began after the human relations movement of the early 20th century, when researchers began verifying ways of making business value through the strategic supervision of the employees. The purpose was initially dominated by transactional work, such as benefits administration and payroll, but due to company consolidation, globalization, technological advances, and further research, Human resource as of 2015 focuses on strategic edges like mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, talent management, diversity and inclusion and industrial and labor relations.

In the current global work environment, most companies concentrate on lowering staff turnover and on keeping the ability and information held by means of their employees. New hiring not merely entails a higher cost but also increases the danger of some sort of newcomer not to be able to replace the one who was in that position before. HR divisions also make an effort to offer benefits that could appeal to help workers, thus reducing the danger of losing corporate information.

Functions of HRM

The performance of the HR function is restrained largely in expressions of employee and customer contentment feedback metrics. The background of the HR function is increasingly for HR managers to have had line experience. For getting best productivity Rahimafrooz has a strategic work outline. The Human Resources Department currently has some different functions wings. These are:


Recruitment refers to process of discovering right people for the right job as well as function, usually carry out by Human Resource Department. Different task required different ability. So, suitability for any job is normally assessed by seeking skills, such as communication skills, laptop or computer skills. Evidence for skills essential for a job might be provided by means of qualifications (educational as well as professional), experience in the job requiring this relevant skills as well as the testimony regarding references. Following are the two main recruitment methodologies utilized by the company currently:

(a) Internal Recruitment

(b) External Recruitment

Internal Recruitment

This includes filling vacancies by means of internal means through existing employees. Following questions should be asked. Will there be an internal candidate who could occupy the role? Do you know the strengths, limitations in addition to training required? Initial consideration should be given to the particular company’s employees, particularly for filling vacancies above the beginner’s. If external efforts are undertaken without taking into consideration the desires, capabilities in addition to potential of existing employees, a company may perhaps incur both short and long run costs. In brief run, morale may perhaps de-generate, in the long run companies with any reputation for reliable neglect of in-house talent may battle to attract new individuals available through different channels.

External Recruitment:

To meet requirements and vacancies from external sources for brilliancy brought about by growth, desire for fresh thoughts or to replace employees who leave corporations periodically turns to the outside employment marketplace. The “Five” most popular external recruitment sources are:-

  • Job consultants
  • Recruitment advertising
  • Referrals
  • Campus Placement
  • Online Application


Employee Selection is the procedure of putting right person on right job. It is a procedure of matching organizational desires with the skills, experiences and qualifications of people. Effective selection could be possible only when there is effective matching. By selecting best contender for the requisite job, the organization will get quality output from the employees.

Furthermore, organization will face less of nonattendance and employee turnover problems. By selecting right contender for the requisite job, organization will also save money andtime. The selection procedure is basically the proper screening of candidates. All the potential candidates who apply for the particular job are tested in this process. But selection must be distinguished from recruitment, though these are two phases of employment process. Recruitment is measured to be a positive process as it influences more of candidates to apply for the job. It creates a group of applicants. It is just sourcing of data. While the inappropriate candidates are rejected here so selection is also a negative process too.

Selection Procedure

The selection process can be successful if the following requirements are satisfied:

  • Someone should have the right to select. This right comes from the employee requisition as developed by an analysis of the work-load and work force
  • There must be some standard of staffs with which a prospective employee may be associated i.e. comprehensive job description and job specification should be available earlier.
  • There must be sufficient quantity of applicants from whom the compulsory number of employees may be selected

Rahimafrooz Corporate Recruitment and Selection Policy

There has to be a business obligation to fill up the vacancy. The direct line manager should patterned first whether the rearranging current roles can meet role requirements & responsibilities. SBUs to create and maintain validated Managing Plan as part of their ABP.

  • To ensure composure across the Rahimafrooz Group, the obligation for recruitment Grade-10S & above is with Group HR. Divisional HR will ensure full recruitment process for Grade-10 & below for their particular divisions & SBU/Businesses under their divisions. SBU/businesses who are not under divisional structure will be responsible for the full recruitment process of G-7S & below.
  • Any exception to ABP approved headcounts must be approved by Divisional/SBU MD. Group Head of HR will also be in the loop of approval process (through the requisition form).
  • All original documents up to Grade-10 shall be maintained by respective Division with copies to Group HR and all original documents for Grade-10S & above shall be maintained by group HR with copies to Division HR.
  • SBUs which are not under Division structure, original documents of candidate for Grade 8 and above will be maintained at RACO with copies to respective SBU HR and all original documents for Grade-7S and below shall be maintained at respective SBUs with copies to RACO.

My Task during internship

I joined Rahimafrooz as an intern on 1st June 2015. The internship program duration is three months. I am placed in Human Recourse Department. I will work there for till 30 August 2015. During this period of time I work as a part of recruitment and selection such as CV sorting, Calling candidates for interviews and Helping seniors in interviews procedure, Coordinating and helping new employees to complete joining procedures, helping in taking written exams of candidates. Now I would like to specify and focus on my major work and responsibilities of Recruitment and Selection Process.

Update old files: Before all employees files based on paper, which creates lots of problems to maintain because it needs lot of space, paper, cabinet to keep, spend time to search and main problem was it has risk to lose. So now we convert it from paper based to computer based. And also search those papers which are missing and add these.

Creating New Files: At a time more than one people can join in an organization and all of them have different files which creates by us. Lots of papers we have to accumulate with new files like joining forms, disclosures forms, declaration forms, gratuity forms, Conflict of Interest, Medical reports, Pre-employment medical test, CV with Certificates, Job Advertisement, Manpower Requisition forms, CV shortening criteria, Tabulation Sheets (1st interview, 2nd interview, written test), Approval note, Appointment Letter etc.


  • HR Division is very attentive for selecting applicants and also the process is very crystal clear so that they can select the best candidates among applicants.
  • When they search for any experienced people they stretch more attentiveness on past experienced, Educational background, span of services etc. so that they can select the most appropriate experienced people.
  • In this process there is no discrimination so there are higher likelihoods to be selected without having any reference.
  • When they select fresh graduate they focus more on pro-activeness, ideas,creativeness, and academic performances which can suit the job offered.
  • In the time of calling the candidates for interview or written exam, the executives call several time to make sure of his/her arrival


To finding the effectiveness of Rahimafrooz process I have done a survey with 20 employees of Rahimafrooz to find out how effective their recruitment and selection policy.

In my questionnaire, I have included 5questions to find out the recruitment and selection policy at Rahimafrooz.

In the questionnaire I try to focus on the questions where questions are regarding whether all business units at Rahimafrooz use the same recruitment and selection policy, whether there has any discrimination between male and female during recruiting, whether recruitment process is delivering a diverse range of quality job candidates-male and female, whether both male and female are being appointed in different departments in the organization or not. Whether both male and female are being appointed to senior management positions in our organization etc.


I have done a survey of above questions among20 employees of Rahimafrooz to find out how effective their recruitment and selection policy is, I have done a random survey with 20 employees from different SBUs of Rahimafrooz. I have done my survey on different SBUs so that I can get a clear opinion from wide range of employees. Various employees from the organization give different opinions. According their opinions I have prepare few findings through pie chart and graphs. As the result of the survey can easily understandable.

The answer of questions taken by 5 layers strongly agree, agrees, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly disagree.

I asked the following 5 questions –

  1. All business units at Rahimafrooz use the same recruitment and selection policy.
  2. The recruitment process of Rahimafrooz is delivering a diverse range of quality job to both male and female candidates.
  3. There is no discrimination between male and female during Recruiting.
  4. The overall recruitment and selection process is fair and based on merits and skills.

5.The compensation Package and benefits of Rahimafrooz is better than other organizations.

Summary of Findings

  1. Maximum 52% agreed that all business units at Rahimafrooz use the same recruitment and selection policy.
  2. Maximum 60% strongly agreed that the recruitment process of Rahimafrooz is delivering a diverse range of quality job to both male and female candidates.
  3. Maximum 30% agreedthere is no discrimination between male and female during Recruiting.
  4. Maximum 72% strongly agreed the overall recruitment and selection process is fair and based on merits and skills.
  5. Maximum 32 percent disagreed the compensation Package and benefits of Rahimafrooz are better than other organizations.


In my short duration of internship I have tried to figure out their problems in terms of their recruitment and selection process. Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Limited (RABL) is quite able to ensure brilliancy in their performance but still I think they can improve their performance in following area.

  1. The software and network system of HR department is not updated. They should adopt the updated software to work more swiftly and efficiently.
  2. They need to modify their compensation package as it become more attractive for the applicants.
  3. Rahimafrooz focus mainly on experience candidates, they should need to focus on employing more fresh graduates as well, as fresh graduates can bring more new ideas and creativity within the organization.
  4. They have few training facilities; they can establish more trainings for the employees as they can develop their skill more.
  5. Rahimafrooz administration must change the structure of appointing people by giving their reference. It has been deeply witnessed that most of the reference appointees are not up to the standard and performed poorly.
  6. HR forecasting system need to improve more as it is the most important part of HR planning
  7. Organization should hire more Skill executive in HR department because there has insufficient manpower.
  8. Rahimafrooz needs to be more focused on CSR activities and welfare programs for employees.


Internship is an important part for MBA Degree. It teaches us the worth of reality and how things are done in real life. It is a bridge between theoretical and practical phases of education and workplace. I have learned so much from this practical experience. It was a perfect end to the education in BRAC University. I liked working with Rahimafrooz HR Department which made my work fascinating and productive.

Rahimafrooz has always highlighted on developing a good leadership system in order to achieve its desired businessgoals. To choose the best personnel who will lead the organization in future an effective recruitment and selection process is more than a desire aspect.And for that reason the organization should give more emphasize on selecting a person who can carry forwarded the organization in terms of development, values and ethics. Mainly the precious resource for any organization is their knowledge based efficient workers. During the time of internship I give maximum concentration to learn their Human resource practice. The Human resource practice, employee satisfaction and relations,recruitment and selection process at Rahimafrooz is a very established and effective one. The most vital key source factor of Rahimafrooz is its capable human resource. I have learned a lot of things from the vastly experienced executives of Rahimafrooz. I finally want to thank Mohammad Rezaur Razzak sir for his kind supervision and assistance without which it would be impossible for me to complete the report.