Psychedelic VR Meditation Startup Tripp Raises $11 Million Series a

Psychedelic VR Meditation Startup Tripp Raises $11 Million Series a

As a growing number of startups sell to investors in mobile applications that help customers prioritize well-being and mindfulness, other startups are looking for more immersive searches that allow users to completely disconnect from the world around them. Trip creates intensive relaxation exercises that users can find in a more free experience with guided meditation applications that allow users to unplug from their day and explore their thoughts inside the virtual reality headset while viewing fractal shapes, twinkling trees and glittering trees.

As the name implies, the startup has made some efforts to create visual and audio experiences that mimic the feelings that people may experience during psychedelic travel – although it does not sunburn hallucinogens. “For many people who have never felt comfortable taking a psychedelic approach, this is a less friction option that can make the experience a little gentler,” CEO Nania Reeves told TechCrunch. “The idea is to combine mindfulness structure and video game mechanics.” How can we feel your feelings to see if you can go? “

The startup told TechCrunch that they have closed a $11 million fund led by Vine Ventures and Mayfield in Integrated’s participation among others. Trip has raised about $15 million in total funding to date. VR startups have struggled tremendously to gain investor incentive in recent years as major tech platforms have left their virtual reality efforts one after another, Facebook and Sony as the only beneficiaries of a place they are still struggling to monetize at the moment.

While lots of VR startups continue to be busy, many investors turned their attention to gaming and computer vision startups five years ago, with a wider range of applications supported by companies in this space. Reeves said the epidemic has helped consumers dial in the importance of mindfulness and mental health awareness, something that has forced investors to be bold on any projects in the space they are supporting. Trip’s Oculus and PlayStation VR stores and subscription experience both have apps that can be accessed at $4.99 per month subscription.