Paragraph On Spring Season

Paragraph On Spring Season

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. The season of spring amounts to one of them. It has certain glaring and distinct features of its own in comparison with the other seasons of the year.

In the cycle of seasons, the spring season occupies an exalted position. It is rich in color, beauty, music, and fragrance. The summer season is very hot. The scorching sun, hot days and stuffy nights make life unbearable. The rainy season is dull. The autumn season is wet. The late autumn season is not pleasant. The winter season is cold and gloomy. Spring has none of the inconveniences of these seasons. Spring comes after winter and lasts from the middle of February to the idle of April. It comprises two Bengali months called Falgoon and Chaitra. Spring comes with the message of joy and hope.

Nature looks gay and cheerful in spring. It is neither very hot nor cold. The sky is blue and clear. A gentle breeze blows from the south and soothes our body and mind. It is the season of new leaves and flowers. Flowers bloom in thousands. They are of all colors. They give off sweet smells all around and charm our hearts. Bees come in swarms and fly flower to flower to gather honey. Their humming sound fills our hearts with sweetness. Butterflies present a very charming sight with their colorful wings. These are very pleasing to the eyes. It is also the season of songs and sweet-notes.

Spring season has many advantages. This season is a period of abundance. It is the harvest period. There is no want for food. This season is such a time when people enjoy good health and it makes them cheerful. In this season, men can move about freely and safely. Besides, people can take part in many outdoor games. It is one kind of physical exercise. The students can study for a long period at night. In spite of having a lot of advantages, this season has a few disadvantages too. This season lasts for a very short period. During this season, some people suffer from some diseases like diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, etc. Pox is very common this season.

Spring is the loveliest of all seasons of Bangladesh. It has a great influence on the minds of the people. People feel delighted in their hearts. They enjoy gossiping and storytelling until the late hours of the night with their heart’s content. In spite of having a few disadvantages, its advantages are more.