News Letter – The Deterioration Of Law And Order Situation

News Letter – The Deterioration Of Law And Order Situation

NewsLetter – Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper complaining about the deterioration of law and order situation.


The Editor

(Newspaper Name)……………



I will be very glad if you kindly publish the following letter in your famous daily.

Yours faithfully



Deterioration Of Law And Order Situation

It is very sad to say that the law and order situation of (Area name)……… has deteriorated seriously. Killing, hijacking, taking drugs and teasing girls are day to day incidents of ………..(Area name). Different kinds of anti-social activities occur in broad daylight at random. It seems that this area has become a safe haven for criminals. They do not care about anyone and are committing crimes before the nose of the administration. The local administration seems to be silent and pretends not to see anything. Girls are often teased by these miscreants. Hijacking, mobile phone snatching, etc. are daily occurrences. In spite of informing the O.C of the local Police Station of these incidents, people do not get any solution. So, they tolerate everything silently. Parents are worried about their daughters. Some girls have already stopped going to school or college to avoid teasing. People, in general, are highly anxious about their security.

In a word, the whole area is now under the grip of criminals. Under these circumstances, we request the government to be proactive in order to improve the law and order situation of …………..(Area name).