Letter to Friend about Veterinary Science Study

Letter to Friend about Veterinary Science Study

Letter to Friend about Veterinary Science Study

[Here briefly describe on Sample Letter to Friend about Veterinary Science Study. Suppose, your friend is thinking of signing up for a course in veterinary science. As he knows very little about the job of a veterinary doctor, he has written to you to ask you to tell him more about it. Write a reply to his letter. You need to modify this sample according to your needs.]

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Dear (Friend’s Name),

I received your letter last week. In your letter, you expressed an interest in veterinary science. You are thinking of enrolling in this course. (Describe in your words).

I have read about this course. So based on what I read, I can tell you what I know. Veterinary science is a medical profession that deals with the control of disease in animals. (Describe all about this subject and interesting facts). The primary responsibility of a veterinarian or doctor of animals is to look after the health and welfare of animals.

The demand for veterinary doctors has increased tremendously. More and more people are keeping pets, both for companionship and protection, than ever before. (Explain all about the job field regarding the subject). When their pets get sick or injured, they need to go to the veterinarians.

Veterinary doctors diagnose the disease, prevent and control animal diseases, treat sick and injured animals, prevent the transmission of animal diseases to people and advise owners on proper care of their pets. (Explain job responsibilities in this area and job).

A veterinarian should have a genuine love for animals. He must also be physically fit as working with large animals requires physical stamina and quick body reflexes. (Describe your suggestion and recommendation). Other qualities are the ability to inspire confidence in animals, the power of observation and self-reliance. So you need to ask yourself if you have these qualities before signing up for the course.

You can read up more about it online. I have to go now. You take care and all the best.

Your friend,

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