Lengow Acquires E-Commerce Intelligence Startup Netrivals

Lengow Acquires E-Commerce Intelligence Startup Netrivals

Lengow is expanding its product portfolio with the purchase of Netrivals, a little more than a year after private equity firm Marlin Equity Partners bought a controlling position in the company. The transaction’s financial specifics have not been revealed. Lengow is an e-commerce automation software-as-a-service firm. For example, the organization assists consumers in simultaneously listing their items on many e-commerce platforms.

Customers must first input their data flow into the Lengow platform. Many common e-commerce backends are supported, including Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. Lengow then assists you in cleaning and formatting the catalog. Customers then choose where they want their items to be published. Lengow may be used to push information to price comparison sites and affiliate systems in addition to online marketplaces. Customers may also use it for retargeting and social media advertising.

Lengow serves as the backbone of your sales plan after everything is in place. Changes to your catalogue are mirrored across numerous channels when you modify it. You may reflect when you’re temporarily out of stock across all platforms for things that are difficult to store. Even when it comes to running your business, Lengow makes things easier by allowing you to centralize all of your orders. From a single interface, you can accept marketplace orders, track packages, cancel purchases, and issue refunds. You may also utilize the software to automate various processes, such as pricing adjustments in response to competition.

Netrivals is a firm established in Barcelona that specializes in price and market information. The software allows you to watch your competitors’ pricing across numerous e-commerce platforms over time. It presently monitors 1 billion goods in 32,000 locations. Netrivals also allows you to discover if you are more costly or less expensive than your competitors. You may also use that information to establish rules and dynamically alter your rates based on the competitive landscape.

The acquisition of Netrivals by Lengow makes sense because their product positioning differs and Lengow does not have a physical presence in Spain. Netrivals will become Lengow’s Barcelona office after the French startup launched operations in Munich and London. “Our clients and marketplace partners have been requesting more price intelligence capabilities in addition to the Lengow solution, in order to activate product data based on trustworthy market information.” In a statement, Lengow CEO Mickael Froger stated, “We’re delighted to broaden our capabilities with this purchase and continue to develop to assist brands and merchants thrive in their e-commerce strategy.”