Job Enlargement: Merits and  Demerits

Job Enlargement: Merits and  Demerits

Job enlargement is the process of expanding the job responsibilities within the same job. It is the process of making a position more interesting and fulfilling by expanding the number of tasks the staffer needs to complete. This means, under this method, different tasks or activities having similar nature and characteristics should be added to create a new job. In other words, job enlargement is the horizontal expansion of a job. It is an increase in job tasks and responsibilities to make a position more challenging. It is considered a horizontal restructuring method in that the job is enlarged by adding related tasks. For example, an accountant responsible to collect cash can be assigned to deposit cash in the bank, preparing salary sheet, etc. as an additional task.

Merits of Job enlargement method:

  • Additional tasks motivate employees for better efforts:
  • It reduces monotony and boredom among workers.
  • It increases job satisfaction with an extended scope of the job.
  • It provides a greater opportunity for personal growth.
  • It reduces operation cost by reducing employees.

 Demerits of Job Enlargement method:

  • Training is essential for additional responsibility which increases the cost.
  • Already monotonous job will be more monotonous with additional tasks.
  • This is substituting one zero with the another zero – Herzberg. This means one more boring job to another.
  • An additional task at same job without additional pay and benefits may reduce the motivation of employees.
  • An additional task may extend the completion time.
  • There may be a chance of shifting responsibility.


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