It is Ok to borrow ideas when building your startup’s website

It is Ok to borrow ideas when building your startup’s website

Joey Noble, community manager for DemandCurve, shared a teardown of Zapier’s homepage that contains insights you can use to improve the storytelling techniques on your own website, including more effective copywriting and calls to action. It was a light week the Experts program but what we missed in quantity, we made up for in quality:

We published a software development post that highlighted ways for managers who want to assist their teams’ mental health, which is a topic that is getting more attention now that so many firms have remote workforces. 

We have Noble’s breakdown for growth marketing, as well as recommendations from Ben Parr, president and co-founder of Octane AI, which creates conversational commerce technologies, on gathering and exploiting zero-party data.

It is Ok to borrow ideas when building your startup’s website

Parr will join Senior Editor Walter Thompson for a live discussion on Twitter Spaces on Wednesday, November 17 at 3 p.m. PT/6 p.m. ET to discuss his piece. Bring your questions to @techcrunch on Twitter!

They influenced our business by developing software and mobile apps that connect many areas of our company to streamline operations. They assisted us with our e-commerce website, order management software, and shipping solutions.”

Lorna Mitchell, Aiven’s head of developer relations, reflects on her years of remote work and offers advice on how companies may better care for their staff. “Software developers need their brains in excellent health to accomplish the work that they do,” Mitchell adds, “and sometimes we can see that in our colleague’s code before the underlying problem is ever stated.”

Ben Parr, president and co-founder of Octane AI, discusses the value of zero-party data and, more significantly, demonstrates how to obtain and use it. “You might be tempted to think of a BuzzFeed-style personality evaluation when you hear the word ‘quiz,’ but in truth, they are the fundamental method we figure out what things we want to buy and what bundle to acquire,” Parr explains.

Demand Curve’s community manager, Joey Noble, deconstructs Zapier’s homepage. “Start by gaining inspiration from the websites of established firms in your field while designing your startup’s website,” Noble advises, why, because larger businesses will have the means to test and optimize their websites for conversion, you won’t have to figure it out yourself.”