Institute of Expanded Programme on Immunization EPI

Institute of Expanded Programme on Immunization EPI

Objectives of the organization:

1.       To reduce the infant mortality and morbidity rates from 6  ((EPI) major communicable diseases.

2.       To eradicate poliomyelitis by the year, 2005.

3.       To eliminate neonatal tetanus.

4.       To reduce measles morbidity rate by 90%, and morality rate 95%.


1.       Import, storage, distribution of vaccines at all levels.

2.       Management, training and supervision of the vaccination programmes.

3.       Implement National Immunization Days 9NIDs) to enhance Polio eradication by the year 2005.

4.       Organize supplementary immunization activities for neonatal tetanus elimination and measles reduction through high-risk    approach (MNT Campaign)

5.       Strengthen AFP and EPI disease surveillance activities at all level.


1.       Morbidity and mortality rate due to 6 EPI diseases are reduced successfully.

2.       Vitamin A deficiency syndrome and night blindness are also reduced.

3.       Introduction of a new program called UCI (Universal Child Immunization), 0-1 year age group as its target population for the massive decentralization of vaccination program at the grass root level and programme successfully proceed.

4.       Hepatitis ‘B’ vaccination is introduced few districts of   Bangladesh under EPI Programme.


          1.       Inadequate storage equipment

          2.       Inadequate manpower

          3.       Lack of financial support.

Personal Observation:

          There were a good number of infant including the women of reproductive age come to take vaccination. Environmental           Condition is good is good. Though lack of financial and othersupports, EPI is the only Government organization which show           highest and satisfactory activity.


          EPI Programme is one of the most successful health programme conducted by the government. Since independence, it is playing a vital role in the preventive aspect of health sector of the country.

          EPI deals & such a population of our country, that, they are most vulnerable for some special diseases, which cost a lot of life in every year. So for its smooth and satisfactory functioning Government as well as other non-government organization and community support in every aspect is almost necessary.