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Importance And Advantage Of Honesty

Importance And Advantage Of Honesty

Honesty is the highest level of quality in human character. It is a true commitment between behaviors and relationships with other people. Honesty is very important to live a prosperous life. An honest person is tension free. Tension-free people live longer. If we know that we have made our commitments and promises with people honestly then we are not worried about the results. If we’re in doubts then there is tension (worry, stress, and anxiety) and these are the key causes and symptoms of various types of diseases.

The honesty means the openness between people: they are sincere with each other, do not lie, do not betray and do not resort to hypocrisy. In interpersonal communication and in the relation between groups, it is manifested in trust, attention, and responsiveness, which involves mutual assistance, support, desire and the ability to understand the other person, to reveal own intentions and plans. Honesty and integrity exclude any exploitation, selfish and prudent use of another person as a tool for achieving own goals.

It is believed that honesty is the basis of every virtue. Indeed, only an honest, truthful attitude towards other people is actually moral, because it involves the recognition of their dignity. No one wants to be deceived and should not act in this way in relation to others.

The importance of honesty is a value that has always been taught in the family, society, and school. Honesty is the main reason to trust a person. It is the instrument to talk with the truth and win other’s trust. A person that has won its friend’s trust is a person that is honest. The society, as well as its family members, will have confidence and feel that they can rely on the person.

We know that not all people are honest and not all are dishonest.  We also know that people don’t care about honesty and truthfulness in today’s selfish world. Dishonest people are not able to understand that dishonesty creates problems for them in the future. Also, they don’t realize that the problems they are facing today are a result of their dishonesty in duty and dealings in the past. The reason why people are dishonest is that they are cowards, telling the truth takes courage.

In practical terms honesty also means loyalty, dedication, devotion. An honest man is not a traitor. He will not deceive hopes and expectations of surrounding people. Such an individual will do exactly what he promised. Honesty as loyalty is expressed in the joint overcoming of obstacles. If two people go on a difficult trip, an honest man will not leave a friend in the middle of the road and will do his best if the companion should be rescued.

There are many reasons to choose the path of honesty. Honesty is the bridge to authenticity and self-compassion. Honesty allows us to set realistic goals. It bolsters our courage and frees you to be our best self.

Advantage of Being Honest:

Honesty promotes authenticity. Honesty is a reflection of our own thoughts and feelings. If we want people to know who we really are, be honest in our self-expression.

Honesty fosters courage. Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is doing what we know we want or need to do, despite your fear. It takes an immense amount of courage to say what we feel. It is often difficult and takes practice and patience, but his payoffs are enormous.

Contact and Scale. Many people are familiar with the consequences of isolation: negativity, alienation, heaviness. In reality, everything is much simpler. All we need someone who may remind about it. But how could our friend know what’s happening in our heart if we remain silent and do not answer his questions? It is very important to think what kind of interaction with a close environment we build.

It often happens that a person faces the above-mentioned problems. He calls a friend and expresses emotions without any control. Yes, such behavior is much better than a complete lack of communication. But what if we will be sincere always? Then we will not have to accumulate emotions and spill them onto the surrounding people in a form of an uncontrolled flow.

Honesty shows us care. Being honest with yourself and with others shows how much you really care. It also demonstrates self-respect and respect for others. A caring attitude makes people stop and think. Gentle honesty is also very attractive and appealing.

Honesty creates a circle of love. Honesty sets an example that invites others to imitate. When others respond with honesty, it can create more interpersonal closeness and authenticity. This often translates into love and can create an ongoing evolution of loving relationships.

Harmony in the relationships. Honesty will lead to many situations where, if not a conflict, then, at least, clarifying the relationship had to happen a long time ago. This is not about scandals on an empty spot but about the actual establishment of contact with another person, whether it is a relative, a beloved one or just a friend. It’s not easy to build a relationship in a close circle without honesty. If there is a misunderstanding, it must be solved, which is impossible without talking about the problem. If we are able to deal with such issues only through conflicts, then honesty is a good opportunity to master the wisdom of communication.

Honesty allows to conquer fear, to recognize own weaknesses, limitations, constraints exactly as they are. Moreover, by speaking out, it’s possible to go through them and free yourself. After all, the talk about something is often the step through the line of fear.

Honesty eliminates garbage. Hiding true feelings or withholding information creates emotional garbage. This is known as gunnysacking, which requires a lot of self-defeating energy. Being honest from the beginning of any interaction prevents the build-up of emotional garbage and cleans out your emotional gunnysack.

Freedom. Honesty will give us the opportunity to notice, realize, speak out and release tons of discontent, resentment, disappointment and other negative memories associated with some people. We will free own perception from a heavy burden of the past. Of course, we should not concentrate on such reflections. Such reaction can be only a temporary consequence of the previous experience of restraint.

Conclusion –

Connect with honest people. Find honest clients. Find honest friends. We know they are there but they don’t like to show they are honest publicly. Whereas dishonest people are always trying very hard to show that they are honest. When something seems too good to be true then there is something wrong. So be careful and just enjoy your life. Do good have good and remember, God, is watching everything. Truth is always stronger and better than lies. That’s why honesty is so important in our life.


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