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Ideal Education System for Bangladesh

Ideal Education System for Bangladesh

Like food, cloth, shelter education is also a basic right of human being. For any nation first and foremost requirement is education. From this viewpoint our Bangladesh is a very backward condition. Illiterate people can be termed as cursed in both personal and national life. If we cannot rescue them from this curse we cannot be a developed nation as a whole. So we need practical measures to make our people educated. In this essay tried to focus on various problem aspects of our education system and provide some suggestion.

‘Education is the key to adapting, creating and spreading knowledge, but the gains in access to education have been unevenly distributed , with the poor seldom getting their fair share’

-World Bank, world development report 1998/99

Education is the backbone of a nation. Achieving morale ethics and human resources development education is badly needed. In a developing country like Bangladesh education is the foundation of all development. Fulfilling a person’s personal need, performing appropriate role as member of family and society, improvement of sensibility about the responsibilities as a citizen, patriotism, nationalism, world humanity, non communality and enhancing respect for people and human rights at least basic education system is required.

Some achieved development in the sector:

Bangladesh has achieved some advancement such as –

A. Child enrollment in the school increased to 97.5 %
B. Child dropout reduced to 33 %
C. Ratio of enrollment of boy’s and girl’s are now 51: 49
D. in addition to open and national university some private college and university is established.
E. Co education system is established.
F. 60 % teachers are female in the primary schools
G. Modernization of madrasa education.
H. Huge change in education administration.
I. For the expansion of Islamic education Islamic university is established
J. use of electronics and computer.
K. for the expansion of female education scholarship is now given.

Some basic problems in the education system sector:

A. Distribution of books of education boards. Our students are often seen they don’t get their books even after 2 or 3 months of their session year.
B. Vindictive politics in this sector.
C. Terrorism and extortionism by some student called rouges.
D. Coaching centre, kindergarten note book, private tuition, changing education into business.
E. Session jam for vindictive student politics, hartal , srike etc .
F. Copying and adopting other unfair means are now became tradition. It’s a matter of great regret that even some teachers help in such dirty activities.

Education commission report 2003:

Without making any structural changes a report prepared by a commission led by professor Moniruzzaman mia submitted to prime minister 31st March 26, 2003.The commission made some suggestions for the development of our education system . Such as –

A. Making public of all the primary schools.
B. From class 6-10 education to be one way with out any specialization.
C. Decentralization of administration of secondary and college
D. Except university employment of teachers by an impartial and independent commission.
E. Salary, promotion, terms of job should be enhanced to respectable standard.
F. Making sure that child aged 5 years is in the school.
G. Training of teachers in every level.
H. Quality development, increasing the education scope in the villages.
I. Establishing a model school in every upozila.
J. Using technology in the primary and secondary school’s.
K. Establishment of impartial and independent administration in the universities
L. Spreading of educations that help in life.

Some suggestion:

Due to changing national and global condition there is a need for restructuring of our education system. From my point of view followings can be done –

A. We need a national education policy to implement the suggestions made by various commissions in various times.
B. Curriculums and education level should be determined in relation with the need of society and nation.
C. Accepting religious ethics as the basis of life ethics.
D. Taking measures to stop drop out.
E. Modernization and development of madrasa education.
F. Taking steps to stop brain drain.
G. Restructuring examination system to stop copy or any other unfair means.
H. Band notebooks, tuition, and coaching centre.
I. Enhancing the responsibilities and respect of teachers.
J. Stop politics and bureaucracy from education administration.
K. Increase facility and logistic support.
L. The objectives of overall education system should be making an honest,ethical and competent human resource not a burden for the nation.

For the overall development of Bangladesh spreading of education is a must. We need an education system which will provide us courage and energy in our journey of life and also provide intensity at work. So if we can solve the existing problems in our education system there will be an increase of overall education rate as well as improvement in the morale ethics and human resource development.