Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Practices in Government College of Bangladesh

Human Resource Management Practices in Government College of Bangladesh


General Introduction

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the part of the organization that is concerned with the people dimension. HRM deals with the design of formal system in an organization to ensure effective and efficient use of human talents to accomplish organizational goals.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is to refer to the philosophy, policies, procedures and practices related to the management of people within an organization.

HR  management   functions   through   which   manager   recruit,   select,   train   and   develop organization members.

HRM is the systematic planning, development and control of network of interrelated processes affecting and involving all members of an organization. These processes include-

  •  HR planning & forecasting
  •  Job & work design
  •  Staffing/ recruitment & selection
  •  Training & development
  •  Performance appraisal & review
  •  Compensation & reward
  •  Employee protection & representation
  •  Organization & improvement

My study is on the above functions of Human Resource Management of Govt. College.


Sometimes, lack of proper management of Human Resources cause the failure of an organization. Every Govt.College operate Govt. roles for this all the Govt. College Human Structure is not same for this Human Practice is not same. Due to the lack of proper Management of Human Resources. The Govt. Colleges have to face different problem. So, on this problem research can be conducted.


The study on HRM is important because success of any organization largely depends on the proper functioning of HRM. More over employees of an organization assist in gaining and maintaining a competitive advantages. HRD of Govt. College can provide attractive polices and practices that the employee desire which is impotent to increase quality education. This department can help the organization in designing organizational culture, performance systems and can helps in making change where necessary. But what they are actually doing for   the proper development  in their organization is very important. So this study is quite significant and rationale.


The primary objective of this study is how to ensure the availability of a competent and willing workforce and to retain them to an organization. The specific objectives of the study may be stated as under.

 To know the role of HRM for present situation.

 To   understand   how   the   organization   Operate   competent employees.

 To understand how the organization trains their workforce and employees.

 To understand how the organization manages their workforce to bring better out comes.

 To understand how HRM of BEXTEX LIMITED (YARN MANUFACTURING AREA) promote their employees and workers to the higher position.

 To understand how and how much remuneration they provide to make the employees and work forces happy.

 To    understand    how   does    the    company   appraise   the performance of the officers and workers.

 to measure the HRM efficiency and effectiveness in managing  the employees of the organization.

 To know the reason of decreasing ESP in 2008 from 2007 from HRM perspective.


To know the role of HRM of Govt. College This term paper is prepared biasing on training program. It is not available informative . I think this study will help me enough to gain more knowledge on HRM.


There are many writing on HRM. At present it is told that asset make things possible, people make things happen. HRM thinks that people should be treated as human, rather machine, and every books and laws tell that using human resource properly is must to attain organization goal, but it a very critical job. The name of some reviewed related bonks are mentioned in the reference.


The success of the study heavily depends on the systematic methodology of the study. This study is mainly based on the primary information. My study is here on human resources management of Govt.College.


There are 251 Govt. Colleges in Bangladesh. I am not comparative study.

The term paper has been written help of primary data and information. I do not work on comparative study for this. I have no need secondary data or information. I am only highlight human structure of a Govt.College. There are three grade on Govt.College. I work only one Govt.College for this all similar grade Govt.College human Resource Practice is same. At this view point I depend only primary information.


1.       Time limitation: To complete the study the allowable time was not sufficient.

2.       Tight schedule of training period.

3.       Fear of disc losing: Some times they did not provide required information for Govt. roles.

4.       Lack of experience: To make such type report I have no enough experience.


There are 251 Govt. Colleges in Bangladesh  every College human structure is not same Govt. define all College three categories like as A.B.C. When a College (Hon’s) Masters Degree Completed is called A grade College. If a College Include H.S.C level & Hon’s and Masters. This College included a grade If they have different HSC level campus. When a College some subject Hon’s and pass course and they have no Masters Degree is called B grade. Only HSC level College is called C grade College.

Different grade College different organogram. My time is very short. For the information I given a A grade College organogram. Every Govt. A grade College organogram is same. I present here two types organogram.

Academic Organogram



Associate Professor

Asst. Professor


Demonstrator, Librarian, Physical Instructor

Administrative Organogram



Head Clark/Account Officer

Assistant Clark /Asst. Accounts Officer


MLSS and other employees

Govt. Service Rules and Regulations

There are different between Govt. organization and private organization. Every Govt. organization run by Govt. Rules and Regulation. I have  select a govt.College for my study. This College is a Govt. organization for this it has some Govt. rules & regulation. My time is short & term paper size is not available. At this stage I can not explain all the rules. My term paper subject is the Human Resource Practice in Govt. College  of Bangladesh. At this viewpoint I will mention some rules that will related with Human study. I have given bellow some rules.

  1. The Govt. servants (Conduct) Rules-1979.
  2. The Govt. servants (Discipline & Appeal) Rules-1985.
  3. Leave Rules-1959-under this rules there are many leave

(a)  Earned leave.

(b)  Extra ordinary leave

(c)   Special disability leave

(d)  Study leave.

(e)   Maternity leave.

(f)    Leave not due

(g)  LPR

(h)  Leave without pay

(i)    Public & Govt. holiday

(j)    Rest & Recreation leave.

(iv)           The provident fund Act-1925

(v)             The General provident fund rules-1979

(vi)           The public servants (Retirement) Act-1974.

(vii)        The public servants (Retirement) rules-1975

(viii)      BCS Recruitment Rules-1981

(ix)           BCS (Examination & Promotion) Rules – 1986

(x)             General principles of Seniority.

(xi)           The Government servant (seniority of Freedom fighters Rules)-1979.

(xii)        The public servants (Dismissal on conviction) ordinance- 1985

(xiii)      The public employees discipline-ordinance-1982

(xiv)      The official secrets Act-1923.

(xv)        Delegation of Financial power .

(xvi)      Administrative Tribunals Rules-1982

(xvii)   The Bangladesh services (Recreation Allowance) Rules-1979.

HRM Activities  of Govt. Colleges

  1. Effectively and efficiently operate teaching activities.
  2. Operate co curriculum activities.
  3. Maintaince of administrative work.
  4. Maintaince of academic calendar for educational activities
  5. Conduct different social activities.
  6. Contribution to the MGT of different natural disasters.

1. Qualification for Appointment:

Unless the Govt.  specifically agrees, no person shall be appointed in the service of the Govt.College.

1.   If he or she is found mentally and physically unfit for service by the Govt. rules  doctor  or  any  qualified   medical   officer  approved   by  the organization.

2.   If he/she has been dismissed/ removed or his/her service has been terminated for reason involving moral turpitude.

2. Probationary Period:

Probation on appointment of  a Lecturer shall be 2 years which may be extended at the discretion of the Government However, If the appointment is on temporary or contract basis this clause will not be apply.

3. Posting and Transfer

An officer may be required to serve any other concern or associated Colleges, which is under the management of this company. He or she may be posted or transferred to anywhere in Bangladesh at the discretion of the Colleges.

4. Observance of Rules

A lecturer shall serve the Govt. according to the best of his or her skill and abilities and abide by these rules and shall observe, comply and obey all lawful orders and directions, which may from time to time, issued by the College. Any violation of the same shall be tantamount to misconduct.

5. Maintenance Secrecy:

An officer shall devote whole time during the office hours and used best endeavor to promote his duty and interest of the College honestly, faithfully and diligently and shall maintain strike secrecy of information and documents which, he may receive or obtain in relation to the Colleges or to work the working of any process or invention which is earned on or used by the Colleges of information of any incident or any other matter which may come to his/her appointment with the Govt. roles. Breach of condition will be considered as his misconduct.

6. Resignation:

An officer intending to resign from the service of the College shall serve on the competent authority on month’s notice in writing disclosing his or her intention to resign from the service of the College. However the Colleges at its discretion may waive the period to notice in full or part.

7.  Termination of Service:

The Govt. may terminate the services of a teacher on one month notice in writing or one month salary in lieu of there off. During the probation period, the authority can terminate the service of an officer at the time without any notice.

8. Discharge on Medical ground:

An officer in the opinion of the competent authority, is incapable or has ceased to be capable by reason of infirmity of hind and/or body, the competent authority may discharge him/her a medical ground.

9. Retirement:

A teacher shall retire from service an attaining the age of fifty seven years  provided that the service in a special case may allow extension in its discretion.

10. Promotion:

Promotion cannot be claimed as a meter of right on the basis of seniority. Depending efficiency, performance and other consideration of a teacher the College, at its sole discretion based and its needs shall decide the promotion to a higher grade or post.

11. Salary and Benefits:

Government shall determine salary of a teacher and employee.

11.01 Subject to the above the salary and benefits shall be governed by the compensation plan of the Government, which may be revised from time to time at the desecration of the Government.

12.  Bonus/Gratuity, Provident fund, Group Insurance of any other facility may be given, introduced by the Government from time to time at its sole discretion. The rules and regulations of that scheme/plan will be binding on all affairs as and when any of the afford-said facility is introduced.

13. Increment:

Government will pay increment by service rules.

13.01 Government may stop or withhold the increment of any officer for a particular year without assigning any reason. Performance and achievements of an officer shall be appraised at least once in a year/or as prescribed by the competent authority from time to time.

14.  Travelling Expenses:

Traveling expenses for any officials work, shall be paid by the Government at actual if and when countersigned by the competent authoring who shall be responsible for verification that reasonable expenses are incurred.

15.  General Rules for Leave:

All applications for leave shall be submitted for approval to the service rules  of Government prescribe leave form. The competent authority must approve leave.

16. An officer shall not remain absent himself from his/her duty without obtaining  prior sanction  of leave  nor overstay the  period  of any leave sanctioned to him/her without having prior permission from the competent authority. Any violation of the same shall tantamount to misconduct.

17. Leave cannot be claimed in a matter of right. When experiences of services so require, the competent authority may at its discretion decline leave of any kind and may also require an officer to resume duties before expiry of the leave already sanctioned for him/her.

18. All leave excepting accumulated earned leave standing to the credit of an officer shall be automatically lapsed.

19.  Subject to fulfilling the necessary conditions the following types of leave may be available to the officers:

–        Casual Leave

–        Medical Leave

–        Earned Leave

–        Maternity Leaves.

–        Extra Ordinary Leaves.

20.   Casual leave not more than 20 days in a calendar year may be granted to an officer provided that:

1.   Not more than  5 days leave can  be taken at a time without prior permission from the competent authority.

2.   Any unavailed casual leave during the calendar year will not be carried forward to the next year.

 21. Maternity Leave

Maternity leave for female officers may be granted for a period not exceeding four months at a time, provided that maternity leave shall be granted only twice during the entire period of service of a female officer with the company.

 22.  Extra ordinary leave can only be granted to an officer with or without pay when no other leave is available to him.


Without prejudice to other provision contained in these rules the following acts and omission can also be as misconduct and an officer shall be liable to be dismissed from the service or lesser punishment may be given if he/she is found guilty in the opinion of the competent authorities.

1.   Insubordination or disobedience to any lawful or responsible order of the supplier.

2.   Theft, fraud or dishonesty in connection with the Government properties.

3.   Damage to or loss of Government Property.

4.   Habitual late attendance, habitual leaving early or returning late.

5.   Absence from duty without prior permission.

6.   Drunkenness, gambling, riotous, disorderly or indecent behavior while on duty.

7.   Sleeping while on duty.

8.   Striking, picketing, inciting others to abstain from work or aqitition in any form and manner within or outside office premises or at place where it is lawfully prohibited.

9.   Distribution, exhibition within officer premises of any paper, hand bills, pamphlets or posters without prior approval of the competent authority.

10.  Repeated act of in discipline.

11. Unauthorized used or misuse of Govt. properties.

12. Habitual negligence of duty or neglect of work.

13. Breach of rules, regulation. Standing orders or instruction of the Government.

14. Attending officer unconventionally attired.

15. Any other behavior or act which in the opinion of the competent authority constitutes misconduct.

33.  Any special condition of service mentioned in the letter of appointment would be binding on the particular officer in addition to those mentioned in these service rules.

34.  In case of doubt or any matter, which is not covered by these rules, the decision of the board of directors or the managing director shall be final and binding.

 Performance Appraisal (ACR)

Performance appraisal of the workers of this organization is well organized. Workers are appraised yearly basis. This organization has identified their own way to appraise the performance of the workers. Different departments are involved to appraise them because they have identified some criteria on which they appraise the performance where different criteria are appraised by different departments. And the sum total values identify that how the workers are, which indicate that which workers will get promotion and which workers will get only increment.

Punishment procedures of workers for different causes:

Workers of the organization are punished for different causes. In other word it can be said that when they employ themselves any unlawful work against factory’s regulation, they are punished. How ever the organization punishes the workers for doing of the following works.

1. Irregular attendance: When a worker become irregular in attending to the work, he will be punished for these. In this case when any one remains absent 2 or 3 days frequently, It will be treated as his habitual behavior. For this the person must be punished.

2.    Late attendance: Some workers may have bad habit of attending the work late. For this they will be punished.

3.    Early leave: In worker leaves his work place without the permission of the concern authority, he will be punished for doing that.

4.    And finally: The worker will be punished for any of unlawful works.

The punishment procedure will be as follows:

Punishment for unlawful work: When the workers employ themselves in unlawful work. Some one responsible officer or supervisor will inform it to the management in written form. For this, inquiry will be done. At the inquiry period the concerned workers may be suspended, but it should not exceed more than 60 days. But for exceptional case time may be expanded but salary will be paid. This salary will include half of the basic salary with other benefits in full payment. After inquiry if the worker proves as a guilty person, he will be suspended. If he is not found guilty person, he will not be suspended. If he is not found guilty, his suspension period will be treated as duty period, and will get full wages and salary.

The actions must follow the following procedures:

A written statement must be submitted to the authority, which will be approved by head of the project for legal action. Then a charge sheet should be issued to the accused person and he will be given at least 3 days times for hearing.

He should be in under inquiry by a domestic inquiry committee. The committee will make a report. Then decision is made for the accused person.

Against this decision, the accused person may appeal within 15 days. Finally, the authority will inform the accused person against his appeal what decision has been taken, then the accused person may go for court.


Findings :

A Govt.College can not advertise for recruit new people. College send list of demand able Human to higher Authority. Higher Authority select HumanCollege only select some 3rd &  4th  class employees appointed Adhoc. Any employee can move one Govt.College to another College any where in Bangladesh. Every same level employee earn same opportunity according to service rules. As service rules all employee go to retirement 57 years. There are some classes employees in a Govt.College.


I have done this work on a Govt. College Human Resource structure. Every Govt. organization operate by Govt. rules & regulation. For this any Govt. organization can not apply any own interest rules. Every rules in good for a proper way. Our country we see some rules can not apply proper way for Govt. organization can not run proper way. There are many reasons for this. Same Grade Govt. College Human Structure is not same. For this many problem has created different College. If Govt. will utilize all rules & regulation proper way most of the critical problem about Human Resources will solve.

Conclusion :

Prepare a Term paper is  a Significant and compulsory task for this training. Every cadre officer should have sufficient knowledge on how to make a research proposal. I am trying to best do this work properly my selected topic is Human Resource practice in Govt. College of Bd.  Bangladesh  Govt. is trying to gear up the education system of Govt.College. But lack of financial facilities and proper Human Resource Practice. It is not possible. Present Govt. emphasize to developed the education system, Govt. has taken different kind of steps to   moderate the education system. To gear up the education without proper utilized of Human Resource. At the end I will say better Human Resource Management for better Education.


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